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About me:My name is Josh.My email is [email protected]   

Whats this FAQ?:Its Mainly the beggining of the game.

Last updated:6/9/04 (June Nineth 2005).

Main Charecters
John Dalton
Commander Hawkins

Avalon-As the game starts you watch a scene of a ship called the Atlantis flying 
over a planet.The story begins.As the camera pulls around the landscape you notice a 
base and then the camera zooms in to show you the main charecter(John Dalton)and 
Commander Hawkins talking in the top of the command center.You hear them talking 
about how your request for the marines was denied again.When the scene is over you 
have two options.Return to your ship OR take a training course.If you have not 
played any of the Unreal games try the training course.After you choose your option 
go to the door and go out.Go down the stairs and you see friendly marines.Take a 
right and go down the double stair case.You see another marine..go left toward the 
elevator.Now heres where the two options are applied.

Option 1:Returning to ship results with the lift stopping at stairs and you get back 
on the ship-Object completed.

Option 2:Take training course:This results in the lift passing the stairs and going 
to an underground training center.This covers the Weapons,a few Tatics,and Target 
Practice.When done with training you return to ship to start your first unexpected 
mission.-Object completed.

Atlantis-When you are on the ship a scene starts of a girl(Adia)opening a hatch on 
the wall to let your dropship up.Then when thats done talk to her(or she may talk to 
you if you wait a second).She wants you to come to briefing room.If you want(this is 
recommended)explore the ship and get familiar with it.You will(if you look around 
enough)find the pilots room where you will meet Ne'ban.

Briefing room-Adia will explain they recieved a distress-call off the planet 
Sanctuary.Go to the monitor she walks to and watch the screen to see a guy 
talking.When thats over she explains your drop-off points and objectives by using a 
holo-tank(it's that big thing in the left wall when you entered).When she is done 
explaining your objectives she tells you that Issak(Person who managed weapons)has 
had enough time with your load-out.It is right across from the briefing room.

Loadout room-When you enter go right and you will find Issak.He has a couple of 
things to say about your weapons.You start off with a Assult 
rifle,Grenadelauncher,and DispersionPistol.He Explains about grenade launcher.When 
he's done with your weapon briefing,head outside the room and take a right to head 
back to your dropship.

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