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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Version 0.41
Start - 9-1-02
Finish - ??/??/??

*Note - I currently have no intentions of including any information concerning 
the Blue Coins.  I may decide to include Blue Coin locations at a later date.

Table of Contents
I.  Introduction

II.  Version History

III.  Walkthrough

        A.  Delfino Plaza                      
                      Part 1 - Shine Sprites Available with NO Special Power-ups
                      Part 2 - Shine Sprites Available with Rocket Nozzle
                      Part 3 - Shine Sprites Available with Turbo Nozzle
                      Part 4 - Shine Sprites Available after Unlocking Yoshi
                      Part 5 - Shine Sprites Available after Defeating Final Boss

        B.  Bianco Hills
                      Episode 1 - Road to the Big Windmill
                      Episode 2 - Down with Petey Piranha
                      Episode 3 - The Hillside Cave Secret
                      Episode 4 - Red Coins of Windmill Village
                      Episode 5 - Petey Piranha Strikes Back
                      Episode 6 - The Secret of the Dirty Lake
                      Episode 7 - Shadow Mario on the Loose
                      Episode 8 - The Red Coins of the Lake

        C.  Ricco Harbor
                      Episode 1 - Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
                      Episode 2 - Blooper Surfing Safari
                      Episode 3 - The Caged Shine Sprite
                      Episode 4 - The Secret of Ricco Tower
                      Episode 5 - Gooper Blooper Returns
                      Episode 6 - Red Coins on the Water
                      Episode 7 - Shadow Mario Revisited            
                      Episode 8 - Yoshi's Fruit Adventure

        D.  Gelato Beach
                      Episode 1 - Dune Bud Sand Castle Secrets
                      Episode 2 - Mirror Madness!  Tilt, Slam, Bam!
                      Episode 3 - Wiggler Ahoy!  Full Steam Ahead!
                      Episode 4 - The Sand Bird is Born
                      Episode 5 - Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint
                      Episode 6 - Red Coins in the Coral Reef
                      Episode 7 - Its Shadow Mario!  After Him!
                      Episode 8 - The Watermelon Festival
                      Additional Gelatro Beach Shine Sprite

        E.  Pinna Park
                      Episode 1 - Mecha Bowser Appears!
                      Episode 2 - The Beach Cannon's Secret
                      Episode 3 - Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
                      Episode 4 - The Wilted Sunflowers
                      Episode 5 - The Runaway Ferris Wheel
                      Episode 6 - The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret
                      Episode 7 - Shadow Mario in the Park
                      Episode 8 - Roller Coaster Balloons

        F.  Sirena Beach
                      Episode 1 - The Manta Storm
                      Episode 2 - The Hotel Lobby's Secret
                      Episode 3 - Mysterious Hotel Delfino
                      Episode 4 - The Secret of Casino Delfino
                      Episode 5 - King Boo Down Below
                      Episode 6 - Scrubbing Sirena Beach
                      Episode 7 - Shadow Mario Checks In
                      Episode 8 - Red Coins in the Hotel

        G.  Noki Bay
                      Episode 1 - Uncork the Waterfall
                      Episode 2 - The Boss of Tricky Ruins
                      Episode 3 - Red Coins in a Bottle
                      Episode 4 - Eely-Mouth's Dentist
                      Episode 5 - Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim
                      Episode 6 - The Shell's Secret
                      Episode 7 - Hold It. Shadow Mario!
                      Episode 8 - The Red Coin Fish
                      Additional Noki Bay Shine Sprite

        H.  Pianta Village
                      Episode 1 - Chain Chomplets Unchained
                      Episode 2 - Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
                      Episode 3 - The Goopy Inferno
                      Episode 4 - Chain Chomp's Bath
                      Episode 5 - Secret of the Village Underside
                      Episode 6 - Piantas in Need
                      Episode 7 - Shadow Mario Runs Wild
                      Episode 8 - Fluff Festival Coin Hunt
                      Additional Pianta Village Shine Sprite

        I.  Corona Mountain
                      Episode 1 - Father and Sun Shine a.k.a End Battle

        J.  Other Shine Sprites

IV.  My Tips

V.  Legalities

I.  Introduction

        This is going to be the longest FAQ/Guide/Walkthrough I will have ever 
written.  I am only human, so there will be mistakes.  This is also a new format 
for me.  So, just go easy on me.
        Anyway, this guide is not a blue-coin guide.  This is a Shine Sprite 
Guide.  It contains detailed information on how to get the Shine Sprites.  So 
don't be dissappointed.  I may include a Blue-Coin section eventually, but it's 
not a priority.  
        Also, I write this guide assuming you have a minimal knowledge and 
control over the game.  Knowing a little bit about the landscape of a stage would 
also help.

II.  Version History

0.1 -  9-1-02 - Guide started.

0.1A - 9-2-02 - Guide redone.  Table of Contents and Introduction complete.  Half 
of Bianco Hills complete.

0.2 - 9-3-02 - Bianco Hills complete.  Delfino Plaza complete.

0.3 - 9-8-02 - Outline complete.  Gelato Beach complete.

0.3.75 - 9-11-02 - Most of Pinna Park complete.  Ricco Harbor started.

0.4 - 9-15-02 - Pinna Park complete.

0.4.1 - 9-16-02 - Sirena beach started.  My Tips section added.

III.  Walkthrough

(A)  Delfino Plaza----------------------------------------------------------------

In this section, I will explain, to the best of my abilities, how to get Shine 
Sprites in Delphino Plaza.  Some are easy to get to, while others are hidden in  
Secret Stages.

