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                            Super Mario
                           Ultimate Guide
                           Pianta Village

___________Pianta Village

1. Chain Chomplets Unchained
2. II Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
3. The Goopy Inferno
4. Chain Chomp's Bath
5. The Secret of the Village Underside
6. Piantas in need
7. Shadow Mario runs wild
8. Fluff Festival coin hunt
Extra Shine Sprites (Tips)

___________Chain Chomplets Unchained

This is confusing when you don't get the point or what you'r supposed to do. first, 
go to the mini river/lake/pond. It's in the middle of the village and has a guy 
sitting in the middle. Wait for a Chain Chomplet to get close enough to the water. 
Spray water at it until it's dark blue.  Go on the tail and press b. Hold down the 
b button while pulling it with the control stick. (Just like what you did with the 
blooper, exept the "jump on it" thing)Make sure that the chain chomplet is facing 
the water. Now release the b button. Repeat these steps with the other chain 

____________II Piantissimo's Crazy Climb

I Hate this guy. For this, you have to slide on you'r tummy. Also jump alot, this 
works in races.

____________The Goopy Inferno

Go around to the other side of the village. You'll see a guy. Talk to him.(press b 
when the little "b" button appears on his head) he tell you that this may lead you 
to the mayor. It does lead you to the mayor. Go in it and do the ground pound. 
Swing until it leads you to a gate.(be careful for the spiders and Electric Gate 
turtles) Get on the gate and press b. When it stops, QUICKLY get off and on the 
gate roof, where you swing towards places. Keep going until you reach a swing. Put 
the camera up over you. Use the camera button, not the Y button. Make sure that 
your shadow is over and on the swing. That's when you can get off the gate roof by 
pressing B. Now look to your left. You'll see a Mushroom. Jump on it. Follow the 
trail of ropes. You'll reach a mushroom with a little green muchroom on top. Jump 
on the little green muchroom and you'll jump towards a gate. climb up. DO NOT flip 
the mini gate. When you get to the top, jump to the gate roof. Swing towards a 
gate. (do the same thing you did with the other gates) Now go towards the Gate that 
is facing up, or is the entrance to the village. Swing to the gate and press A. Do 
the wall jump to get on the ground. Now there will be spots with no goop. Follow 
them and they will lead you to FLUDD and the mayor's house. Go up towards the 
yellow mushroom and you'll see FLUDD. Get FLUDD and find a way to go up on the 
yellow mushroom. I leave this job for you.

_________________Chain Chomp's bath

This is easy. Get one of the barrels and throw it at the Chain Chomp.(You could 
also use FLUDD) Press b on the little gold thingy at the end of the metal chain. 
Hold down the b button while using the control stick to pull him to the bathtub the 
mini preview showed you. This takes several attempts, but it's easy.

_________________The Secret of the Village Underside

See the Yoshi egg? Find the fruit to hatch it. Once you'r on the yoshi, go to the 
bridge and jump on the mushrooom. Keep jumping on mushrooms until you reach the 
spot that the mini preview showed. Spray juice to open the entrance to the other 
world. This is another one of my favorites. You gotta be careful on who you talk 
to. It's fun.

_________________Piantas in need

The mayor will ask you to help 10 piantas that are traped in goop. Most of them are 
around the entrance, but some piantas are kinda in the back of the village. Just 
water them until there clean. Do not talk to them yet. They will give you a reward, 
but it takes up time from cleaning.

_________________Shadow Mario runs Wild

Chase Shadow Mario. Be careful for the mini tornados.

_________________Fluff Festival coin Hunt

1 red coin is under the village
1 red coin is in the water in the hot tub
1 red coin is under a bee home right next to the hot tub
1 red coin is in one of the crates in the right side of the village(do the ground 
pound to brake a crate)
1 red coin is on a leaf in the big tree right next to the entrance in the right 
1 red coin is on the grass in the left side of the village
1 red coin is at the top of the big tree that is in the middle of the village
I'm leaving the last red coin for you to find.

When the shine sprite appears on the top of the cloud, go to the top of the big 
tree in the middle of the village. Go on the leaf that is facing toward the cloud 
that is far away. Grab any fluff. At this level, it's safe to grab any fluff.

__________________Extra Shine Sprites (tips)

collect 100 coins
Go to Episode 8. Climb or go to the big tree in the middle of the village. When 
you'r at the top of the tree, go on the stand. Now press Y. Look at the sun. Spray 
water at it until a picture of a shine sprite appears.

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