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Hey Guys! I hope you like my Harvest Moon AWF FAQ! I put cheats at the end for 
those of you who don't want to cheat. But personally I enjoy the game a lot more 
now that I cheated. ;) I'm only up to CH.1 so that's all I'm telling about.

1: What's Harvest Moon Another Wonderful life? I'm so confused...
*What is it?
*The Buildings and such on your farm
2: People in CHAPTER ONE
3: Marriage and the blue feather
*The Guys
*The feather
4: Happenings
5: Stuff
*Animal items
6: Town buildings Nik:small FLAK:fat NAK: MID Sprites
7: Cheats and such

1. What's Harvest Moon a Wonderful Another life? I'm so confused...
 Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful life is all about life. You live on a farm with a 
guy named Takakura but he looks like a monkey. It's pretty much like the first 
Harvest Moon but this time your a girl. When you meet up with Takakura he talks 
about the buildings and such on your farm. And 2 stray dogs come up 2 u and u get 2 
keep 1!!!
*Buildings on your Farm

**Your House: Your House is where you can save and sleep. It has a lot of items.
The bed: You never actullay see yourself sleeping in the bed it's just there.

Your Nightstand: The Nightstand holds your diary. Right above that is your mirror.

Your Diary: You don't actually get to write in your diary but it's where you can 
save, sleep (when you sleep time passes in the game), check your assests, or look 
in the mirror. When you look in the mirror it's just a fun thing to do.

T.V.: When you watch T.V. there are 4 stations. The lucky station that tells about 
your luck for the day and what to do to be even luckier, the wheater station that 
tells what the weather will be (duh), Farming station where they talk about useless 
animal and crop facts, And the entertainment station where they either sell stuff 
(you can't buy), talk about Greg's fishing diary or have this soap opera on.

Trash: Be careful about the trash. If you have something you REALLY want to get rid 
of throw it in the trash. But you can't get it back!!!

Stove n' Sink: Personally I never use this because I used a cheat but you may want 
to. If you know how to make a meal (Find random notes around town in people's 
houses) take the three crops/dairy items and mix them together. And walah! You have 
a cooked meal!

Small Chest: Until you buy some clothes that little chest is useless. But when you 
do buy some diffrent clothes (From Van) go over to the chest and change when you 
want to.

Calander: The calander marks special days. It shows Van's shop days and holidays.

Book Shelf: The book shelf holds books for the config. of the controller, and 
Takakara's notes.

Table: Completly useless just there.

record player: that music you hear when you play the game and your on your farm is 
coming from the record player in your house. If you want to change it (And you 
didn't use the cheat) there's another record on the shelf in the tool shed.

**Food storage
the food storage is where you order things, sell food/dairy products, and 
refrigerate food.

Big Fridge: The really big fridge is where you refridgerate dairy, food, and cooked 
meals. Soemtimes Murry might try to take something from the fridge. If you catch 
him you can choose to let him have it or not.

Ledger: The ledger is where you can order items, tools, animals, or sell animals.

Dairy carrier: The DAiry Carrier is that little blue and whte box. you put in dairy 
products to SELL them. NOT keep them.

Food and Seed Carrier: The food n' seed carrier is that thing that looks like a 
basket. You put in seeds and crops to SELL. NOT keep.

**Tool Shed
The tool shed is where you put away/take out tools or take out/put things in the 
big holderer thingy.

Tool holder thingy: The toll holder thingy is the thing against the wall that has 
some tools in it. Unless you buy (Or use the cheat) and put some of the tools there 
it will have a Watering Can S (Small), A Heavy Sickle, And a heavy hoe.

Big holderer thingy: This holds all items other than food/dairy/meals.

The Barn is where you keep your animals when the wheather outside isn't good.

Feeders: The number of feeders you have depends on the number of animals you have. 
But regular fodder or good fodder in there. <--(more on those later)

Chalk Board: The chalk board tells you how healthy the animals in the barn are.

Fodder Thingy: The thing that sticks out of the wall gives you fodder. It doesn't 
make fodder so be very careful.

Field: Outside the Barn is a Big feild. But there isn't any grass. Use fertilizer 
and the grass will grow so your animals can eat it.

**Chicken Coop
As you may have guessed the chicken coop is where you keep chickens.

Chicken feeder: The chicken feeder is that rectangle in the middle of the room. Put 
bird feed in there and your chicken will have food for a LONG time.

Incubator: If you have an unfertilized egg put it in the incubator and in a few 
weeks you'll have a chick.

Water area: The water area is a shallow drinking place for the chickens.

Well: Right outside the chicken coop is a well. If your watering can is empty re-
fill it there.

**Strange Shack
The strange shack doesn't open so just ignore it.

**Takakura's house
Takakura's house is like a smaller version of yours. It has a bed, a picture, a 
fridge, a table, a kitchen thingy, and a shelf.

**More soon! Please don't come after me I'm already contained in a mentale 

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