-----Part 1 - Shine Sprites Available with NO Special Power-Ups-----

Two Shine Sprites can be gotten by busting crates in a certain amount of time.  
The shop that the crates are in is located on the side of the Harbor that the 
Pinna Park Cannon is on.  There is a doorway on the patio-like area.

Another Shine Sprite can be uncovered on the beach near the Lighthouse.  Just 
wait for the Pianta who wanders down that way to stop, and right in front of him, 
when he turns around, is where you have to wash the sand off of a picture of a 
Shine Sprite.  The Shine Sprite appears on one of the islands across from the 

Grab a Yellow Coin and climb up to the roof of the building where you do the 
crate game.  Give the Pianta there a coin and he will fling you into the air.  If 
you position yourself right, you will be thrown through the window behind him to 
retrieve a Shine Sprite.

After you have ten Shine Sprites, swim out to the large island, with the castaway 
on it, on the same side as the Lighthouse.  There should be a yellow bird flying 
around.  Spray the yellow bird a few times and it will turn into a Shine Sprite.

SECRET STAGE - Super Slide - Over by the Lighthouse, on the farthest island out 
to sea, is a warp pipe.  Jump inside to go to the Super Slide.

SECRET STAGE - Pachinko Game - Eventually, a boat will start sailing in and out 
of Delfino Plaza Harbor.  Hop onto this boat, and when it goes under the arch, 
leaving Delfino Plaza, jump and hover into the Yellow Coin to warp to the 
Pachinko Game.

-----Part 2 - Shine Sprites Available with Rocket Nozzle-----

The two bells in Delfino Plaza need cleaning.  Strap on the Rocket Nozzle and 
blast up to them.  The Shine Sprite of the West Bell appears under the bell, 
within the tower.  To get it, you must enter the sewer on the roof of the 
building directly north of the bell.  Just come back under it and get it.  The 
East Bell's Shine Sprite appears directly above the tower.

Grab the Rocket Nozzle and head over to the Lighthouse.  Rocket up to the roof 
onto the slab.  If you Ground Pound it, it won't bust.  You've got to get really 
high first.  Rocket up, and as you begin to fall back down, Ground Pound.  Bam!  
You've got another Shine Sprite.

If you've noticed, the Shine Gate's large Shine Sprite is filthy.  Rocket up 
there and clean it.  Then get on the roof to get the Shine Sprite.

SECRET STAGE - Red Coin Field - You need the Rocket Nozzle.  Head to the western 
side of Delfino Plaza.  Jump in the water and swim along the coast.  Rocket 
yourself up until you see a warp pipe on a ledge.  Rocket up to that ledge and 
jump in the warp pipe.  The Red Coin Field is a field of tall grass in which you 
must get eight Red Coins.  One is under the in a hole in the northwest corner.  
Another is carried by a bird.

-----Part 3 - Shine Sprites Available with Turbo Nozzle-----

Get the Turbo Nozzle and charge into the doors of the building that the West Bell 
Tower is on.  There is a Shine Sprite within.

SECRET STAGE - Turbo Track - Charge up the Turbo Nozzle and run through the doors 
of the Police Station.  The Police Station is to the east of the Shine Gate.  The 
Turbo Track is a series of platforms in a straight line that you must jump from 
while using the Turbo Nozzle.  It is extremely easy.

-----Part 4 - Shine Sprites Available after Unlocking Yoshi-----

SECRET STAGE - Lily Pad Ride - This is really complicated as far as getting 
there.  And in doing as well.  The warp pipe that transports you there is out on 
the island with the castaway.  And the warp pipe is blocked by some yellow gunk 
that can only be dissolved by Yoshi juice.  But Yoshis cannot swim.  To get out 
there, grab a Yoshi and hop on the boat that goes out of the Harbor to the 
western island.  From there, get on the boat that circles that island.  Ride the 
boat to the tower with the banana on it.  Hop onto the tower and eat the banana.  
Wait for the next boat to come by and hop on it.  Then ride it to the island and 
spray the warp pipe.  Now you must use FLUDD to ride a lily pad into Red Coins.  
Like I said, this is hard.  And it will make you angry, if you're the type that 
gets angry at games.

-----Part 5 - Shine Sprites Available after Defeating the Final Boss-----

After you win the final boss battle, a Pianta will appear on the dock.  Pay him 
ten Yellow Coins and you can ride back out ot the Airstrip.  Collect the Red 
Coins there to get another Shine Sprite.

(B)  Bianco Hills-----------------------------------------------------------------

The entrance to Bianco Hills is on the statue in front of you whenever you start.

-----Ep. 1 - Road to the Big Windmill-----

This Shine Sprite is one of the easiest in the game to get.  From the start, go 
forward until you pass the large hill built into the wall.  Then, once your on 
the other side of the hill, jump onto the wall using a side somersault or 
whatever works best for you.  Run along the wall and before you reach the end of 
this wall  segment, tap B several times to do a fast hopping slide and just 
before you reach the end press A to flip onto the other wall segment.  A triple 
jump would also work here with good timing.  Then just jump down from the wall.  
Try to avoid the Mess Monsters that come from the grafitti.  Now, just make your 
way through the area toward where the big rolling grafitti covered Piranha Plant 
heads are coming from.  Again be wary of the Mess Monsters.   Once you make your 
way to the mound of grafitti, from which comes the Piranha Plant heads, simply 
squirt the mound until a Piranha Plant emerges.  You should  know the drill for 
defeating these little annoyances.  If you don't, I'll tell you, only once.  As 
its head wiggles back and forth, it will open its mouth.  When it does,  squirt 
it.  Do this three times.  Once you've defeated it, a walkway will rise and on it 
will be the Shine Sprite.

