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           WWF: Warzone
        Instruction Manual
       by CheatMan

When you take 16 of todays top wrestlers your asking for action, and this is the 
experience youve been waiting for. You got your grudge matches, your steel cage 
your 1 on 1 with the great ones, your tag team matches, and an exilerating challenge 
Action inside the ring is as good as outside the ring. Start your career at the 
bottom and 
fight off all the jabronies to get to the top. Theres is plenty of more but this is 
the first page so get ready.
Menu Controls 

                                B                Cancel/Previous Screen 
                                A                Confirm/Next Screen  
                                Start            Pauses the Game 
                                Control Stick    Toggle Functions/Features 
Starting In.... 

At the title screen press the START BUTTON. You will come to the main menu,where you 
select among thses fine features:

Start Game: Begin one of 8 different game types! 
Training: Hone on your skills,then take on anybody!
Create Player: An unbelievable gallery of great looks and attributes allows you to 
your own nightmare-then test him against the great ones.
Options: Set the games volume, difficulty (Hard-for the hardcore, Medium-for the 
and Easy-for the ones that run to their mammy when the get a scratch) 
High Scores: Up to the minute stats on each character.  

A Button- Kick the opponent while he is up or down
B Button- Punch the opponent while he is up or down
C-Left- Tie up/Pin
C-Right- Run
C-Down- Block
C-Up- Climb turnbuckle/Climb in and out of ring/Toggle between opponents
L Button- Dodge Left
R Button- Dodge Right
Control Stick&Control Pad- Move wrestler (Use either One) 
ALeft- Strike a pose 
BDown- Taunt your opponent 
Selecting a Wrestler 

Afetr selecting the number of players that will be playing you can select between 
the 16 
best wrestlers the WWF has to offer. Just press left or right on the Control 
Pad/Stick and 
then press the A Button. Note: For alternate outfits hold C-Up and press the A 
Choosing a Custom Wrestler: If you choose Custom Wrestler you will go to the roster 
saved wrestlers on your controller pak where you can select one to bring into 
battle. If 
you do not have a Controller Pak you need to get your Roody Poo Candy @$$ down to 
the store 
and get one. 
Fan Favorite or Rule Breaker: In WWF Warzone each wrestler is either a Fan favorite 
or a 
Rule Breaker. Fan Favorite is a guy/gal who is showered with applause and cheers 
they see his face, a Rule Breaker is a guy/gal who is hated and gets cups thrown at 
him all 
the time. In Create a Player mode you can pick between these features but if I were 
you I 
would pick Fan Favorite.
The Rule Book

Whether you go by the books or turn the books sideways and shove them up a candy 
@$$, it 
pays to know the rules:
-Each match by default consists of 1 Round
-Wrestling outside the ring is illegal. You have 10 counts to return to the ring, or 
you will be counted out and lose the match.
-Although surprisingly common, biting, gouging, and striking with objects are all 
The Power Meter 

Green: Youre in great shape-Try Anything
Orange: Your Tired. Youll have to really start to mash the buttons to escape holds & 
Red: Your in danger (No longer the most Dangerous man are you)
Recover Meter  

When a wrestler is stunned he loses control of himself for a short amount of time. 
Power Meter will say STUN indicating that it is now a Recover Meter. The meter turns 
and empties as the stun time counts down.If your recovery meter is on rapidly 
pressing the
buttons (and turning into Ken Shamrock) will help you recover faster. However if 
opponent's recover meter is on its time to say that Stone Cold Just kicked your @$$.
Hold Meter: When a wrestleris in a normal hold, the Power Meter will say HOLD. The 
turns red and empties as the hold time counts down. The attacker do combinations for 
or submissions and the attacked can mash buttons to get out faster.
Pain Meter: When a wrestler is in submission hold the Power Meter will say PAIN.
The pain meter starts out empty and fills up as more and more pain is inflicted. If 
pain meter fills up then the defender will submit and lose the match.The more worn 
out the 
player is then the faster ther Pain Meter fills up. 
The Pause Screen 

Press the Start Button at any time during a match to bring up the pause menu. Press 
the A 
Button to select a highlighted option,and to toggle settings for these options:
Resume: Bact to the ring
Moves List: View all of your wrestlers moves-and the combos
Quit: Return to the elevator other wise known as the main menu 
Start Game 

1 Player: Lets start with the 1 Player menu since most of the games are up to 4 
Press the A Button to enter a world of wonders. You can choose up to 8 of the most 
electrifing modes in game entertainment and here they are.

This is the bid daddy of them all. The 1 player wonder of the wrestling 
career-style games, you start at the bottom rung of the peoples ladder and wrestle 
your way 
rung by damn rung to get to the top and snatch the WWF Championship belt. Once you 
get that 
belt you will need more than opposable thumbs to keep though.
Playing a Challenge: The WWF Challenge consists of four stages. At the beggining 
your a 
pathetic wannabe with stars in our eyes.If you can make your opponents sees stars 
you will 
move up the ranks. After winning enough matches you will move from stage to satge 
you will 
also have the chance to win an intercontinental belt. Then its on to the next stage 
you have the chance to win the

Championship Belt

The ranking screen will appear before you every time you win a match and the first 
time you 
start out. It also shows who your next opponent will be and where you stand in the 
Grudge Matches 

Throughout your way to the top of the ladder you will go through Grudge Matches. 
These are 
when Jabronies want ot get you back for a match they lost against you in a certain 
time. If 
you are cahllenged to a Grudge Match you have no choice but to fight and hopefully 
kick the 
opponents @$$. It is a random pick of what kind of Grudge Match it will be though 
instance one match you may fight Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Steel Cage match and 
other time it may be a Hardcore or Weapons match. 
Versus Mode 

In versus mode, two opponents square off in a standard ring match. The winner is the 
to be pinned or to submit. In a two-player game this is the basic mode which allows 
players to play against each other in a ring.
Tag Team 

ladie sand gentleman boys and girls children of all ages the WWF Warzone proudly 
brings to 
you the tag team champions of the wwwoooorrrrlllldddd whoever the hell you like. 
Yeah in 
this mode ou can combine The Great One The Rock with the toughest S.O.B in the WWF 
Cold Steve Austin. tag Team matches feature intense action. When your energy is low 
your opponent outside the ring to come inside. When all 4 of you are in the ring hit 
to switch to the other opponent.
Cage Matches 

The most feared wrestling venue. A steel cage is not for the weak hearted. The cage 
either become your best friend or your worst enemy. Cage matches allow for 
aerial attacks and and brutal combat. You can run but you cant hide. Youll take 
damage if you try to climb out and get knocked down so dont do it unless your sure. 
3-4 Players 

War: Its every man for himself as each player battles to be the best there is and 
will be.
Tornado: This team version mode lets your team fight to the finish.
Tag Team: Each player controls a wrestler on one of two teams.
Gage Match: You thought it was vicious with 2 players in a cage imagine it with 3 or 
better 4 I know its a scary thought.
Royal Rumble: The hits keep coming on Q 95.5 just kidding but in royal rumble mode 
you will 
go all the way wont you and if you dont then you lose but this is fast paced action 
all the 
way through.
Weapons Match: The more blood the better. 

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