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Temple 7: City in the Sky bosses****

Mid-boss: Aeralfoes Difficulty: ***
------------------- -----------
As always, u step into a room that is quiet...too quiet. Something zooms behind 
u, then approaches u from the front. he may look funny, but this is a foe 2 be 
aware of. This is the Aeralfoes! Start with taking out ur clawshot-his shield 
looks just like a clawshot medalion! when hes about 2 charge at u, he holds up 
his shield. this is ur chance 2 fire the clawshot! the clawshot grabs onto him 
and u give him a few slashes. if u want, use a sield attack and then a helm 
splitter 2 get rid of his helmit! after some slashes he takes off 4 the skies 
again. folow the same tecnique as before. after u hit him this time, he will 
fly out of the room through one of the windows. Be careful at choosing which 
one he comes out of! its always randome. when u hear wings beating rapidly, 
urry up and clawshot his shield again. a few slashes later, Aeralfoes falls. a 
secret passage opens, and u clawshot up to it. inside is another clawshot-
making your weapon a double clawshot!! double clawshot ur way out of this room.

Big boss: Twilit Dragon Argarok Difficulty: ****
------------------------------- -----------
this is my favorite boss personally. at the top of the city, a dragon swoops 
down at u. he just missed u! this is Argarok, and hes ready 2 fight. clawshot 
onto one of the pillars, from 1 pillar to the next. Argarok gets curiouse, so 
he begins 2 follow u. when u get 2 the top of a pillar, clawshot onto his tail 
and quickly put on ur iron boots 2 bring down the dragon. clawshot back 2 the 
tower and repeat this 2 more times. after that, half of his armor falls off and 
u see a crystal on his back. thats his weak spot! all of the armor flies off of 
him, and it starts 2 rain. this brings out the peahats, the flying plant things 
u clawshot onto. clawshot back up the pillar and then clawshot onto a Peahat. 
watchout-Argarok begins to shoot fire at u! clawshot from peahat 2 peahat, 
until argarok gets exhausted. clawshot onto his back and give him a few stabs 
from ur sword!he throws u off of him, and u have 2 climb the tower again. 
repeat this 1 more time. the final time u do this while swinging on the 
peahats, argarok's brain gets bigger and he turns around and blasts fire right 
in ur direction! quickly turn around and clawshot on the peahat thats behind u. 
then he will get exhausted again and clawshot onto his back for the final time 
and give him some last sword strikes.Argarok begins 2 scream and then he 
explodes, revealing the last mirror shard piece and another heart container! 
now it's off to the mirror chamber to get to the palace of twilight.

Temple 8 Palace of Twilight bosses****

Mid-bosses: Phantom Zants Difficulty: ***
------------------------- -----------
I put mid-bosses because u fight phantom Zant twice. good news:hes easy both 
times! ROUND 1: Phantom Zant appears and he sends a ball of Twilight into the 
sky, making millions of twilit keeses (the bat things) defeat them all, then 
phantom zant will start 2 make another ball. this is ur chance 2 hit him! after 
a while, he will teleport somewhere else and make another ball. defeat the 
enemies that come out then hit zant with one last row of hits (depending on if 
u used a jump attack) he will explode into millions of black fog pieces, so 
steer clear. hit the giant hand thats coming out of the ground and itll let go 
of a ball. this is called a sol. midna explains that its like the sun.carry the 
sol back 2 the place where u entered, while avoiding the hand that was holfing 
it.he will try and take it away from u. ROUND 2: PZ(phantom zant)is back and 
hes got a new trick up his sleve. first, he sends out a bunch of twilit baba 
serphants. defeat at least half of them, then the rest will dissapear. PZ ill 
begin teleporting all over the place. My strategy is just stand in the middle 
and wait until he comes 2 u. chasing him around wont do any goo. Sometimes, he 
will begin 2 make a ball of energy, then teleport somewere else. just stick 
with my plan and dont go chasing him! after u beat him again, he will explode 
into another cloud of twilight. get the sol again and return 2 the place where 
u began,while avoiding the hand again, and u will get the master sword of 
light! this will kill almost any twilight enemy in one shot! however, it only 
works in the Palace of Twilight. 