-----Ep. 2 - Down with Petey Piranha-----

From the start, continue down the path and across the stream to a door that was 
previously closed.  
Through the door you will notice that the ooze is back; This time, however, 
you'll have to climb up to the windmill.  On the slope that was uncovered in the 
last episode, there is a lot of slippery goop, too slippery to walk on.  Just 
wash it away.  But be careful.  Upon the top of the windmill sits Petey Piranha, 
hurling balls of goop your way.  Switch to the Hover Nozzle and hover over the 
gap in the grate bridge.  Continue up the path washing away the goop and avoiding 
the balls of goop.  You don't really have to wash away the goop, but it is 
slippery, so watch your step.  On up the trail, goop balls will start rolling 
down at you.  Avoid them, and wash away a path to continue.  Once you reach a 
little water sprout, refill FLUDD and continue on up the path.  Next you'll come 
to portions of the path that have been cut away by spotted roots.  Just switch to 
the Hover Nozzle and hover over them.  The third gap requires you to hover out 
away from the path to avoid a barbed root, but its still just as simple as the 
others.  Now that your at the end of the path, what are you supposed to do?  Just 
hitch a ride on a platform of the windmill.  Once you get to the top of the 
windmill, hover over Petey's head.  The windmill's roof will cave in.

Bianco Hills Boss - Petey Piranha

This is an easy fight.  Too easy.  Petey's main attack is what I call Sludge 
Spew.  He simply pukes up a little sludge and from the sludge come the Mess 
Monsters.  You can prevent him from spewing sludge entirely by just spraying into 
his mouth as he inhales.  This is also the method you must use to defeat him.  
But don't get to close, because his secondary attack is a head roll in which he 
just rolls his head around, low to the ground, in an attempt to hit you.  Once 
you squirt him in his mouth enough,* he will swoon and fall onto his back, at 
which point you must jump onto his stomach and Ground Pound his bloated belly 
button.  Repeat this process three times to earn the Shine Sprite.

*The number of times you must squirt him in his mouth varies.

-----Ep. 3 - The Hillside Cave Secret-----

From the start, go as if you were going back to the windmill.  But as you reach 
the grate bridge, stop near the purple Pianta.  Switch to the Hover Nozzle and 
hover down to the platform the has a rope attached to it running from under the 
bridge.  Just hover from platform to platform until you reach the other side.  
Just run along the side of the hill and side somersault onto the rope and in the 
direction opposite the lake.  Enter the cave for your first Secret Stage.

Bianco Hills Secret Stage #1 - The Hillside Cave Secret Stage

From the start, you're facing a field of large wooden blocks moving from left to 
right.  This is simple enough:  just jump from block to block and avoid falling 
off, because you will lose a life.  

Now you must navigate through a field of small square blocks moving left-right, 
up-down, or just sitting still.  Just move with caution until you can get to the 
next block.  

Now this is the tricky part.  You're facing a narrow walkway with very large 
blocks moving around the walkway.  The key to this portion is waiting for the 
first two blocks to move under the walkway and the next blocks to be on the sides 
moving downward.  This isn't the only way to do it, but its the safest.  

This part is easy enough.  Just jump toward the middle of the first star, 
position yourself and jump toward the middle of the next one.  Easy as pie.  Now 
get your Shine Sprite.

-----Ep. 4 - Red Coins of Windmill Village-----

1.  The first Red Coin is on an outer rooftop of the village.  To get it, just 
hop on the rope above the stream, bounce onto the next rope above it, get on the 
platform.  The rooftop is right next to the platform.

2.  The second Red Coin is on the wall above the doorway just past the stream.  
Just hop back over to the platform from the rooftop and get over to the wall and 
get it.

3.  To get the third coin, just run along the wall, and in a little arch sets the 

4.  Backtrack to the rooftop where Red Coin #1 was.  Before you drop down to get 
this coin, go over to the roof with red box on it and get the Rocket Nozzle, if 
you have it unlocked that is.  Now just jump down and in between the ropes floats 
a coin.

5.  With the Rocket Nozzle now in possession, rocket up to the roof of the large 
building next to the rooftop where you got the Rocket Nozzle.  There is a coin 
right there.

6.  For Red Coin #6, jump down from the roof and head over to where you picked up 
Red Coin #3 and rocket up above the arch and snag the coin.

7.  Now head over toward the windmills, if you can call them a windmills, that is 
just what they look like to me, not the big main windmill, but the smaller ones 
on this side of the wall.  Anyway, one of them is surrounded by pavement.  The 
pavement branches off into a peninsula-like section.  Rocket yourself up from the 
middle of the peninsula to get the coin.

8.  The eighth and final coin is on the rooftop of one of the spire-like upper 
rooms of the building in the Northwest corner of the map, or in the opposite 
direction of the stream from the point at which you get the seventh coin.  Got 
that?  Hopefully.  Just rocket up to it.  To reach the Shine Sprite, just press Y 
button from the rooftop where the eighth coin was, and look back over toward the 
windmills.  It is on the only high platform in that direction.  Watch out for the 
WindGust; it will knock you off.

