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               Super Smashers (And friends) by Cheato the Hedgehog
1."Hi, I'm CtH"
2.Character Intros (Some coming soon)
3.Character Moves (Coming Soon)
4.Super Smash Club (Coming Soon)

                               1."Hi, I'm CtH"
 Okay, I'm gonna tell you this ONCE! I'm Cheato the Hedgehog. Now's the time when 
you sit down and say, "Hmm... I wonder how he got that name" because I'm not gonna 
tell you. No bull s**t in my publications.
                              2.Character Intros
(These are original, so don't e-mail me and tell me these aren't.)

 Name: Mario
 1st game: Donkey Kong(Arcade)
 1st game with his name: Mario Bros.(Arcade?)
 Friends/Family/Foes:Pauline(Old GF), Princess Daisy(Old GF),Princess Toadstool 
Peach(Current GF), Toads(Peach's Atenndants)./Luigi(Brother),Wario(Cousin?),Waluigi
(Cousin?)/D.K(Old Enimy),Bowser(Total Evil),Bowsers Children(Bratty Evil),Wario
(Family,but evil),Waluigi(See Wario)

 Name: Donkey Kong
 1st game: Donkey Kong(Arcade)
 1st game as a hero: Donkey Kong Country(NES?,GBA)
 F/F/F:None/Diddy Kong(Nephew), Cranky Kong(Grandpa), anyone else with the last 
name Kong, K.Rool(Crocodile), K.Rool's Minions(Annoying), Mario(On/Off)

 Name: Link
 1st game: The Legend of Zelda (NES)
 1st game as Adult Link: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time(N64,GCN)
evil than Bowser)

 Name: Samus Aran
 1st game: Metroid (NES)
 1st 1st person game: Metroid Prime (GCN)
 F/F/F: Never played Metroid, info comin soon,sry.(Dunno)

 Name: Yoshi
 1st game: Super Mario World? (SNES)
 1st Cameo game: Super Mario 64(N64)
 F/F/F:Mario and Luigi(Er..umm...), Peach(Owner?), Birdo(Don't wanna know)/Other 
Yoshis/Any friends enemy (Except themself)

 Name: Kirby
 1st game: Dunno
 Weirdest,least Kirbyish game: Kirby64(N64)

 Name: Fox McCloud
 1st game: Star Fox(SNES)

 Name: Pikachu
 1st game: Pokemon Red/Blue (GB)
 1st Main Character game: Pokemon Yellow (GB)
 F/F/F:All PkMn,Ash(Yellow(owner))/other Pikachu(duh)/dunno

 Ness, Luigi, Captain Falcon, and Jiggilypuff coming soon

                  3. Character Moves(Coming Soon)

                 4. S.S.C. (Coming Soon)
 In the S.S.C., your name (if you wish) will be posted if you A. Fill in some 
Dunnos, B. Add new info/correct info I have, or C. Give me char topics/answers from 
HELP!!!(Currently Fox). My E-mail adress (which you can reach me at any time at) is 
[email protected] NOTE: Unless for some reason, theres something wrong you told me, I 
will NOT post you up, UNLESS you put at the bottom of the E-mail "Post me up, even 
if what I give you is bull s**t."

(C)2004 Cheato the Hedgehog. Never copy this, because Cheato will know!!!


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