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The 3 Regis : How to Get Them
By:Pokemon #1 Fan
Whats needed: 
1) A Pokemon with Dive, surf, dig, flash, and/or Rock smash
2) Wailord and Relicanth
3) Lots of Ultra balls and/or Timer Balls

First of all, you need to unlock the three tombs that lead to Regirock, Registeel, 
and Regice. To do that, you need to have a Wailord (evolve from Wailmer) in the 
back and Relicanth (at bottom of ocean) in front.

Okay, so go to Pacifidlog Town and go to the very bottom left of the whole town, 
which is on a log. now surf to the Ocean Currents and keep going. You will lock 
eyes with a trainer and have to battle him. Next, left and again go to the Very 
bottom left of that place and surf. If the trainers see you battle them. If not 
keep going to the left. Yes there will be a max revive, but go to the verry left 
and go to the top corner place (this is confusing so to make more sense, go one 
space from the top of the vertical boulder that has a rock to the right of it). 
Then go all the way to the left and two spaces down and surf. Now dive down.

Keep going down and read the braile and go up exactly where the braile is. Now go 
up to the top where the Wall Braile is and read it. Dig there and go inside. Once 
in there there should be 4 rows of brail. The first is only one block of brail. The 
second, third, and fourth all have to. Go to the second row and read the left one, 
then right. Then go down and repeat. Then go down and repeat again. Then go to the 
top one and read it then there should be a series of sounds and the three tombs 
will be unlocked.

                             Now for the Regi Tombs.

Regirock - Regirock is in the Dessert near Mauville City. Go into the dessert from 
the bottom, go to the left, and then bottom and there should be a tomb. To breack 
the rock, read the braile, then go down two steps and then left two steps and use 
rock smash.

Registeel - Registeel is to the left of Lilycove City. In the tomb go to the Middle 
and use Flash.

Regice - Regice is in a Tomb to the left of the middle of Route 104 and Dewford 
Town's Ocean. To break the rock you have to run around the Whole places side. Run a 
lap around the edges.

                    I hope you enjoyed this Faq!!!!!!!!!!!!

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