-----Ep. 5 - Petey Piranha Strikes Back-----

From the start, go down the path and into Windmill Village, the place where you 
just picked up the Red Coins, and get the Rocket Nozzle.  If you feel you might 
want to, clean the whole area of grafitti, because it will make defeating Petey a 
lot easier.  If you choose not to clean the area, jump down from the roof and go 
in the direction of the Pianta running around in a circle.  I'm just using the 
Pianta as a reference point to point you in the right direction.  Now, just get 
through the grafitti, over to the high ledge.  Rocket up to the first enbankment, 
and from therre, just hop your way up to the top level.  Here you'll want to 
clean off the grafitti to prevent a Mess Monster from sneaking up from behind you 
and knocking you off the fence.  If you do fall over the fence or get knocked 
from it, you'll die.  Make your way over to the fence and allow one of the water 
balloon things to get on FLUDD.  The little broken part of the fence is supposed 
to be where you shoot Petey from, but I can't seem to get high enough.  Jump 
slightly and hang from the fence, then climb up it.  Now, to fire these things, 
hold R to fill them up, then let go of R.  But don't fill it up to full or it 
won't go anywhere.  Once you hit Petey, he will awaken.

Bianco Hills Boss Revisited - Petey Piranha

As before, this is a fairly easy fight.  The only difference:  Petey now has an 
entire stage to move around in.  But he will mainly stick to the Windmill Village 
area.  As a matter of fact, I think that is the only place he'll be.  Anyway, 
Here is where cleaning up Windmill Village comes in handy.  Jump down the hill 
into the village.  Go into Hindview Mode and find Petey.  He will most likely be 
near the hill you were just on.  Move a slight distance away form where he starts 
to descend, at an angle that you can spray him, and let 'em have it.  Once you 
spray him, he will fall to the ground.  Be careful not to fall victim to his new 
attack:  a spinning gust of air, which will sweep you high into the air.  When 
you knock him out of the air, this battle will become much like the first.  He 
will stand there and breathe in, in an attempt to spew sludge, but spray into his 
mouth.  When he falls, Ground Pound his belly button.  He will then take flight 
once more.  However, sometimes he doesn't take flight immediately.  He'll stick 
around to chunk a few tornadoes at you.  Just repeat this 3 to 4 times to get the 
Shine Sprite.

-----Ep. 6 - The Secret of the Dirty Lake-----

From the start, head over to the Big Windmill on the other side of the wall.  
Head on up the trail, over the grate bridge, and about half of the way around the 
first loop.  You should notice, that cut into the wall of the cliff aross the 
lake, there is a cave entrance.  But also notice this:  the lake is too filthy to 
swim in.  Switch to the Hover Nozzle and jump out over the lake, but do not use 
the hover until you just about hit the water.  Hover over to the logs and hop on 
into the cave.

Bianco Hills Secret Stage #2 - Secret of the Dirty Lake Stage

From the start, you are facing a field of red- and blue-colored platforms.  Each 
color turns alternately, that is obvious.  There is no visible pattern to the 
movement, either that or it is too complex, but there is no sure-fire way for me 
to tell you what to do and when.  You should be able to do that on your own 

In this portion, jump up onto the star and grab the 1-Up Mushroom, you'll need 
it.  Now you have to put your acrobatic skills to work.  If this were Super Mario 
64, this would be an easy jump, just run, press Z, then jump, but this isn't 
Super Mario 64, and that jump isn't available.  So what you need to do is stand 
at an angle to the blue wall.  Side somersault onto the blue wall and wall-kick 
onto the floating cube.  Don't worry if you miss, because there is a green 
platform below for you to land on.  Just use the little yellow platform at the 
side of the blue block to bounce back up and try again.

This block you jumped on will start moving, oddly.  DO NOT jump, just run on the 
block to stay on the top side.

Here you have to run past the moving triangles to get to the other side.  It is 
fairly easy.  Just wait for the triangles to appear, and move as soon as it 
passes you.  Just dont run off the other side.

This next moving block is much like the first, except for one thing:  it moves 
diagonally.  It is easy enoiugh though.  Just don't be fooled when you try to get 
the 1-Up Mushroom.

Look at this next part.  What does it remind you of?  Good.  You've been paying 
attention.  Now, as I said before, there isn't much I can tell you.  Just keep on 
trying and you'll get it.

-----Ep. 7 - Shadow Mario on the Loose-----

This is much like the first time you chased Shadow Mario, and it won't be the 
last.  Just run after him, spraying.  Once you spray him to the ground, you'll 
get a Shine Sprite.  Simple, huh?

-----Ep. 8 - The Red Coins of the Lake-----

1.  From the start, get on the rope above the stream and bounce up to the next.  
From the platform connected to that rope go over the wall and hop onto the 
trees.  Navigate your way through the trees, avoiding the spinning, whistling 
things, over to where you see two platforms connected by a rope with a Red Coin 
on the rope.  Get the coin.  That's Red Coin #1.  

2.  From there, jump down onto the path leading to the Big Windmill.  When you 
reach the bridge, jump and hover down to the platforms you used to get to the 
Hillside Cave Secret.  There is a Red Coin on the rope.

3.  There is a coin floating above the water to your right, but don't worry about 
it yet.  Make your way to the next platform, as if you were continuing toward the 
Hillside Cave Secret.  Follow the hillside.  Side somersault up onto the rope and 
walk to the platform.  Jump and hover down to the lower platform.  Walk out onto 
the rope to get the third Red Coin.

4.  Now for the coin in the water.  Move back over the platform with the Rocket 
Nozzle box on it.  Press B twice to drop onto the platform easily and snag the 
Rocket Nozzle.  Jump out into the lake, and swim under the Red Coin.  Be careful 
though, because of the WaterBug enemies.  Charge up the Rocket and, just before 
it blasts off, jump out of the water.  And you have Red Coin #4.

