The Art Of Theme Park Managing - Guide for Thrillville: Off the Rails

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4 for 'Pokemon: Red Rescue Team'

Today is a great day for starting park management. You will begin the fun of 
coaster building soon enough. ARE YOU LISTENING???

Thrillville Stunts:
This is automaticly the first park you get. Go into the colored light zones for 
your tutorials. These are JUST BASICS.

From here on out, just look under a category to find what you want. You don't 
have to do it in this order.

To level up, complete missions. Keep doing it. OK???

Thrillville Stunts:
After you hired staff, and completed some missions, you will probably be done 
with this park. Next, you will have a choice of 3 parks to have next.

Whoa Pieces add lots of thrill, but may bring nausia high. Whoa coasters can 
use certain whoa pieces.

Thrillville Otherworlds:
This park, for some reason, seemed easy to me. However, you must get robots out 
of your park ( They're hackers ). Anyways, remember to make your guests happy ( 
and your money )!

Try This:
Do you like your trampoline at home? Then, build Trampolines in a park. They go 
way higher!

Thrillville Giant:
This park is a giant. Unhipnotize your park guests! This park I completed 
first. Dibs on no hypnodiscs!

Try This:
If you have company, accompany them with a rousing game of Mini-Golf! Let's see 
if they know what whoa pieces are!

Thrillville Explorer:
What happened to your rides? This will be a LOT of work, right? What if I told 
you that you need to fire your mechanics? Well, that would make it worse! Not 
if the mechanics are messing up the rides!

Get so good at minigames that your little sister will CRY.

Thrillville Holiday:
This is always the last park you get. That's because it is here that you find 
out who is working for Globo-Joy. Is it Tim Twinklefingers? Moe Potts? Even 
H.G. Krupp? The astounding ending happens now!

Try This:
Plan a family minigame night. It would be FUN!!!

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