Big boss: Usurper King Zant Difficulty: ****
--------------------------- ----------------
  Ok, this is a long explanation, but im almost done so i'll make this as fast 
as i can. first, u fight Zant in the place where u fought Diababa, the first 
boss. fire the gale boomerang at him, then give him 2 sets of slashing.
  Zant then takes u 2 where u fought Dangoro, the midboss for Goron Mines. He 
begins jumping and tilting the stage, so run up 2 him so he dissapears. u might 
want 2 wear the iron boots 4 safety. keep on running 2 him until he starts 
shooting fire balls at u. when hes done, he needs 2 take a breather, so give 
him a slash or 4. repeat this 1 more time.
  Put on ur zora armor and iron boots, cuz now ur in the lair of Morpheel. a 
giant zant head comes out of the ground, and it opens 2 reveal zant inside. 
wait until he stops shooting fire balls at u, then clawshot him out of the head 
and start giving hi a few slashes. he appears in the zant head again, and the 
head sinks. now, 4 zant heads come out of the ground. only 1 random head has 
zant in it. if u catch up with him, begin slashing him.
  Take off the iron boots and zora armor. U are now in Ook's room. use the same 
tecnique u used for beating the mad monkey: slam into the tiki poles twice. 
this makes zant fall, so slash him now. repeat this 1-2 more times.
  You're probably getting dizzy now, but this is the 2nd-to-last place. u find 
yourself in Blizzeta's room. Zant made himself grow, and u have 2 dodge him. 
when he falls, take out the ball-and-chain and smash his foot. If u hit him, he 
will shrink to a size smaller than u! give him some hits from ur sword, then 
use the same tecnique when he grows again. do this 1 or 2 more times.
  The final place Zant takes u is outside Hyrule castle town, where zant turns 
his hands into blades! get ready 2 block and do some counter attacks like 
crazy! keep on hitting zant like crazy, too. when he starts spinning, give him 
a spin attack of your own! he will stop, then take some deep breaths. time to 
hit him! when zant finally falls, u appear back in the throne room, where Midna 
gets the fused shadows back and kills zant!!! lol, i love that part. zant blows 
up, revealing the last heart container. if u got all the heart pieces, this 
should be your last heart. congratz!

Final temple: Hyrule castle Bosses*****

Boss 1: Ganon's Puppet Zelda Difficulty: ****
---------------------------- -----------
Ganondorf possesed zelda and now u have 2 beat her up. If u played ocarina and 
beat Ganondorf, u know how 2 fight Puppet Zelda. Just hit back lightning balls 
she shoots at u 3 times with your sword. if she makes a triforce on the ground, 
run away cuz it really hurts u. Also watch out for her sword swipe move.

Boss 2: Dark Beast Ganon Difficulty: *****
------------------------ -----------
This is Ganondorf's beast self. to beat him, u have 2 shoot an arrow at the 
crystal on his head. then get out of his way because hes gonna slide across the 
ground and slam you. then hit the hole thats on his stomach. do this about 1 or 
2 more times. when the arrows stop working, transform into a wolf and when 
ganon charges at u hold down a, then pres either left or right on the control 
stick.turn back 2 human and hit him one last time!

Boss 3: Dark Rider Ganondorf Difficulty: ****
---------------------------- -----------
this is Ganondorf riding his evil horse.his only attack is calling upon phantom 
riders, which just ram into u. U r riding epona, and Zelda has 2 fire arrows at 
Ganondorf. That just stuns him, then u have 2 hit him with a spin attack. Do 
this up to 3-4 times. if u fall off of epona then quickly get back on.

**FINAL BOSS: Dark Lord Ganondorf** Difficulty: *****
----------------------------------- -----------
The grand finale is you fighting Ganondorf in combat! If u bought magic armor, 
now is the best time 2 put it on. That way, u lose rupees instead of hearts! If 
u are far enough, ganondorf will charge at u while raising his sword. press A 
to lock swords, then keep on pressing A until he lets go, then give him some 
sword slashes. OR, you can use the *Easter Egg*: take out your fishing rod, and 
Ganondorf, being thick-headed, will GET DISTRACTED by it! hahahaha!! just take 
out your rod and wave it in his face, then slash him a few times. repeat either 
of these 2 more times, the ganondorf will fall, allowing u 2 use the finisher 
on him. u must do it quickly, though, or he will get back up and u have 2 do it 
all over again. If u use the finisher, u just killed Ganondorf and beat the 
game. Congradulations!!!

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