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American Version: Help: Part 1 of 5: Chapters 1 and 2

The Basic Story:
You are an ordinary 16 year old boy named Ari.  Your sister is attacked by a ghost 
on the night of the circus.  Your family is afraid she will end up being "comic 
relief" instead of a beautiful lady.  Of course, your family holds a seance and are 
willing to sell their souls to the devil.  Your father has a small hearing problem 
when it's your turn to answer and is convinced you are willing, too.  So theres a 
competition to see who's the lucky one burdened with Evil King Stan.  So the game 
starts.  You are on a journey to eliminate fake Evil Kings.  You will also aquire a 
really odd assortment of people on your team.

Usable characters in these chapters:
1)Ari- You.  You're an ordinary 16 year old boy who is pretty much un-noticed by 
everyone.  However, when Evil King Stan takes over your shadow, you start to be 
battle worthy.
2)Rosalyn- A hero.  She met up with Evil King Stan while she was an elite hero at 
the Hero's School.  Now no-one takes her seriously.

Chapter 1:
Your mom will keep saying how great she is.  Your sister Annie will then walk into 
room and finally you will walk in, too.  Your mom will send you to get bread 
(because your sister says she's already busy.)  Leave the house and talk to Annie, 
who is at the first gate.  Run down the steps and follow the path straight through.  
Don't pay attention to the other path.  Go in the village of Tenel.  To get ground 
beef, go into the butcher shop NOW and talk to the butcher.  Now go to the bakery 
and talk to the lady.  She'll comment that you need to speak up more and will give 
you the bread.  Talk to Annie and this portion will end.  Now it's night and you 
should try to leave.  However, your father will stop you so he stands there talking 
in broken fragments of sentences for two hours.  In any case, he'll then remember 
the circus is in town and will send you off.  This time take the left turn and turn 
right when you see the banner.  A kid will walk from the circus with a girl you 
like.  Then the circus master calls you so you need to walk up to him and talk.  
Leave the area and a ghost will run away from your sister, who is on the ground 
dazed.  You'll walk into your sister's room.  Just talk and then you'll be dragged 
into the basement.  Your dad will do a few funny looking movements and will then 
summon Evil Butler James.  So everyone will sell their souls, including you.  So 
then the competition begins.  You will win and you'll be burdened by Evil King Stan. 
You'll have nightmares and fall out of bed.  Leave the house, talk to James,and talk 
to everyone near Tenel.  Walk into Tenel and run straight through the village and up 
the stairs into the building that is at the left.  Talk to your father and then run 
into the building at the right.  Go into the door at the left and go through the 
door at the bottom of the stairs.  When the ghost attacks DON'T USE A SPELL!  JUST 
OVERDRIVE TAKES AWAY HP SO YOU'LL LOSE IN NO TIME!  Anyway, attack both perky frogs 
first and THEN defeat the tricky ghost.  Go on the boxes and turn the tap.  Leave 
the church.  Now you're onto Chapter 2.

Chapter 2:
Talk to everyone at least 2 times and then leave the house.Go to Tenel and get what 
you can from everybody inside and outside of buildings, especially the circus master 
and the tinker.  Leave Tenel and go to the road that is now on your right.  Run past 
the circus and keep going onto the bridge.  You will gain the leftover sword from 
the lady who saves you.  Go around the lake and onto the bridge.  Talk to the guy at 
the end until he leaves.  Run onto the path that is to the left.  Enter the city.  
Go into the town hall and talk to everyone.  Leave and talk to everyone else in the 
city.  Go back into the town hall and talk to the guard twice after he lets the lady 
through and he will let you in.  Go through the doorway and talk to everyone there.  
Leave again.  Talk to the kid by the Screwdriver Inn and get some information from 
him.  Go into the building right beside the town hall and talk to the kid.  Go 
through his back door and run along the pipe.  Talk to Rosalyn.  When she leaves, go 
into the sewer.  Exit via the other ladder and go into the building to the right of 
the grate.  When the dialogue ends, leave that room through the door on the top left 
corner.  Pass the boxes by pushing the box 2nd to the left up first and then push 
the box on the far right up.  Finally, push the box that is directly in front of the 
door to either side.  Enter the door.  Leave the building and find the store.  Buy 
the ordinary sword and lots of nuts.  Enter the sewer when you're ready and fight 
the sewer evil king with Rosalyn and Ari.  Defeat the rats first, eating nuts when 
your health is getting low, and when the rats are gone,  wait with one character and 
combine their attacks with the other.  When you win,  you pretty much beat Chapter 
2.  There is only dialogue left.

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