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                             Super Mario
                            Ultimate Guide
                             Serina Beach

___________Serina Beach

1. The Manta Storm
2. The Hotel Lobby's Secret
3. Mysterious Hotel Delfino
4. The Secret of Casino Delfino
5. King Boo Down Below
6. Scrubbing Serina Beach
7. Shadow Mario Checks In
8. Red Coins in the Hotel
Extra Shine Sprites (tips)

__________The Manta Storm

This is easy. First, talk to the guy that is infront of the squared goop up ahead. 
A Manta Ray will appear. Go under the shacks, or the little place where you see the 
lady with the smoothies on the counter. The Shacks will protect you from the manta 
and electric goop. Squirt water at the manta. They will divide. Don't listen to 
FLUDD, he makes it sound bad. Keep doing it until you destroyed so many, that they 
are all after you. This is when you jump,squirt, and go to the beach. Start 
spraying water like crazy. Soon, you destroyed all.

___________The Hotel lobby's Secret

See the pink ghosts that are going around the totem pole? Squirt water at them so 
they become into platforms. Jump on them and work your way to the 3rd floor. Jump 
in the mouth of the totem pole. Ok. Your gonna need to practice here, because it's 
long and kinda hard. First, work your way until you reach the flying little turtle 
thingies. When you can, jump on it and onto the platform infront of you. Work your 
way to the 3 rows of blocks on the wall. Now it's time to test your wall jump. 
tilt, jump, and destroy the middle block just by touching it. Now start your wall 
jump with that little space and hit the 2nd block. Keep doing this until you can do 
the wall jump and work your way to the top. Work your way throught the puzzle. When 
you reach the sand blocks (see Super Mario Sunshine Ultimate Guide Vol.2 Gelato 
Beach) keep running and be carefull for a little stop, I kept falling from it. 
Also, when you reach the block that has slanted side and you'll see that it leads 
you to the shine sprite you must be extra careful. When it moves and you stay on 
the slanted sides too long, you'll slip off. You must stay on the flat corners.

___________Mysterious Hotel Delfino

Hard when you have no idea what you have to do. First, you'll see a yoshi egg that 
wants a pineapple. The guy that sells the fruits does not have it. It was shadow 
mario because the guy said that he had it in the morning. Ok,let's kick some ghost 
butt! Go to the third floor and into the little pool place. (press b to open the 
door) This will be the only door that's not locked in the hotel, so don't even try 
it on the other doors. See the lady, go next to the bed that is infront of her 
RIGHT HAND.(it means that you must be in her point of view) start doing ground 
pound next to the bed until a floor platform flips you to a room below. Get in the 
room and squirt water at the painting. A picture of a ghost will appear. Jump into 
the painting and it will take you to another room. 2 nokis are running around. Go 
to the other side of the room and you'll see a closet. Squirt water at it until all 
the parts make the picture of a ghost. It will open and lead you to another room. 
You'll see pink ghosts above the room. Squirt water until each one is a platform. 
Jump on the platforms and go into the black sguare that is on the roof. You'll be 
in another room. You'll see a book shelf. Squirt water at it and it will lead you 
to another room. You'll see a piece of the floor that the color is a bit different. 
Do ground pound on it and it will take you to a room with crates. There will be a 
ghost. Don't even try to kill it, you'll need yoshi to swallow it. Do ground pound 
on the crates and a pineapple will appear. Press b to carry the pineapple. Go to 
the door and press b to go out side and into the lobby to hatch the yoshi. Get on 
the yoshi and into the third floor. Go to the back.(where the three coins are) 
You'll see that a door is open. Go in it and jump on the bed and into a hole that's 
on the roof. This is like a maze if the camera is in back of mario. Use the camera 
button and make the camera go away from mario until you see everything of the maze.
Here's a map of the maze.

        /            E                       
        / H2
        /            H1
        /                    H3
        /  H4              

_____Map Key
H= Hole (it is shown as a crack on the floor)
E= Entrance (the hole you went through)

Ok. H1 leads you to the third floor,H2 leads you to another room,H3 leads you to 
the shine sprite, and H4 leads you to another room. You have to go to H3. Use the 
Yoshi to swallow the ghosts that get in your way. The hole will look like a crack 
on the ground, and the crack on the ground is in a squared place in the little maze.
When you get there do the ground pound on the crack and it will lead you to the 
shine sprite.

___________The Secret of Casino Delfino

First, go to the left side of the lobby and you'll see a pink guy infront of an 
elavator. Talk to him and he'll take you to the casino. You'll see two BIG slots. 
Use FLUDD to squirt water at the slots until you have 3 "7"'s. Do the same thing to 
the other BIG slot. The red curtain will rise. Use FLUDD to squirt water at the "?" 
until the picture of the shine sprite is complete. Then the entrance to another 
world will appear. (the little green pipe) Jump in it and you'r in a cube game. 
This is tricky. In the platform you appear, work your way through the cubes. Jump 
on the cube that is in the other end. It will take you to the second platform. This 
gets more tricky. When the two cubes that you saw on the platform 2's entrance are 
coming back, go to your right and do the tilt (This move was reviewed in "Super 
Mario Sunshine Ulimate Guide Vol. 1")when the cube going towards you is leaving 
space in between the other cube for you. You must go towards the little space or 
you'll fall the black spot. (If you thought that it was a floor... it's a trap) 
Work your way to the other end to jump on the cube that leads you to the moving 
sticks. (This time, the cube rotates different angles) Jump on the moving sticks. 
You must be fast and jump on the next stick before it moves out, but you must use 
the tilt. (the sticks are farther than what you think)They will lead you to another 
BIGGER cube. It also rotates different angles and will be harder to pridict.

___________King Boo Down Below

Go to the casino. Now, you'll see a pruple spot on the wheel in the middle. Do the 
ground pound on it. It will take you to king boo. Spray water at his tounge to spin 
the game under him.

fruit= King Boo will spit out fruit
?=enemies (example:bloopers,electric turtles,cata quackers,ect.)
coin=King Boo will spit out coins
mini ?=A type of turtle
If you don't get something even, King boo will spit out water bubbles. squirt at 
them and water bottles will appear.

When he spits out fruit, grab a chili and throw it at his tounge. While he tries to 
set it off, grab a fruit and throw it at him. Repeat these steps when you can until 
he dies.

___________Scrubbing Serina Beach

Just clean up with FLUDD. Use the barrels to clean more in little time.

___________Red Coins in the Hotel

Do the ground pound on the red button.

1 red coin is in the ladies room (lobby)
1 red coin is in the spa/pool (3rd floor)
1 red coin is in room with the 2 nokis (2nd floor)
1 red coin is in the mini warehouse (2nd floor)you must go in the maze at the top
1 red coin is where you found a pineapple for yoshi in "mysterious Hotel Delfino"
1 red coin will appear infront of you when you do the ground pound
1 red coin will be in the 2nd floor
I'll leave the last red coin for you to find

___________Extra Shine Sprites (tips)

100 coins

All rights [email protected] you

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