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                      Halo 2        Super Jumps

                                                       2  2
   H     H          A        L         O O                2
   H     H         A A       L        O    O             2
   H     H        A   A      L       O     O            2
   HHHHHHH       A AAA A     L       O      O          2
   H     H     A         A   L         O  O            2222222              
   H     H    A           A  LLLLLL                               

Sorry about the poorly written Halo 2 words. I tried my best.

Super Jumps

                      Table of Contents

I'll start out with the easiest one I know.

A2:Lockout...........Takes a while to get it right.
A3:Zanzibar....Hard.You may not even beleive me,thats how hard this is.
B1:Ascension.........Cool Trick
B2:Lockout........Good stealth spot,but bad when they find it out.
C1:Terminal.......Get killed by the Gaurdians.
C2:Elongation.....The Gaurdians strike again.
D1:Introduction to games.....Introduction to games.
D2:Find Waldo.....First Game.....Sniping
D3:Dueling.......Second game......Swords
D4:Chicken.......Third game.......Warthogs
D5:War....Fourth game....It's War
D6:Brawl...Fifth game....Melee
D7:Hide and kill...Sixth game...Read the title man.
E1:The Ending Stuff
F1:Coming soon.



Go to the big Tower thing.Go throught the front entrance.Go left,once in,and go 
down the spiral thing.At the end of it,at the left side is a rectangle thing 
popping out of the wall.Crouch,and run into the corner for 5 seconds.Uncrouch,and 
turn around at the same time.Jump onto the ledge,then jump onto the middle of the 
ledge below you.Press A right before you hit the ledge,and you will fly up into the 


Face the building(not the tower,or the building with the gravity lift)from it's 
fron't entrance.Go in,and go through the left door inside.As soon as you 
exit,crouch and go onto the right wall,not the ledge,and keep going until you reach 
a line in the wall.After 5 seconds,turn around jump right in front of the part of 
the ledge going up,run,and right before you go down the ledge,jump and land in the 
middle of the flat ledge below you.If done right,you will shoot upwards,


Go into the building with the roof.Go up the left ramp once inside.Turn left at the 
top,and go to the second window.Note:This Jump may only work on System Link.Shoot 
all the glass out of that window.Now crouch,and go under the glass coming out of 
the right of that window.Let go of crouch,and you should still be under it.Run 
until it shakes,then jump out left werds.Let go of everything.If you did it right,
(Please don't get frustrated it took me a week before i got it right.continuing 
from before the parenthisis,)you will shoot up into the sky.



This cool trick will need two,better done with more,people.Note:Place a banshee on 
this level before starting.Heve a person get in the banshee,and ram into the wall 
to the left of the main way onto the platform.If done right,you will be stuck on 
the wall.(You can get out.)Have The others collect as much rocket ammo as possible.
(six)Then go to the ledge behind the banshee.Lock onto it.DONT SHOOT IT.Instead,aim 
2 feet above it,and fire.(Not two peoples feet.)If done right,the rocket will 
circle the platform.Fire off alot,and watch the rockets go in circles.Don't tell 
this to the pilot.When the banshee flys away,every single one of the rockets will 
go after it.


Go onto the sniper tower,and get to the sniper positon.(In front of the 3 explosive 
things)Jump onto the slanted ledge behind you,and follow it to a good stealth 
spot.But they will eventually find out,and search the ledge for any Spartans,or 



The C's are when you get killed by the Gaurdians.There are more but my brother 
always keeps important things to himself.This is simple,and I'm sure you already 
know it.Get hit by the train.Its fun to put cars on it.And put your freinds guy on 
it right after he comes out of the bathroom.(Or she)


Get sqaushed by the falling boxes.Sometimes it says suicide.Who wants pizza?


                    D1:Introduction to Games

Okay,these are stupid to my brother,but not to me,so don't say anything,and if you 
dont' like them then leave them alone.The D's are games I made up just for fun.You 
should try making some,it's really cool,actually.These games may work best by the 
rules that I have given with each game.You may feel free to mix the rules up,or 
make something completely different off of my idea.Well,I hoped to make this 
section longer,and filled with at least twenty games,but I guess I ran out of ideas.
                       Enjoy the Games!

                    D2:Find Waldo

1:This game must have three people or two people.No more and no less.
2:One person must be mainly red,with white,and Waldo as a name.
3:The two other people must be equiped with sniper rifles.
4:Waldo must be on a seperate T.V.,and the two must be on the same.
5:Waldo must hide,but be able to be seen by both snipers.
6:The snipers may not move.
7:The first to snipe Waldo wins.
8:The first to run out of ammo loses.


1:There must be two people with swords.There may be an audience.
2:The two must be facing each other,but be far away from each,other.
3:The two must run toward each other,and who ever kills the other man wins.
4:You must run straight.You cannot stop,go back,or go left,or right.


1:There must be either 4 or 6 people.Not 5.
2:There must be two Warthogs,both with chainguns.
3:One team is in one hog,the other in the other hog.
4:You may not exit your vehicle,unless forfeited.
5:If forfeited,every man on one team gets to ram the forfeiters.
6:The first Warthog destroyed,is the loser.


1:Must have at least eight people,can have 10,12,14,or 16.
2:Choose a level,best done on Relic.
3:One team has a big fort.
4:One team has a small fort.
5:The big fort's team are the defenders.
6:The players must have 1 life each.
7:The small forts team ore the offenders.
8:The small fort's team tries to take over the big fort.Wichever team's members all 
die,are the losers.


1:There must be at least four people.
2:There can be up to 16 people.
3:Teams are optional.
4:No swords.
5:Everyone has one life.
6:Must melee through the whole game.
7:Teams:Whichever team's players all die,lose.
8:Free-for-all.Last man standing,or crouching,wins.
9:Everyone must stay together,can't stray from the battle.

                      D7:Hide and go Kill

1:Must have at least 4 people.
2:There can be up to 16 players.\
3:Everyone is cloaked.
4:One person is it.
5:Everyone hides.
6:None of the hiders can move.If they do,they are disqualified.
7:The person it is given a certain time to finish.
8:If 4 people,5 min.
If 6 people,7 min.
If 8 people,10 min.
If 10 people 14 min.
If 14 people 20 min.
If 16 people 25 min.
9:If not completed in time,The person it will start over.
10:If the time options are not suitable,you may change them.
11:If the person it is succesful,he or she gets to pick the next person it.


                         E1:The Ending Stuff

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this.If you can't complete a super 
jump,keep trying,they are possible.There are also more Super Jumps.Hopefully I can 
find them.You may want to check out the hint I made,If it was approved.It's titled 
Get almost anywhere on Multiplayer.

                   Thanks!!!-Patrick Malone.


                         F1:Coming Soon

:Games part-2

Might not come-:Super Jumps Two

:Fun with Sword Canceling

:Multiplayer levels,and Good Attack,and Hiding Points.


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