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Name of item          Ingredient(s)

Life Shroom           Strange Leaf+ Super Shroom or Koopa Leaf+ Volt Shroom 
Yummy Meal            Fire Flower+ Ultra Shroom
Sleepy Sheep          Yellow Berry+ Strange Leaf or Koopa Leaf+ Goomnut
Healthy Juice         Special Shake+ Strange Leaf
Bland Meal            Koopa Leaf+ any Berry
Koopa Tea             Koopa Leaf
Super Soda            Koopa Leaf+Coconut or Honey Syrup
Spaghetti             Dried Pasta
Kooky Cookie          Koopa Leaf+ Cake Mix
Egg Missle            Egg+ Fire Flower
Big Cookie            Cake Mix+ any Berry
Fried Egg             Egg
Thunder Rage          Dried Fruit+ Volt Shroom 
Electro Pop           Cake Mix+ volt Shroom
Fire Pop              Cake Mix+ Fire Flower
Tasty Tonic           Lemon or Lime
Coco Pop              Cake Mix+ Coconut
Dizzy Dial            Strange Leaf
Lemon Candy           Cake Mix+ Lemon
Spicy Soup            Fire Flower
Jelly Pop             Cake Mix+ Jammin Jelly
Apple Pie             Apple+ Cake Mix
Frozen Fries          Iced Potato+ Fire Flower
Honey Shroom          Honey Syrup+ Mushroom
Strange Cake          Cake Mix+ Strange Leaf
Maple Shroom          Maple Syrup+ Mushroom
Nutty Cake            Cake Mix
Jelly Shroom          Jammin Jelly+ Mushroom
Yoshi Cookie          Cake Mix+ Melon
Honey Super           Honey Syrup+ Super Shroom
Maple Super           Maple Syrup+ Super Shroom
Jelly Ultra           Jammin Jelly+ Ultra Shroom
Honey Ultra           Honey Syrup+ Ultra Shroom
Deluxe Feast          Whacka's Bump+ Strange Leaf
Maple Ultra           Maple Syrup+ Ultra Shroom

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