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The most important topic in this FAQ is how to win over Elli wothout the Drama.

1)Basic Controls
3)Girls you can Marry
4)How to marry Elli
5)Info on me

1) The directional pad is the same up is up and down is down.

A) Press start to get to your menu bar.
B) Press select for info on your animals and your farm
C) Hold the "L" button and "B" button to cycle through your tools.
D) Hold the L and A buttons to cycle through your Items in your Rucksack.
E) Hold the L button and release to get you Horse and dog to come to you.
F) To put an Item in your rucksack press the B button while holding the item.
G) To throw the item or get rid of it just press the A button while holding the item.
H) Hold the L button and press select to bring up a map of your farm.
I) Hold the L button and press start to bring up a map of the town.
J) Press the A and B buttons to enter your rucksack without having to press start.
K) Press the B button to use the tool you have selected.
L) To give someone an item hold the item and walk up to them and press the A button.


The people living in town are your neighbors give them lots of J am and honey and 
they will give you Recipes.

Thomas- is the Mayor and the first person to greet you when you get to the farm. He 
will inform you of some festivals and invite you.

Harris- is the only police officer in town. You can find him either at the Inn, 
Gotz's place or the Mayors.

Gotz- is the wood cutter if you talk to him he is the only one who can upgrade your 
house, doghouse, windows, add a bathto your house or anything you need a remodel for.

Zack- is the Second person to greet you when you get to the farm. When you put stuff 
in the shipping box he will be there to pick up anything you have put in at 5:00 pm 
every day.

Anna- is a wife to Basil and Mother to Mary. She hates flowers and will give you 
recipes at a certain date and time.

Basil- is the Botanist and is husband to Anna and father to Mary. He has written 
many books in the library that the family owns and is operated by Mary.

Lillia- is a wife to Rod and Mother to Rick and Popuri. She runs the Chicken farm 
and is sick all the time.

Rod- is Lillia's husband and is a Father to Rick an Popuri. He left to find herbs to 
cure his wife.

Rick- Helps his mom on the farm and raises the chickens and holds the chicken 
festival every year. He will get married to Karen.

Carter- is the priest and is in charge of the church. Opens at ten. And usually 
holds the Music Festival in August.

Doctor- he is the one Elli is in love with first but he can't recognize it. Give him 
lots of honey and herbs to go upstairs though there's nothing up there even if you 
go upstairs. He is in charge of Mineral Clinic. Opens at 
9:00 am and closes at 4:00 pm.

Harvest Goddess- she lives in the lake by the Hot Springs throw in something every 
day for 20 days in a row and get a power berry on the 10th day and on the 20th you 
get a wish for the girl you like most so they will like you even more (pick Elli)

Barley- he runs the Cattle farm where you can buy cowns and sheep. He has a grand 
daughter called may and is best friends with Stu. Give him honey and get a recipe 
for Ice cream.

May- lives with her gran father and plays with Stu a lot.

Siberia- is the blacksmith go to him to get your tools upgraded. He is a Grandfather 
of Gray.

Gray- he lives at the inn and likes Mary the Librarian they get Married.

Kai- comes around every summer and owns the seaside shack he gets marrieds to Popuri.

Won- he is a traveling merchant and avout onece a season he comes to you house 
selling a vase and apples buy the vase because it helps you with stamina when you 
have flowers in the vase. FORGET THE APPLES THEY ARE ordinary apples and do nothing 
for them you get them for free from your tree in the fall 3 every day.

Manna- runs Ajs winery and loves to talk. She has a daughter by the name of Aja but 
moved to another town.

Duke- he is Manna's husband and picks grapes for the winery. He will ask you 
sometime if you would like to help him say yes he will then say that you can bring 
along a friend. Go find Cliff most likely at the church and ask him. He will then 
stay and get ammried to Ann.

Cliff- also helps pick grapes for the winery.

Doug- he runs the inn and has a daughter named Ann. The inn is where you can use the 
phone to buy things from the Saturday shopping Network.

Stu- is Elli's little brother and lives with his grandma Ellen.

Ellen- she is Elli's and Stu's grandma and is very lonely or at least that what Elli 

Jeff- he is the store Clerk and is Married to Sasha and they have a daughter named 
Karen. He has a problem with his stomach and can be seen in the church or the Clinic 

Sasha- is Jeffs wife and Karens mother, sheruns the Store in town.

3)Girls you can Marry

Popuri- likes chocolate and her b-day is summer 3rd.

Ann- she likes cooked eggs her b-day is summer 17th.

Mary- she likes mushrooms and her b-day is Winter 20th.

Karen- likes wine from the winery. When she gives you a wine bootle save it and wrap 
it up and give it to her on her b-day. (Fall 15)

Elli- like flowers of any kind and if you visit the doctor every day and have a 
check up Elli will like your more.

4) How to marry Elli

Elli likes any kind of flower. And during the Winter you will be able to get to the 
Jewel mine she likes the purple, yellow, and red jewels. When the blue feather 
becomes available at the store in town that means you can marry Elli but not really 
before you can marry her, you need to go to the Harvest Goddess for twenty day and 
offer some thing to her by the 20th fay she will give you a wish on the girl you 
like most say Elli and the Harvest Goddess will say that Elli is more romantically 
inclined to you, then you need to have your house expanded twice and then the big 
bed will become available on the shopping network. When the bed has been delivered 
go to the Clinic and show her the blue feather only when her heart is red then she 
will say that she is nervouse and ask to go to your house, once at your house you 
will automatically show her the feather again and she will say that she is honored 
to marry you and that she was going to tell her grandma the good news. When you look 
on your calendar you will see a red heart and when you look at it, it will be on the 
date you are getting married and that will be you anniversary. To have a kid give 
her flowers every day and when her heart turns Scarlet take her to the Clinic and 
the Doctor will say that she is pregnant.

5)Info on Me

My name is James
My e-mail is [email protected] feel free to e-mail me at any 
time and I will answer your e-mails containing anything you have to say or ask.
I am 14  
This is my third year in the game.  

Feel free to contact me.  

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