5.  Red Coin #5, as well as the rest, are all on ropes up above the grate 
bridge.  The easiest one to get is next.  Go up the hill, as if you were going to 
the Big Windmill.  As you approach the S-curve, you'll notice some Yellow Coins 
floating in the air.  Notice that there is a small, round shadow on the ground.  
Get on the shadow, and blast upward.  You should wind up on a rope.  Now bounce 
up to the third rope.  This next step may seem hard, but it is possible.  Look 
toward the Bid Windmill, and you see a rope, with a Red Coin above it.  From your 
position on the rope, go to your right onto the platform.  Watch out the Wind 
Gust that pops up.  Now, rocket over to the next platform.  It is possible.  Get 
the coin on the rope.

6-8.  These Red Coins are all on the ropes high above the grate bridge.  Use your 
Rocket Nozzle to reach each one.  Good luck!  Oh, and the Shine Sprite appears in 
a little alcove on the Big Windmill.  Just rocket up to it.  It's behind the 

(C)  Ricco Harbor-----------------------------------------------------------------

The entrance to Ricco Harbor is on the side of the boathouse where you buy the 
Shine Sprites from the raccoon.

-----Ep.1 - Gooper Blooper Breaks Out-----

From the start, go up the ramp, hover to the cage, then get to the top of the 
smokestack.  From there, Side Somersault and hover over to the narrow platform.  
Go straight down this walkway and when you reach the end, jump off onto the 
sidewalk.  Continue on down the sidewalk headed for a bunch of boxes with a 
tentacle sticking out of them.  Pull on the tentacle until it snaps.

Ricco Harbor Boss - Gooper Blooper

This is an easy battle.  Gooper's only attacks are a tentacle slam and a sludge 
spurt.  Just stand there and wait for him to draw back his tentacles.  Time a 
Side Somersault to coincide with the slam of his tentacles.  Ground Pound the 
tentacles.  Now grab one and pull until it snaps.  Do this for the remaining 
front tentacle.  To break the other two tentacles, just run around to a tentacle 
and grab it and pull it.  Once you have all the tentacles off, squirt him in the 
face and run up and pull on the cork.  Snap the cork twice to win.

-----Ep.2 - Blooper Surfing Safari-----

-----Ep. 3 - The Caged Shine Sprite-----

-----Ep. 4 - The Secret of Ricco Tower-----

-----Ep.5 - Gooper Blooper Returns-----

-----Ep.6 - Red Coins on the Water-----

-----Ep. 7 - Shadow Mario Revisited-----

-----Ep. 8 - Yoshi's Fruit Adventure-----

(D)  Gelato Beach----------------------------------------------------------------

The entrance to Gelato Beach is on the Lighthouse.

-----Ep. 1 - Dune Bud Sand Castle Secrets-----

From the start, go onto the beach.  Notice the little sprigs of what looks to be 
grass.  They're called Dune Buds.  Now head to the left of the island that you 
start, onto another island connected to the beach by an isthmus.  Looking from 
the island onto the beach, you see a Dune Bud.  Water it and a castle-like 
stucture will appear.  Go through the doorway.

Gelato Beach Secret Stage #1 - The Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret Stage

There isn't much to say about this one.  Anyway, when you first step off the 
green block onto a tan block, you will discover that the tan blocks are sand.  
They fall away.  Keep on the move, only stopping on the green and orange blocks 
if necessary.  

On the Sand Block Castle hovers the Shine Sprite.  Climb the castle carefully and 
quickly.  It isn't really that hard if you have a good handle on the controls.

-----Ep. 2 - Mirror Madness!  Tilt, Slam, Bam!-----

From the start, a Pianta will speak to you.  A cut-scene will follow.  After the 
cut-scene, head over to where the first mirror is, the closest one to you.  It 
only has one Beakless Quacker .  Once you get on top of the mirror, spray the 
Quacker with water until it is teetering on the edge.  Get on the opposite side 
of the mirror and Ground Pound to send it flying.  For the second mirror, the one 
with two Quackers on it, use the trees to get over to a platform with coins on 
it.  Grab some coins if you need the health then jump on over to the mirror.  You 
need to do the same thing to these two, but of course it will be a little 
harder.  For the third and final mirror, jump onto the big central tower, the one 
with the Wiggler on it, and walk over to the mirror.  Here you have three to deal 
with.  Use the same technique to defeat these.  Once all three mirrors are tilted 
at the Wiggler, it will crumble off of the tower and you will have another Shine 

-----Ep. 3 - Wiggler Ahoy!  Full Steam Ahead!-----

From the start, you have a battle.

Gelato Beach Boss - Wiggler

Remember those Dune Buds?  You must employ them once more in this episode.  Watch 
Wiggler's movement until you notice which bud he comes close to.  Water the bud 
and when Wiggler runs over it, he will flip over.  Once he has flipped, you must 
Ground Pound a certain section of his body that an arrow will be pointing to.  
After you have done this two times, he will change his course.  Stay out of his 
way while you find another bud to use.  Flip him over and Ground Pound him one 
more time to get the Shine Sprite.

-----Ep. 4 - The Sand Bird is Born-----

From the start, go to the other side of the tower.  In a small alcove is a Dune 
Bud that you can water to form stairs.  Go up the trail to the right, then turn 
left to go on up the hill.  Remember this place for Episode 8.  Anyway, once you 
reach the top, you will notice a trail of coins going down the hillside.  Slide 
down the trail and jump over onto the peach colored platform and bounce on over 
into the hole in the roof of the tower.

