Super Smash Brothers

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"Super Smash Advice" Guide for Super Smash Brothers

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Advice 1:Do you know why each character is equally powered? Well here is all the 
strong and weak things about each person.
          Mario: Skillful yet weak in defence.
          DK: Strong yet slow.
          Link: Quick but weak in strength.
          Samus: Powerful yet hard to control.
          Yoshi: Fast yet powerless.
          Kirby: Strong but weak in defence.
          Fox: Fast yet weak in strength.
          Picachu: Strong yet weak in defence.
         *C. Falcon: Very Strong and fast yet weak in defence.
         *Jigglypuff: Strong yet weak in defence and speed.
         *Luigi: Strong yet slow.
         *Ness: Strong but hard to control.

Advice 2: To get Mushroom Kingdom you must either be in 100 VS battles or beat the 
game with everybody except the secret characters.

Advice 3: To get C. Falcon get Speed King or Demon and defeat him in Samus' Level.

Advice 4: To get Jigglypuff beat the game with anybody on any difficulty.

Advice 5: To get Luigi go to the board the platforms practice and beat all of them 
except the secret characters.
Advice 6: To get Ness beat the game on Normal with 3 lives without using any 

Advice 7: You can't get Metal Mario, Giant DK, or Master Hand without Gameshark 
Version 3.0 or higher.

Advice 8: You can't get Raichu period.

Advice 9: The items are: Homerun Bat, Laser Sword, Maximum Tomato, Heart, Pokeball, 
Bomb-om, Motion Sencor Bomb, Red Shell, Green Shell, Star Rod, Raygun, Star, Hammer, 
and Fire Flower.

If you have any questions e-mail me at Razor12271570780.

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