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MGS2: Metal Gear Solid 2
Sons of Liberty Walkthrough
Tanker Walkthrough
(The Walkthrough will be listed as this: Items, Difficulty, Guards and CCTV.

Starting Weapons: M9 Tranquiliser Gun, Magazines (Empty)
Starting Items: Cigs, AP Sensor, Camera 

Tanker Walkthrough
Aft Deck

Items: Rationsx2, Pentazemin, Bandagesx2, Chaff Grenade, 3 Guards

Difficulty: Very Easy-Extreme

Deck-A Crew�s Quarters

1 Guard, M9 Bullets and 1 Ration

Guard and M9 Bullets: V.Easy- Extreme
Ration: V.Easy-Hard

Deck-A Crew�s Lounge

M9 and USP Bullets, Ration, Stun Grenade and 3 Guards

M9 Bullets, Guard 1 and 3: V.Easy-Extreme
Guard 2: Easy - Extreme
USP Bullets, Stun Grenade and Ration

Deck-B Crew�s Quarters

2 Guards, M9 and USP Bullets and Ration

Guard 1: V.Easy-Extreme
Guard 2: Normal-Extreme
M9 and USP Bullets: V.Easy-Extreme
Ration: V.Easy-Hard

Deck-C 	Crew�s Quarters

Ration, Chaff Grenade and Surveillance Camera
(Blind Spot directly underneath Camera)
Ration: V.Easy-Normal
Camera: V.Easy-Extreme
Chaff Grenade: V.Easy-Extreme

Deck-D Crew�s Quarters

3 Guards, 1 Camera, 2 M9 Bullets, 2 USP Bullets
Cardboard Box 1 and Ration

M9, USP Bullets, C Box 1, Camera and Guard 2: V.Easy-Extreme
Ration: V.Easy-Hard
Guard 1: Normal-Extreme
Guard 3: Hard-Extreme
There are IR Sensors between the walls
Call Otacon (141.12)

Deck-E The Bridge

USP Bullets and Ration

USP Bullets: V.Easy-Extreme
Ration: V.Easy-Easy

Boss: Olga Gurlukovich

Olga�s Weapons:
USP 9mm, Grenades
Recommended Weapon:
Useful Items: Rations

Hint: Watch Out for the Tarpaulin and Floodlight
Try to shoot out the floodlight before Olga can use it to Blind you
Blow away the Tarpaulin by shooting the corners before she can use it to obscure your view (Hold R1 for better aim).

You will automatically acquire the USP from Olga
(BEWARE: The USP does not have a Silencer)
A Ration is nearby, Wet C Box and Thermal Goggles
(The Thermal Goggles are up the top of the Ladder)

Back in to Deck E
(All Items from Deck E, D, C, B and A are in the same place as before if playing Very Easy)

Engine Room (Part A)

6 Guards (4 Guards on V.Easy)
USP Bullets
M9 Bullets
1 Frag Grenade

Guard 1, 3, 4 and 5, USP Bullets, M9 Bullets and Grenade: V.Easy
Guard 2: Easy-Extreme
Ration: V.Easy-Hard
Guard 6: Normal-Extreme

Engine Room (Part B)
IR Sensors and Semtex

The first set of sensors don�t work but make sure you shoot the flour bag with the M9
And use the Thermal Goggles, The number of control boxes increase with each difficulty level.
Example: 1 Control Box for Very Easy�

Deck-2 Port

5 USP Bullets
3 Guards

3 Guards and USP Bullets: V.Easy-Extreme
Ration: Easy-Extreme

The Thermal Goggles will be useful here.

Deck-2 StarBoard

2 USP Bullets
M9 Bullets

USP and M9 Bullets: V.Easy-Extreme
Ration: V.Easy-Hard

Hold No.1

(You have 15 minutes to get to Metal Gear) (On Very Easy)
There are 61 Guards in the Hold
Use the CardBoard Box 1
Go through the Left Door

No point using Weapons

Hold No.2

64 Guards
From time to time the projector will switch to the next screen
And the Commander will stop and the time will freeze to do stretches

Hold No.3

Take 4 pictures:
1.	One Shot of the Left
2.	One Shot of the Right
3.	One Shot of the Front
4.	One Shot of the Marine Corps Marking
Then Upload the Shots on the Computer
Commander Scott Dolph then finishes the Speech the Ocelot Intervenes�? 

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