Gelato Beach Secret Stage #2 - The Sand Bird

This is a tricky stage, be careful.  Do not jump very high, just tap the A button 
to do a small jump.  You must collect Red Coins to get a Shine Sprite.  Seven of 
the eight Red Coins are on the bird itself.  Just walk to the tips of each wing, 
it's head, and it's tail.  At some point, hopefully after you've collected all 
seven coins, the Sand Bird will roll over to it's side.  To prevent falling off, 
get to the middle block and walk with the roll.  You will be standing on the side 
of the bird.  Walk back whenever it flips back straight.  Now the final Red Coin 
and the Shine Sprite is on the tower to the left of the Sand Bird.  Just hop on 
over to the tower, get the coin, and claim the Shine Sprite.

-----Ep. 5 - Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint-----

What is Il Piantissimo?  Who cares.  He thinks he is fast, but he really isn't 
all that much to see.  Anyway, from the start, go over to Il, as I call him, and 
he will challenge you to a race.  From your current position, side somersault 
your way up to the level where the Dune Bud is in the alcove.  Wall jump to the 
top of the alcove.  Instead of going on the path, jump and dive up the hill to 
the goal.

-----Ep. 6 - Red Coins in the Coral Reef-----

This is an easy Red Coin Quest.  All of the Red Coins are hidden in a coral reef 
out in the water.  Head to the island connected to the beach by an isthmus and 
look out to sea toward Pinna Park.  You should see a coral reef.  This is too 
simple to do a detailed analysis of each coin's location, so I won't do that.  
Six of the coins are hidden within the reef itself.  The other two follow schools 
of fish.

-----Ep. 7 - Its Shadow Mario!  After Him!-----

This couldn't be any easier.  Just follow him around, spraying him whenever you 
get the chance.  But watch out, he has learned a few new jumps.

-----Ep. 8 - The Watermelon Festival-----

From the start, take note of the gazebo over on the left side of the beach.  Now 
you must go up to the very top of the hill, where you race Il to, and push the 
watermelon to the gazebo.  Start by gentle pushing it down the trail going toward 
the gazebo.  At some point the watermelon will roll down the hill.  But it will 
not bust unless a Quacker runs into it.  Slide down the hill and push the 
watermelon carefully up the dock until the Pianta says something to you.  The 
Shine Sprite will come up out of the grinder and will rest on the roof of the 

-----Additional Gelato Beach Shine Sprite-----

Up on the level behind the mirrors is a Dune Bud.  If you find the right one, 
water it, and there should be a Shine Sprite in the structure.

(E)  Pinna Park-------------------------------------------------------------------

The entrance to Pinna Park is in the far north-west corner of Delfino Plaza, 
within the cannon.

-----Ep. 1 - Mecha-Bowser Appears-----

From the start, you see Shadow Mario in the park.  Run on into the park and 
follow him to the pool.  A cut-scene follows.  When the cut-scene ends, a Noki 
will speak to you concerning the magnificent performance you are putting on.  
Nice job, eh?

Pinna Park Boss - Mecha-Bowser

You get to ride a roller-coaster on this one.  Mecha-Bowser stays in one place 
during the whole battle, but you have more to worry about than his fiery breath.  
You also have Bullet Bills to contend with.  Just douse them with a little water 
and they're toast.  To defeat Mecha-Bowser you must fire missiles at his head 
when you pass by.  The missiles are just floating on the track and when you run 
into one, you pick it up.  Press R to fire.  When you have a missile and there is 
a Bullet Bill on your butt, you have to waste the missile, but there are plenty 
others.  Also, when you pass Mecha-Bowser by, you've got to whet his appetite, so 
to speak.  Spray into his mouth to extinguish the flames, however, it is not 
important to do so.  Just hit him three times and you'll have quite an 
interesting cut-scene to watch.  Pay attention.  Oh, and notice the logo 
on "Shadow Mario's" Paint Brush?  If you don't, it doesn't matter.  I just 
thought I would point it out.  You might recognize it.

-----Ep. 2 - The Beach Cannon's Secret-----

From the start, head right.  Avoid the Bullet Bills being shot out of the cannon 
and the Mario-Seeking Bullet Bills that follow them.  Once you get too close for 
the mole to shoot Bullet Bills at you, he will chunk Bob-ombs your way.  Douse 
one, pick it up and chunk it back.  Do it three times and you will have access to 
the Beach Cannon's Secret Stage.

Pinna Park Secret Stage #1 - The Beach Cannon's Secret Stage

From the start, jump on over to the Yoshi block.  Obviously, the green blocks 
disappear.  I prefer to go to the left here.  Wait for the first square block to 
appear.  Run out on it and when the L-shaped block appears, get on it.  If you 
time it right, the rectanglular block should be there just long enough to make it 
to the Yoshi block.

Now, when the up-side-down L block appears, get on it and run forward to whatever 
rectangular block is there and hop on over to the gray.

Use the orange platforms to bounce on up to the next gray block.

Here the red platforms dissappear in a row.  Just quickly wet the first block 
when it appears and run and press B to wet-slide to the next gray block.

Now you have to get over red blocks in an L-shape.  You have to time a jump onto 
the first block while it still isn't there.  Wait for the entire line to 
disappear, and when the last block disappears, start counting until it 
reappears.  Use that time to time a jump and get to running.  Once you turn the 
corner, bounce on your stomach with B to go faster.

-----Ep. 3 - Red Coins of the Pirate Ships-----

1.  From the start, head on into the park.  Go up the flight of stairs to easily 
grab the first coin.

2.  Now hop onto the first boat.  Toward the back is the coin.  Wait for it to 
swing high enough for you to get it.

3.  Hop down from the first boat and look to the front of the second boat.  The 
next Red Coin is waiting there.  Climb up the tree next to the coin, jump to the 
boat, and get the coin.

