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                           Super Mario
                          Ultimate guide
                             Noki Bay

___________Noki Bay
1. Uncork the Water Fall
2. The Boss of Tricky Ruins
3. Red Coins in a Bottle
4. Eely-Mouth's dentist
5. II Piantissimo's Surf Swim
6. The Shell's Secret
7. Hold it, Shadow Mario!
8. The Red Coin Fish
Extra shine Sprites (tips)

___________Uncork the Water Fall

This can be hard when you hardly know any moves. (but you should be an expert by 
now!)First, talk to the old noki that is infront of you when you appear there. 
He'll tell you the problem and then show you the Gerbil that has the cannon thingy. 
You see all that, you need to "climb" all that! First, go to your right and then go 
strait to the wall. It looks imposible to go up with jumps, but you should already 
know that you need to do wall jump with a naked eye! Then continue by squirting at 
the goop on the walls to unlock steps that will help you go up, and jumping up on 
the pieces of land. When you get to the flat basket tied to a broken pot on a wheel 
thingy, get on te flat basket and squirt water at the broken pot while on the flat 
basket to go up. You'll reach a point that you can't go up because the wall that 
will lead to the gerbil on the top is too high. here are two hints:

1. You can switch to hover nozzle and jump and then squirt towards the tower with 
the swirling thingies on the top. It will be infront of you facing the wall.

2. Go down you'll see that there is a platform on top, do the tilt and get up on 
it. then switch to hover nozzle and squirt your way to a platform. Know go to the 
platform with a "little time glass hour" on it. (you my have to use the tilt jump 
in air towrds the platform and then squirt) Jump on the "little hour glass" and 
then squirt your way to the top platform. Now you'll see the Top platform nearest 
to you that you could jump and go to the gerbil. Tilt jump in air and then squirt. 
Hold it as long as possible until you reach the platform.

   __________________________________________          J/S      ___    
   l        l    ______  ______    __^________       <-               ^ /S 
   l        l                                                 J/S -> X__
   l  < -   l                                 j/S ->   ___     
                \             J ->  __________

Map Key:
< - : The red arrow that you see from time to time.
l : The wall that is too high
\ : the slanted floor leading you to the platform
M : Mario (you)
J ?-? : Jump here (the "?" represents where the arrow is pointing, telling you 
which way and where to jump)
X : the little glass hour
S: Squirt (found next to the J sometimes, it tells you that you need to jump in air 
and then squirt with hover nozzle to a place/platform)
^ : You jump up

Know tilt jump or jump to the land on top go to the gerbil. You'll have to fall and 
speak to the noki, he'll tell you that the "hour glass" can help you jump high and 
if you squirt at it, you can carry it. (by pressing b)You just jump on it and to 
the Gerbil. Now this looks hard. It is a bit hard, but easy because you have total 
control to the little walking bombs. When you get close to the gerbil, he will 
start throwing walking time bombs. They will follow you until they explode. All you 
have to do is go close enough to the cannon and then squirt at the bomb so it can 
freeze. (make sure that the time bomb is close enough to the cannon too) If you get 
too close to the cannon, the gerbil will take cover and protect himself from the 
bomb and you. The bomb will explode and affect the gerbil. Do this 3 times to kill 

____________The Boss of Tricky Ruins

This is fun! first, go all the way to the old noki. Talk to him and he'll tell you 
about a noki king. Then, Go to the wall that is behind him. Use the Y button and 
look up. You'll see a squared thingy on the wall. Squirt at it and then do wall 
jump FAST! then follow throught the wall maze and do wall jumps. Then when your 
done,(you'll be safe on the thingy you can stand on) Now squirt at the other 
squared thingy, go throught it fast, do alot of wall jumps and then you'll reach 
the gooper blooper, Fight it.(see super Mario Sunshine Ultimate Guide Ricco Harbor) 
Then there will be a hole in the ground made out of bricks. Jump in it. It may look 
like your gonna die if you look how far it is down, but you don't loose a life. now 
your in the tomb of the noki king and there is the shine sprite. Also, squirt water 
to one of the vases to get a blue coin.

____________Red Coins in a Bottle

This is a bit hard. You have to collect 8 red coins. 2 of the red coins are too 
close to the wall, so it will make it harder to get em' by just using the monuver 
of the hover nozzle. (and when you go a bit slow)

_____________Eely- Mouth's Dentist

This one is hard! Have patience, OK! First, use the little "Mud boat" to go to the 
water fall. Then jump in the middle of the water fall. You'll appear in a water 
tomb with a strange thing in the bottom. It's the Eel with cavaties. (this is what 
is making the water in noki bay deadly) Now go in the middle and encourage the Eel 
to let you clean his teeth. (by going close to him) When he comes up and opens his 
mouth, use the hover nozzle and squirt around the black/purple teeth. They will 
start becoming white and then shiny. When he closes his mouth and goes back to spin
(or rinse), while he's at it go and collect some coins to regain air and then 
repeat the steps until all the teeth are clean.

_____________II Piantissimo's Surf Swim

I said it, but I'll say it again... I HATE THIS GUY! Now lets go and kick some 
butt! First, go all the way to II Piantissimo and he'll challenge you a race. all 
you gotta do is fall to a little floating platform and use the hover nozzle to go 
from platform to platform, be fast though!

______________The Shell's Secret

OK. I know it looks hard to get up there, but remember episode 1? Remember the part 
when you had to use the hover nozzle and go to the squared platforms? Follow the 
platforms by going up to the last platform and there will be the box for the blast 
nozzle. Now you can just "fly" your way to the shell's entrance.

You're now in the bottom of a "fishtank". do wall jump and go on the clock wise 
moving platform and jump on the other platform when ready and onto the red 
platform. Now do the triple A jump(s) and onto the pink/purple checkered block that 
is moving. Now jump to the other blocks. Now when you get to the "dead end", there 
is a pole that you can climb and then press A to release and onto the top platform. 
Go up where the white arrows are pointing but be in the right side to decrease the 
chance of sliding to death. To tilt jump onto to the top platform and then adjust 
camera view (It helps)and tilt jump onto the wall as if your doing a wall jump and 
onto the high platform. I didn't know how the heck I got up there but I somehow 
tilt jump onto the wall that was behind the hole and mario (I)went to the other 
wall and reached the top and I got on (it was like a wall jump). Then you go 
through the side moving blocks until you reach the "stacked" blocks that are 
moving. You must work your way to the top and jump to the platform that leads the 
last side moving block that leads to the shine sprite.

_________________Hold It, Shadow Mario!

Chase shadow mario. You will end up chasing him to the top of episode 1 and then in 
some point he will jump off and back to the begining! (It was like jumping off a 

_________________The red coin fish

Go to the water fall as if you were going to the eel's humble nome in the past. 
There will be coins in the shape of a fish (or a fish made of coins)swimming. The 8 
red coins will be in him and you must collect all 8 as always. But you must work 
fast a bit, at some point he will seperate the coins and then in some time they 
will come back to the shape of the fish.

_________________Extra Shine Sprites (tips)

100 coins

Go where II Piantissimo's flag was. To your left, you can tilt jump high enough to 
a little flat hole that looks like an entrance. Get in the little entrance and 
you'll fall and then reach a "trampolin" and "fly" to the highest cliff. Just like 
the yellow bird in delfino plaza, squirt at it 3 times and it will become into a 
shine sprite.


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                                   Shell's secret" in the past)
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