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                          Super Mario
                        Ultimate Guide
                         Ricco Harbor

____________Ricco Harbor

1. Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
2. Blooper Surfing Safari
3. The Caged Shine Sprite
4. The Secret of Ricco Tower
5. Gooper Blooper Returns
6. Red Coins on the water
7. Shadow Mario Revisited
8. Yoshi's Fruit Adventure
Extra Shine Sprites (Tips)

____________Gooper Blooper Breaks Out

This is easy. First, go to the Ship that is infront of you. Don't waste time and 
loosing lives by cleaning this mess, clean it when you have time.Instead, climb on 
the gates to learn how to monuver them (FLUDD will teach you). Now go to the guy 
that is walking up ahead. Be careful, there's a blooper there. Now look for the 
moving red gate platform, It might be to your right when you'r facing the way you 
did when you appeared in ricco harbor. Jump on it once it is close enough. Use the 
hover nozzle for security. Wait for it to take you towards the platform with the 
arrow. Once you'r on it, jump on one of the fences that are like walls. Climb up 
and then press A to swing onto the gate roof. Follow the road (or way) it leads you 
to. Facing the way that the arrow is (on the bottom platform ahead of you) you'll 
see a gate. Get on it and press B, just like FLUDD said. Press A to get to the gate 
roof. Go onto the sides that lead to the platform with the arrow. Once you'r on the 
platform go to the kid. On your left  there might be another red gate platform 
moving from there to the other side ahead of you. Once it gets close enough to jump 
on... jump on it. This will lead you to the other side. Use the hover nozzle to go 
to that platform. Facing at the brown pianta, look up, you'll see this side fan 
attached to the yellow sub that's bellow the water. Squirt at the fan until a blue 
coin pops up from it. Get on the sub and to the other side. (when you see the 
jellyfish blooper, just squirt it and it will help you get across) You'll see a 
squared gate platform going up and down slowly. When it goes down, get on it. It'll 
take you up for you to jump on the ground where it has bloopers everywhere. Just 
jump on them and go to the carts the mini preview showed you. you'll see a wiggling 
tenacle. Jump on it and press B. Hold the B button while using the control stick to 
stretch it until it pops off. Ok. Now there's a big Octo called a "Blooper" that is 
the size of a truck! Do the same thing that you did to the other tenacle when it 
was hidden in the crates. Be careful when he tries to hit you with the tenacles. 
Once you've done all the tenacles, go to his mouth (which has a cork)and hold down 
the B button while stretching it. He didn't die yet. Repeat the steps that you did 
before. This time, you gotta watch out for the goop.

______________Blooper Surfing Safari

Another one of my Favs. Go to the colored bloopers, they will be to your right when 
you appear. Choose one. Jump on the blooper you chose and use the control stick to 
move it while surfing. Follow the coins. Do not hit an object or a wall, you'll 
loose a life and will have to start over again. the coins will lead you to a 
tunnel. Go in the tunnel to compete the time in a blooper surfing race. You'll face 
objects in the race. Press the A button to have your blooper jump so you won't hit 
the object. Hint: to go extra fast have the control button in full speed while 
monuvering the blooper.

______________The Caged Shine Sprite

This is hard if you follow the way the arrows tell you to go. I know a little short 
cut, it'll be ease. Go onto the boat that is to your right. You'll see this hook 
moving here and there. Jump on it when you can. When it's moving to the other side, 
gently moving to the side of the hook. Your back should be facing the other side of 
the boat which the hook is moving to. Now climb up a little bit and jump off when 
it reaches to the other side. To your left, there will be a red gate platform 
moving here and there. Jump on it and then jump on the gate wall when it reaches 
there. Climb up. Be careful with the spider. When you reach the mini Gate at the 
top press B. Now another hook is moving. Do the same thing that you did to the 
other hook. Repeat the steps with the other side. You'll end up on a red gate 
platform. (This one does not move) Get the turbo nozzle and then jump off and go to 
where you started. Go to the green arrow platform. (where the guy with the cap is) 
Blast the turbo nozzle and you'll be under the shine sprite. Go to the mini gate 
and press A. TADA! There's the shine sprite.

______________The Secret of Ricco tower

First, go to the top of the tower and into the black entrance. This is one of my 
favorites. This is tricky, but fun at the same time. Here's a tip, the blocks that 
are "rolling in air" and lead you to the shine sprite are easy/hard. (it depends on 
what type of person you are) Go forward while going the opposite way, it makes 
things fun!

______________Gooper Blopper Returns

The story continues with the octo called "Gooper Blooper"! This time, you have to 
climb to the huge "H" platform. There are a million different ways to get up there, 
so I'll leave that part in your hands. OK. All you gotta do is jump on a tenacle 
and press B to pull. (blah blah blah) It's the same thing. The only things that 
have changed is the place and danger. This time, you gotta watch out for the spin. 
To avoid being hit, jump when the tenacles are going to hit you.

______________Red Coins on the Water

A bit tricky. Just get on a blooper just like Episode 2 and get all 8 coins. Don't 
hit anything and you have to test your reflexes.

______________Shadow Mario Revisited

Chase Shadow Mario. Be careful with his moves. He goes very fast and can end up 
above you.

______________Yoshi's Fruit Adventure

This is easy. First, go to the back of the harbor. (where the blooper was when it 
was in the crates) You'll see a yoshi egg. It wants a durain. (the soccer fruit) Go 
on top of the tanks that have "Fruits" written on them. Do a ground pound on the 
switch that is sticking out. Do it until a durain pops out. Kick the durain to the 
yoshi. Get on the yoshi and go to the arrow in the back of the mini fish shop 
that's there. You'll see Fat Fish coming up and down. Squirt juice at the fish. 
They will become into purple platforms. Jump on them quickly. It will guide you to 
a normal platform. Be careful, when it's about to disappear, quickly jump on the 
normal platform. (You can hold down the A button to rise some feet while in the 
air) Look to your left. You'll see a palm tree sticking out of the wall. Jump to it 
and have the yoshi swallow one of the coconuts that are on the palm tree. Now go 
back to the normal platform. Squirt juice to the fish infront of you. Squirt at it 
when it's right infront of you in the air. It will become into a pink platform. 
jump on it quickly. This color will go up. When it goes high enough for you to jump 
on the normal platform ahead of you, jump on it and repeat the steps with the other 
fish to reach the shine sprite. When you reach the shine sprite, spray juice at the 
substance on top of the entrance.

_______________Extra Shine Sprites (tips)

collect 100 coins

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