The All Time Best Pokemon Team - Guide for Pokemon: FireRed

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  This is the best pokemon team for FireRed. Personally I love dragon and fire 
pokemon. So I made this team on my game and it is unstopable. And it does'nt 
even have a single legendary. 

 First, you must start with carmander and level it up to 36. Then it will 
evolve into charzard. Personally it is my favorite, becuase it is strong, it 
can fly, and can learn a lot of attacks.
Second, get dragonite's smallest form and evolve it into a dragonite. I choose 
it because it has a lot of power and has no weakness.
For your third pokemon get a snorlax. It is a very srong pokemon, and it has 
great defense.  

Next, get a lapus. It is a great pokemon, and it gives your team a veriety of 
Next, this has always been one of my favorites. Growlith and train it to about 
level 40. Then give a fire stone. It will then evolve into a Acanine. This 
pokemon is very fast and is strong.

Now, get a ryhorn and evolve it into a rydon. It is a very strong and very 
tough pokemon.

That is the best team you can posibly get. This team is built with speed, 
attack, defense, and are all unstopable. I don't blame you if you would rather 
have a team with a few legendarys, but legendarys are not allways the best 
choose. With this team you should be able to beat the elite four in no time. 

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