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Welcome to my Super Mario Bros guide for new gamers! My name is Mariofan9, as some say, and my email address
is [email protected] Be sure to email if you need help with any game! And for those who are interested,
this guide is made on 28_10_04! Okay, here it is:

The brown mushroom like creatures with no arms and no legs. They might be just the most used enemies in Mario games.
 A single fireball or jump on them will defeat them. There are some different colours of them. Blue, Grey...

Aha! Another enemy that has been used in many, many games. A fireball gets him. Jump on him and only his shell will remain.
After a while he will get out of his shell again. His shell can defeat many enemy's if you kick it into them.

The evil king wich you have to beat in all the worlds. To beat him, shoot fireballs at him untill he is defeated.
If you can't shoot fireballs, jump over him or run under him when he jumps. Then get the ax and he will fall in the lava!

They jump out of the lava. You lose if you touch one.

Eating fish tonight? The CheepCheeps live in rivers and in the sea. They hurt you when you get in their path,
but they won't really attack you.

This octopuss thing chases you and it is persistand! Lucky for you it is not really fast.

Pirhana Plant:
They live in pipes. They come out often, and if they touch you, you will get hurt!

This fellow's are not easy to beat. Try to get high and jump on them. They ride cloudes
and throws SPINY'S!

Spiny: This spiked creatures try to get you. They are not smart, and will fall into holes quickly.

Bussy beatle: You can almost only see its shell. Fireballs don't work on it, only a jump will do!

Hammer Brother: This is a guy throwing deadly hammers. One effective hit with anything will get it!

Well, thats about it. I will update it later if i can though.
Copyright and right is fully with of course.

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