4.  Climb back up the tree, switch to the Hover Nozzle, and Side Somersault 
toward the green grating.  Hover the rest of the distance.  Once you are on the 
grating, Ground Pound the Electro-Koopas on the bottom and then Ground Pound the 
panel.  Get the coin.

5.  Head back to the panel and press A to get back on top.  Side Somersault and 
hover up to the next green grating and get that coin.

6.  Proceed onward to the cage.  Flip up into it and hit the wall panel to get on 
the outside.  Climb up and get the coin.

7.  Go back and flip the first panel you came to and go into the cage beyond.  
Get out of the cage and jump up to the next grating.  Go up the under-side of the 
ramp to get the next coin.  While you're there, you'll want to kick off the 
Electro-Koopas with A.

8.  Go back and jump up to the top-side of the ramp and get the coin at the end.

-----Ep. 4 - The Wilted Sunflowers-----

From the start head over to the cannon.  You will notice several Yoshi eggs 
counting 2's.  Actually, they are turtles sleeping.  The 2's are Z's.  Get it?  
They are eating the sunflowers' roots.  Anyway, squirt a turtle to awaken it.  
Once it is awakened, bait it into to coming to you, which it will most likely do 
anyway.  It will back up quickly and attempt to crush you with its shell.  Move 
out of the way and Ground Pound its soft under-belly.  Do each one this way to 
get the Shine Sprite.

-----Ep. 5 - The Runaway Ferris Wheel-----

From the start head on into the park.  Go around the left side of the Yoshi-Go-
Round and on to the back of the Ferris Wheel.  Jump on the grating.  The green 
grating must be sprayed for it to lay flat, and it will quickly return to it's 
original position.  Switch to the Hover Nozzle and jump and hover over the green 
grating.  Quickly make your way to the next segment of blue grating.  Climb to 
the top and spray the green grating.  Run across the green grating and get on top 
of the cage.  Climb onto the grating in front of you and punch of the Electro-
Koopa.  Go back to the cage, Ground Pound into it, and get on the otherside to 
knock off the other Electro-Koopa.  Continue on to the end of this section of 
blue grating.  You should be on the side with your back to the camera.  Spray the 
green grating so that it runs parallel to what you are currently on.  Climb over 
to the green grating and wait for it to return to it's original position.  Climb 
up the ledge and get on the grating.  Knock off all of the Electro-Koopas.  Here 
you will probably need to just go ahead and fall down to the bottom and climb 
back up.  When you get back to the last green grating you were on, spray it and 
quickly climb up to the next section of blue grating.  Continue on to the end and 
kick up on top of the grating.  Bounce on the rope and kick the large koopa off 
the grating.  Now that you have done that part, you must get to the Shine 
Sprite.  Jump and hover your way onto one of the Ferris Wheel gondolas and ride 
it up top.  This may be very hard to do, but just keep trying, and watch your 
health meter.  If you do run low, spray an Electro-Koopa whenever it throws it's 
shell at you to get four coins.

-----Ep. 6 - The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret-----

From the start make your way on into the park.  You need Yoshi on this one so 
you'll have to find him.  He is behind the big Pianta-shaped tree.  You'll need a 
fruit, right?

Coconut (green ball) - in palm trees surrounding the Pirate Ship pond.

Pineapple - under a gazabo on the Ferris Wheel mountain.

Banana - small green trail on the opposite side of the Pirate Ship pond from 
where you start.

Papaya (yellow, pear-shaped thing) - on the Pianta-shaped tree or on the far-side 
of the large shallow pool.

After you have hatched the egg, you'll need Yoshi to be orange, so give him a 
papaya.  Once you have him oranged, head over to the Yoshi-Go-Round and walk into 
the spot where the missing Yoshi should be.

Pinna Park Secret Stage #2 - The Yoshi-Go-Round Secret Stage

Ha!  Look at this.  Dread this.  Wish you never have to do anything like this 
again.  Just kidding.  It isn't that hard.

From the start, just run out onto the blocks.  Some require you to jump to get 
over it.  Just try to stay on top and make your way to the orange block.

Widen your camera angle out.  You need to keep moving here.  Don't stay on any 
block, other than a blue ones for long, because you can't stay on them when they 
go under the arches.  Only the blue blocks have enough space for that.  Keep 
running and jump from block to block to get to the other side.  Like I said, only 
take a break on a blue block.

Once you make it to the orange block, ride the next block over to the others.  
This block will disappear, so be quick to get off of it.

Forget Side Somersaults for now.  Just wait for the moving orange block to get 
close, run and jump for it.  Jump on over to the next stationary blocks.

Here, you'll have to see how well you can wall-jump.

This next moving block can be a pain.  You have to time a run and a jump with the 
block's movement.  Don't jump until it reaches it's lowest point.

Again, you must time a jump with the block's movement into it's highest point.  
Once you've done this, grab the Shine Sprite.

-----Ep. 7 - Shadow Mario in the Park-----

Once again, this is a simple chase around the park for an easy little Shine 

-----Ep. 8 - Roller Coaster Balloons-----

From the start, into the park, and up the trail next to the Pianta-shaped tree 
you must go.  Find the bridge.  Cross it, and speak with the Noki with the green 
inner-tube around it's neck.  He will say that the roller coaster is now 
operating and that you can compete in a balloon busting contest.  You have three 
laps to bust all twenty balloons.  I don't have much advice to give you other 
than to try to hit multiple targets with one missile.  When two balloons are 
stacked vertically, aim between them to hit them both.  Some balloons will be in 
rows of three.  Try to hit all of these when you are on line with  them.  It may 
take a few tries, but you'll get it.  The most annoying part about this is every 
time you fail, you lose a life and have to jump back into the cannon and all of 
that other bull.  Press start and exit the area before you complete your last 
lap, that is if you fail.  But don't get discouraged.  Good luck!

