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(Tony Hawk’s Underground)
(Frequently Asked Questions, submitted to me by people!)
For Game Boy Advanced:

How do You Delete a Game?-Void

It’s very simple, actually. Just Press START, then scroll to OPTIONS then click on DELETE GAME and select 
a game. (It does not have to be your active one) 

How do you do the trick, Pop Shove It? My pal keeps showin’ me on his G.C. and I have a G.B.A! -Wireless

Oh, good! I have a Game Boy Advanced, too! I can see how it would be hard, because Game Cubes are 
very different from Game Boy Advanced.
When your in the air, to the walk, (street) Or on the go, just press L+UP. 

I have no idea how to get the thing I need in the restricted part of the New Jersey Level! -Quester 

You have to talk with the people who own the place- otherwise you can’t skate there. They’re usually 
‘round the yard or the neighbor’s house, but sometimes workers wander around the Radioactivity center. 
(Around Upper Channels and Yard). But, sometimes they’re a little hard to find. So for now, just Walk in 
the center. You can walk, but can’t skate. To walk, hold DOWN to break or press B and immediately A+A. 
To go, press A. To continue Skating, press B.

How do I earn more cash? -Unknown

There are contests at the end of each level. Pay a fee to enter them. If you don’t have any Bucks,  just 
play H.O.R.S.E games. They’re always free and open once you discover them!

How do you Unlock players?- CoolDude545

Earn more points and check your stats. Eventually, you’ll unlock cheats and players.

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