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Just another thing that's new to Madden 2006 is the Superstar mode... where you 
create a player and take him through the N.F.L draft and hopefully, if you're good 
enough, to Fame and Fortune. In this basic faq/walkthrough I'll just tell you how to 
accomplish and insert your player into greatness.

Chapter One: Customizing your Superstar.

After entering Superstar mode you have a choice of Parents. You may change them 
until you like what your position is. Most people will probably be a Qb or Rb, but 
my first super star was an ILB :)

Anyway, after you chose your parents, hopefully you're happy and sure they're going 
to be your parents, because you can't change them after that point. You should be 
prompted with your name, number, and position on a chart. Fill them out and then 
begin your first Season!

Chapter Two: Your first Pre-Season.

Now once you've completed the building blocks of your superstar you'll be in your 
first home! Well, apartment, but still... First, check your cell phone, and listen 
to the guy. Then, go to ' My Schedule ' and look for your first meeting, ' Mentor 
Meeting'. Chose wisely what you say in any interviews, for they affect your 
personality and popularity and even maybe even exposure. After your first mentor 
meeting, you'll probably have an interview with the press, depending on your 
background. A few days later you'll have to sign an agent. Sign someone with good 

Chapter Three: Your I.Q. Test.

Depending on how you score on your I.Q. test, teams will look at you differently. 
Score low, and you'll be drafted in a later round, no matter how good your 
background is. Score averagely, and be drafter in an average, fair round. Score 
highly and your chances of an early pick are boosted. After the draft, you'll be 
interviewed several times. Chose wisely, endorsement companies look for certain 
personalities. Don't talk about your self, talk about the team and trying your best.

Chapter Four: Rookie to Superstar.

This is the final chapter, and I'll cover most of the things. Training camps are 
good for boosting your stats. I highly recommend you don't simulate these, for 
they're how you prepare for your first, or any season. Don't simulate more than 
several days either, you may be prompted for a role in a movie! Now, after you're 
playing well into the first weeks of the real season, you can concentrate on playing 
well. If you're a Quarterback, try not to throw too many interceptions, as it will 
damper your expectations and popularity. Well, skipping several months... After the 
seasons over, depending on how well you did, you'll be able to participate in Ea's 
Madden Bowl. It may be tough at some times, if you're facing a strong team. Or if 
you're a cheeser. Win this and you'll definitely see a spike, large or small, in 
your popularity. Another great way is winning important games. E.g.: Play off's, 
Super bowl, Pro Bowl. Also, winning rookie of the year or player of the year boosts 
it as well. After you've made several thousand dollars you'll move into a loft. 
Bigger and more aesthetically charming, the loft will be your new home until you 
make your first million. From there you move into a mansion. That's basically all; 
if you have any questions, like always, contact me Via [email protected], poopo4u 
(Y.i.m.) or [email protected] (Msn). Please, don't Spam, flame, or forward 
any junk to me, for I don't appreciate that. I enjoy helping you if I can, but 
that's just rude.

Also. Please, if it's an email not from member contact, make the 
Title of your Email Madden NFL 2006 help. Or it'll probably be deleted. Or, if 
you're looking for help in other games. Make the title the name of the game you need 
help with. Peace, for now. * Chapter Two of this probably coming soon with more 
advanced/descriptive information on Super Star Mode. *

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