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Hi! This is an FAQ about all Tails levels and bosses. I hope you enjoy!

Tails' Story
Boss 1.Egg Hornet
1.Windy Vally
Boss 2.Chaos 4
4.Sky Deck
Boss 3.E-102 "Gamma"
5.Speed Highway
Boss 4.Egg Walker

Tails' Story
Tails was testing out his new plane, but he crashed. So Sonic came to save him. 
they walked back to the hotel, Sonic asked Tails why he crashed. Tails said he 
testing out his new plane. And he found a new power supply. It's... A CHAOS 
Sonic and Tails go out to go find the emeralds before Eggman does, because he 
to try and get them, too. But it isn't for any old reason. It's so he can give 
to his creatuer, Chaos, and if Chaos has all 7 emeralds, he could beat Sonic! 
So the 
mission in most levels is "Get the Chaos Emerald before Sonic".

Boss 1.Egg Hornet
To get to him, in the Mystic Ruins, go up a flight of stairs. This guy isn't 
When he shoots out his missles, be sure to dodge them, and when you hear him 
say, "ALL SYSTEMS, FULL POWER", make sure he dosen't hit you when he comes down 
looks like he is digging into the ground. But while he is down, jump on the 
front of 
him. Reapeat this 2 more times(what do you expect from the first boss, 5 

1.Windy Vally
To get to this level, go in the front of Tails' Workshop, grab the green ovel 
key, and go down to the lake, not the ocean, the lake. Go to the right of the 
and you will see a cave. Inside, you will see a lot of wind. To the left of the 
wind, put down the key. If it says the key is floating, go on the wind. It will 
you to Windy Vally. To do this level, you have to race Sonic to an emerald. 
When you 
get to a part where it looks like you would fall and lose a life if you kept 
and you see a lot of winds blowing, just keep going forward and it will take 
you to 
the next part of the level.

To get to this level, after Windy Vally, take the train to Station Square. Go 
to the 
casino area. Go to the building that says "CASINO" at the top, fly just above 
letters, and press the button. The doors will open. Go into the casino and the 
will start. Near the end, there are some pairs of spikes that are spinning 
Hey, Sonic can't fly over 'em, but you sure can!

To get to this level, after doing Casinopolis, go in the ally in the casino 
and there will be a key that looks like the one for Windy Vally, but it is 
Take it to the Mystic Ruins. When you get there, some rocks will fall, making a 
cave. Go in the cave and keep going forward until you get to an icey looking 
Put the key down next to it. The door will open in a couple of seconds. Go in 
door and keep going forward. Jump over the water, climb the ladder, and Icecap 
started! This level is completely snowboarding so there isn't anything I need 
tell you.

Boss 2.Chaos 4
After Icecap, go to the lake. First you have to beat Knuckles, but that's easy. 
Chaos 4 is a little harder, but not very hard. Dodge all of his attacks, and 
when he 
comes up, jump on him. Repeat this 4 more times. But sometimes when he comes 
up, he 
is just using an attack. So if he comes up and turns into 4 balls, don't jump 
on him!

4.Sky Deck
To get to this level, on the Egg Carrier, keep going forward, and when you hear 
Tails say "So, this must be the Sky Deck, huh?" go into the hole in a wall, and 
Deck will start! In this level, when you get to a part where you have to climb 
across a thing to get to the next part, you can just fly!

Boss 3.E-102 "Gamma"
This isn't really like a boss. You just have to hit him 3 times, and it is 
over. At 
the top, it says how many more times you need to hit him. When it gets to 0, 
have beaten him, and can play as him!

5.Speed Highway
In this one, instead of racing Sonic to a Chaos Emerald, you have to race 
Eggman to 
the missle he launched. When you see a thing floating in the air that is green 
black that you might have seen in other levels, fly throuh it, and it will make 
go faster. In this one, when you see at the bottom of the screen that it looks 
you are at the end, keep going forward, and it will say "You Win!".

Boss 4.Egg Walker
To beat him, when he shoots out missles, dodge the attack(of course). When he 
an earthquake with his foot(or feet) hit the foot(or feet) that he attacked 
The middle will fall down. Jump on the middle. He will lose health. Repeat 4 
times, and you've done it!

After you beat Egg Walker, you can be Tails in Mission Mode! In that, you 
little cards, and they have hints on them(some just pretty much say the 
One I can't figure out says:'I hate this dark and filthy place!' Can you find 
it? I 
think it's a sewer. Well, good luck passing mission mode!

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