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Sonic adventure 2:Battle

Table of Contents:
1.About me
2.About chaos
3.Chao races
4.Chao types
6.Weird things

                                                     ___About me__
My name is Mario D. Gonzalez and I’m a really nice guy but I don’t think you will 
agree that I’m a nice guy if you look at me. This is my very first time writing a 
walkthrough so I hope you like it.

                                              ____About chaos___
Chaos are like us humans but are shorter, rounder, more colorful, and are more 
adorable than us. You can raise one to be a dark, neutral, or hero chao. Here are 
some things to help you raise your chao and other things that might interest you.

                                             ____Chao races_____
Here’s some info to help you win the races easy:
   Beginner races:            Abilities that are used                   Level
   Crab pool                      Swimming                                    Lv.14 
& up

   Stump valley                 Running/flying                            Lv.12 & up

   Mushroom forest           Running                                      Lv.13 & up

   Block canyon                 climbing = power                       Lv.14 & up
                                                ( your chaos should have lv.10 or 
higher for stamina)
     Jewel races                                           (1)       (2)       
(3)       (4)       (5)
Aquamarine            swimming/running     Lv.35  Lv.45  Lv.55  Lv.65  Lv.75 & up

Topaz                      running                      Lv.33  Lv.43  Lv.53  Lv.65  
Lv.75 & up

Garnet                     flying/running            Lv.34  Lv.44  Lv.54  Lv.64  
Lv.74 & up

Piredot                    running                       Lv.32  Lv.42  Lv.52  Lv.62  
Lv.72 & up

Onyx                      everything                   Lv.33  Lv.43  Lv.53  Lv.63  
Lv.73 & up

Diamond                everything/brains        Lv.34  Lv.44  Lv.54  Lv.64  Lv.74 & 

(chaos stamina level must be lv.25 & higher
Hero races

baby devils            running                        Lv.40

child devils             everything                  Lv.45

death troops           run/power                    Lv.52

devil vs. angel        everything                   Lv.80 & up

(chaos stamina must be in lv.30 & higher)
                    Chao types
Dark-to get a dark, pet it a bunch with a dark character until the ball on top of 
its head turns pink. It should come out of its tear shaped cacoon as a dark chao.

Hero-to get a hero, pet it a bunch with a hero character until the ball on top of 
its head turns blue. It should come out of its tear shaped cacoon as a hero chao.

Neutral-do the same above but equally so that it’s ball is green or yellow. It 
should turn
neutral when it comes out of its tear shaped cacoon.

Chaos chao-when it comes out of its blue cacoon ,give it one and only one of each of 
the 21 animals.


-If you can keep your chao still, try to give it chaos drives or animal by 
pressing “b”
a chao space between you and your chao.
-To get a bunch of rings buy a expensive item, leave your item in the chao garden, 
save ,sell it and reset(don’t save after selling it). Then  go back to select stage 
on 1 player and you’ll see that you will have the rings you earned from selling it 
and notice that you still have the item that you sold,.

                                                      = ================
                                                     ==Weird things=
-If you put “Tails” in a hero or dark garden water, he will eventually drown.

-If a chao knows how to fly he will sometimes fly from cliffs or a high place.

           That wraps it up with my chao guide… hope you like it!Well good luck.

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