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                               Super Mario
                             Ultimate Guide
                                 Vol. 2
                              Gelato Beach
                   (The Volumes don't go in the order)

___________Gelato Beach

1. Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret
2. Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, BAM!
3. Wiggler Ahoy!Full Steam Ahead!
4. The Sand Bird is born
5. II Piantissimo's sand sprint
6. Red Coins in Coral Reef
7. It's Shadow Mario! After him!
8. The Watermelon Festival
Exra Shine Sprites (Tips)

____________Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret

Water the Dune Bud ( the little weed)the mini preview showed. A Sand Castle will 
appear ahead of you. Run, jump, slide, ect. You must do this to go inside before it 
disappears. Ok, ahead of you are orange,and sand blocks. The sand blocks are the 
ones that disappear if you are on it for too long. The orange blocks are normal and 
you'll start to see those when you'r getting closer to the sand castle. First, jump 
on the road and keep running. Don not stop until you reach the little green 
platform. Jump when you reach the empty spaces that you find while running, and 
DON'T LOOK DOWN! As you see, ahead of you are tinier sand blocks. Don't think about 
it and don't slow down. Just keep running and jumping until you reach the extra 
large platform. That's when you see the sand castle right in front of you. For 
climbing, it's best to use the "jumping moves".

____________Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, BAM!

This is easy.First, you have to climb onto the mirror that has one quacky thingy. 
It's best to start with one, just in case. Squirt water at it until it's on one 
foot. Go to the opposite side of the mirror and do the ground pound very fast. The 
quacky thingy will be thrown in the air and then die when it hit's the ground. Do 
the same thing with the other mirrors.

____________Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!

Remember the caterpillar that was sleeping on the top of the Sand Bird's tower. 
He's mad! First, water the dune bud he's headed to. Make sure that he flips over. 
Do the ground pound where the arrow tells you to. Repeat these steps until he dies.

____________The Sand Bird in born

This Episode is one of my favorite's. Go to the mini stadium that is up high. There 
might be a dune bud that grows the stairs toward the mini stadium. There will be a 
boy and a woman.(both are piantas) In between them there will be some coins. follow 
the coins. You'll be sliding, jump when you'r about to fall in the end and you'll 
bounce on the trampoline and then towards the egg. Here comes the fun part. You 
must collect 7 red coins that are on the birds body. Be carefull for when it tips 
to the side. Be ready by going on the side of it's body. I recomend by going on the 
side of it's hind legs. When you'r collecting the coins that are in the tip of the 
wings or tail, be carefull, the bird swings those parts alot. When you'r done,look 
at the left wing and see if the top of the middle tower that has the last red coin 
is there. If it's there, go quickly and use the hover nozzle to go on it. Get the 
last red coin and the shine sprite will appear there. It is also fun to gaze at the 
Sand Bird flying in the sky.

____________II Piatissimo's sand sprint

I hate this guy. OK. First,try to plan an easy way to race up to the flag that is 
in the mini stadium. I recomend cheating! When you'r on the road going to the 
stadium, take a short cut in the grass. Also, use water sliding. Press A when you'r 
about to hit something when water sliding so you don't waste time. Jump alot and 
then use the wall jump to get to the top and take the short cut to the stadium. 
This takes several atempts.

____________Red Coins in Coral Reef

All you gotta' do is collect all 8 red coins that are in the coral reef. 2 red 
coins are like fish, you have to chase them.

____________It's Shadow Mario! After Him!

As always, you have to chase him. This time he's going to trick you with high and 
hard moves. If you loose him, he'll most likely be around the sand bird's egg and 
the mini stadium.

____________The Watermelon Festival

As you see, you gotta' take the BIGGEST wtermelon to the smoothie shop keeper. The 
biggest watermelon is in the mini stadium. Before that, try to kill alot of kata 
quackers so it'll ease your job. Go to the stadium. Roll the watermelon on the 
little road.Be gentle, the watermelon can easily pop. throw the watermelon towards 
the little shop that always has nobody in it. DO NOT throw it (or roll it) toward's 
the egg. The place is infested with kata quackers, only one touch from them and 
they'll pop the watermelon! Now roll it towards the smoothie shop. Be gentle and 

____________Extra Shine Sprites

Collect 100 coins.
Water the Dune Bud that is behind the Sand Bird's egg. Go down the little stairs 
very fast and water the wall that is in front of you until a picture of a shine 
sprite will appear.

Look for other "Super Mario Sunshine Ultimate Guide"s. (There will be 8 Volumes!)

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