(F)  Sirena Beach-----------------------------------------------------------------

-----Ep. 1 - The Manta Storm-----

From the start, cleaning the area would be a wise idea.  After you've cleared up 
most of the mess, speak with the inn-keeper standing near the empty square with a 
moat around it.  Then the Electric-Light Manta will come.

Sirena Beach Sub-Boss - The Electric-Light Manta

Everywhere the manta moves, it will leave a trail of electric goop.  Once you 
spray it, it will split in two.  Each of these halves will then split, and so on, 
and so forth.  Once you split every piece down to a very small size, you will be 
required to spray each small manta to destroy it.  If you feel that you need a 
breather, get under one of the umbrellas.  The manta will be forced to move on 
top of it.

-----Ep. 2 - The Hotel Lobby's Secret-----

-----Ep. 3 - Mysterious Hotel Delfino-----

-----Ep. 4 - The Secret of Casino Delfino-----

-----Ep. 5 - King Boo Down Below-----

-----Ep. 6 - Scrubbing Sirena Beach-----

-----Ep. 7 - Shadow Mario Checks In-----

-----Ep. 8 - Red Coins in the Hotel-----

(G)  Noki Bay---------------------------------------------------------------------

-----Ep. 1 - Uncork the Waterfall-----

-----Ep. 2 - The Boss of Tricky Ruins-----

-----Ep. 3 - Red Coins in a Bottle-----

-----Ep. 4 - Eely-Mouth's Dentist-----

-----Ep. 5 - Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim-----

-----Ep. 6 - The Shell's Secret-----

-----Ep. 7 - Hold It, Shadow Mario!-----

-----Ep. 8 - The Red Coin Fish-----

-----Additional Noki Bay Shine Sprite-----

(H)  Pianta Village---------------------------------------------------------------

-----Ep. 1 - Chain Chomplets Unchained-----

-----Ep. 2 - Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb-----

-----Ep. 3 - The Goopy Inferno-----

-----Ep. 4 - Chain Chomp's Bath-----

-----Ep. 5 - Secret of the Village Underside-----

-----Ep. 6 - Piantas in Need-----

-----Ep. 7 - Shadow Mario Runs Wild-----

-----Ep. 8 - Fluff Festival Coin Hunt-----

-----Additional Pianta Village Shine Sprite-----

(I)  Corona Mountain--------------------------------------------------------------

-----Father and Son Shine-----

(J)  Other Shine Sprites----------------------------------------------------------

Within each stage, including Delfino Plaza, there is an extra Shine Sprite you 
can get by collecting 100 coins.

Within each Secret Stage there is a secondary Shine Sprite you can get by 
collecting eight Red Coins within a given time limit.

IV.  My Tips

The following tips can be found on @  These are included in the guide 
for your well-being.  :)  They may cover things not included in the walkthrough 

Sunny Shine Sprite - Go into Pianta Village Episode 8 and climb up to the top of 
	wooden platform on the tall tree in the middle of the village. Look p to 
the sun and
	spray it to reveal a Shine Sprite.

Faster Belly Slide - To do a faster belly slide, squirt the ground in front of 
you, then press B                                       	to slide over it 
and you will continue to lide until you choose to stop.

100-Coin Shine Sprites - In each level, including Delphino Plaza, you can get a 
Shine Sprite by 	collecting 100 yelloe coins within the stage.

Travel Quicker - In some cases, you must travel quicker to reach a place or item 
within a time 	limit. To do this, just press B to hop along the ground, which is 
much faster than 	just running.

Dune Buds - In Gelato Beach, the small sprigs in the sand are Dune Buds. Water 
them and a 	sand structure will appear, possibly revealing coins or other 

Extra Red Coin Shine Sprites - In each stage there are secret stages that you 
must enter to 	complete an Episode, such as in Bianco Hills, the Hillside Cave 
Secret. After you 	complete the Episode, you can reenter the secret stage to 
find eight Red  Coins in a 	certain time limit.

Plaza/Airstrip 100-Coin Shine Sprite - You can collect the 100 coins needed for a 
Delfino 	Plaza's Shine Sprite on the Airstrip. It counts either way, and 
is also easier to collect 	at the Airstrip.

Blue Coin Signs - Hidden in each level are different signs with another 
corresponding sign. 	Spray the sign and a Blue Coin will appear out of its 
corresponding sign. The Blue 	Coin will only stay for a short time, so be quick.

Tip for Getting 100-Coin Shine Sprites - If you are having trouble finding 100 
coins to get the 	Shine Sprite, spray the ground all over the stage to 
uncover coins.

Wiggling Yellow Gunk - In Delfino Plaza, a Blue Coin is trapped in a small cubby 
hole by 	wiggling yellow gunk that hurts Mario when he touches it. To 
dispel the substance, 	squirt it with Yoshi juice.

V.  Legalities
This guide is Copyright © 2002 Steven Ballard.  All rights reserverd.  Nintendo, 
Mario, and all other Nintendo-related names and likenesses are Copyright © 2002  
Nintendo of America, Inc.  All rights reserved. web-site design 
and layout are Copyright © 1996-2002 LLC.  All rights reserved.

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