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                             Super Mario
                            Ultimate Guide
                              Pina Park

____________Pina Park

1. Mecha Browser Appears
2. The Beach Cannon's Secret
3. Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
4. The Wilted Sunflowers
5. The Runaway Ferris Wheel
6. The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret 
7. Shadow Mario in the Park
8. Roller Coaster Balloons
Extra Shine Sprites(tips)

____________Mecha Browser Appears

This is easy. You have to battle Mecha Browser. first, you'll be chased by rockets. 
Use the R button to fire mini rockets to Mecha Browser when you get close enough. 
You can only do this when you have a mini rockets on FLUDD, if not, you can squirt 
water at the rockets to defend yourself. You'll see mini rockets on your way for 
when you don't have one. Be careful, more rockets will appear and in more places.

____________The Beach cannon's secret

This is easy, dispite how hard it looks. First, loose yourself. (I don't mean "get 
lost")I have beaten this level little by little and talking to my friends, so , I 
had no idea what I was doing. Since I had no idea, here some tips.

1. Slide on your tummy for extra speed
2. Be aware on what's around you
3. When you see some stair like stack, jump on them and they will have you up in 
air to jump on the other one.
4. At the end, the blocks will disappear in order. Use tip 1 to go fast enough.

____________Red Coins in Pirate Ships

Collect all 8 red coins. You must jump and climb alot. They are scatered everywhere 
this time, I can't even remember where they were!(so, I can't tell you)

____________The Wilted Sunflowers

***Under construction

____________The Runaway Ferris Wheel

This is easy, but it depends on how you go up there. I'll leave that job to you. 
Once you'r right next to the electric turtle, I THINK that you do the ground pound 
on the mini gate that he's sleeping on. If not, all I remember is that... it's too 
easy. When the shine sprite appears, go on top of a seat thingy. (The thing that 
has the seats and holds you when you go on a ferris wheel)It will guide you to the 
shine sprite.

____________The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret

***Under construction

____________Shadow Mario in the Park

Chase Shadow Mario. Be careful for the electric turtles.

____________Roller Coaster Balloons

Same thing as the Mecha Browser, exept... you have to pop all the ballons with the 
mini rockets.

____________Extra Shine Sprites (tips)

collect 100 coins

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