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Resident Evil: Survivor
 1.Legal Stuff:
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2. Game Strategies:
 SAVING I put this right at the start of the strategy section as this is the only 
question I have received so far about this game. There is absolutely NO saving of 
position in the game whatsoever. You must play through the ENTIRE game on every run. 
There are NO save points. Okay, glad we got that cleared up. 
TIME I assume this game measures time throughout the game, even during cutscenes and 
checking the inventory screen. Skip every scene the game will allow you to skip by 
pressing start, and access the inventory screen only to heal when the situation is 
dire or if you are reloading your gun in preparation for a tough battle. 
HANDGUN TACTICS This game seems to cater to those who don't mind using HANDGUNS a 
lot, as they all have unlimited ammunition and a few other special perks. Because of 
these special features, HANDGUNS will see a lot of use in my walkthrough. Someone 
who is skilled enough with a HANDGUN can even take down a hunter or Mr. X with ease. 
The trick is to fire rapidly. Even hunters will have trouble attacking you if you 
poke them full of holes quickly. HANDGUNS also get special reload perks as well. If 
you are using a HANDGUN and only have a few bullets left in your current clip, then 
shooting them off is much faster than going to the inventory screen to reload that 
way. Also, don't worry about reloading a HANDGUN when changing rooms. The HANDGUN 
will be automatically reloaded when you enter the next room. 
INVENTORY SCREEN This game is different from the other RE games in the fact that you 
don't have to waste time with inventory boxes or even look at the inventory screen 
to use a puzzle item. All you have to do is collide with an object to pick it up and 
collide with switches and mechanisms to make them work. This really keeps the time 
down that is ordinarily wasted looking at your inventory screen. It really shortens 
an already short game! All you have to do on the inventory screen now is heal and 
reload guns to prepare for a big battle. 
HEALTH Keeping track of your health is now easier than ever thanks to the onscreen 
ECG. Only heal when you enter DANGER status. I do not believe that the game takes 
away for using FIRST AID SPRAYS like the previous games, but still, we are going for 
the best rank possible in addition a fast time, so use your HERBS before using a 
potentially rank-lowering FAS. 
ENEMIES:  Zombies - These zombies have been stupidified down from RE3. They have no 
new attacks and cause lesser damage than before. They are easily evaded with a 
tactic I discovered called "pushing." When a zombie grabs you from the side or 
behind, you automatically turn to face them. During this time the zombie can't hurt 
you. However, if you run into them, you can push them back to give yourself more 
space. Don't push longer than a second or two, or you will be bitten. No real 
threat, except when you are surrounded from all sides. Pelt several times with one 
of the HANDGUNS to kill. 
Dogs - These guys are extremely hard to kill. They run circles around you then 
charge in and poke you with their jaws. I recommend running from them because they 
take way too long to kill. One of their weaknesses is they cannot run backwards. A 
dog will not turn around in midstride to face you. No, he will run in circles trying 
to get a line on you. While doing this, they tend to collide with walls and other 
objects. Use this time to run past. If they must be killed than the best weapon 
would be something with a wide spread, like the SHOTGUN or the GRENADE GUN. 
Lickers - Arrrgghh, my least favorite RE enemy makes an appearance in this game. 
Always run from them; they move very quickly and are lethal. Much easier to run 
around than in RE2. They simply LOVE to jump at you through windows and air ducts. 
When they first jump through, they pause briefly. This is the time you should use to 
get around them to the safety of the next room. Also remember to point down when you 
shoot them as they are vertically challenged. 
Hunters - Hurray, the green menaces you've grown to hate made it into this game too. 
Fortunately, these are weaker than their predecessors in the other games. Now all 
you need to kill them is one closeup SHOTGUN blast, no longer up to FOUR of them 
like in RE1. They have still retained their agility however. This is the most agile 
version of the Hunters yet. They can now leap right in front of you if you try to 
run, cutting off escape routes. And they also retain their cheap one-hit kill 
decapitation cut. You should take the time to kill them, because they will get in 
your face if you try to run. This makes it easy to do the one-hit SHOTGUN kill 
mentioned above. If you are stuck with the HANDGUNS, then try to keep your Hunter 
fights one-on-one or you will be in deep trouble. If you are bold like me and try to 
evade them, run in a zig zag pattern to make it difficult for them to track you. 
Spiders - Other than increase their size, the T-virus didn't seem to do much to 
these wimps. Just pelt with HANDGUN BULLETS until dead or run. 
Crows - Ignore these pests. They cause little damage and are way too hard to hit 
Mr. X - YEAH! I love to fight this guy. In fact, I love to fight any Tyrant that 
gets in my way. He moves real slow, so you can escape easily, but you don't want to 
do that. If you kill him, he will give you SHOTGUN SHELLS, or GRENADE ROUNDS of any 
of the three flavors. The easiest way to take him down is to be in a large room. Run 
laps around the room, pressing L1 at each corner to face him, then pelt him with 
HANDGUN BULLETS. When he gets too close for comfort, run to the next corner and 
shoot from there. Repeat until dead. If you want to run past him in a narrow space, 
run to one side of him. He will throw a punch and likely hit you. After he gives you 
the punch, he will stand still for a moment. Quickly run past... Basically, Mr. X is 
a beefed up zombie. 
Moths - There are only two of these things in the whole game. Blast it several times 
with the SHOTGUN to kill or just run, as they are lacking enthusiasm to get you. You 
won't have to encounter them if you follow my walkthrough. 
Crocodiles - The easiest RE2 boss returns, but this time he's not so easy, as now 
there are two of them, and no explosive cans to blow off their heads with. They will 
slowly come down from both ends of the hall towards you. Focus only on the one 
blocking the ladder. Blast him with your most powerful weapons. If this is the first 
game on your file, all you will have is the SHOTGUN and two HANDGUNS at the most, so 
you are pretty much dead. Wait until you finish your first game and get the GRENADE 
GUN and all those other weapons before you decide to fight them. Thankfully, it is 
not necessary to encounter them at all during the game. If you stick to my route, 
you'll never have to fight them. They're just a big waste of ammo and health if you 
ask me. 
Plants - Dodge these guys. They are really slow and absorb way too much ammo to 
First Tyrant form - A good method is to blast him with HANDGUN Da few times, run to 
the other end of the hall when he gets too close, then blast him some more. Repeat 
until dead. 
Second and Third Tyrant form - This battle is very simple. Whip out your GRENADE GUN 
and blast him repeatedly whenever he stops jumping around. In this battle he'll be 
in your face a lot so it'll be easy to hit him. Back up while loading another 
grenade to help avoid his claw swipes. If he grabs you by the throat, shoot him with 
another grenade to make him let go. 
3. Walkthrough Press START at the title screen and choose NEW GAME. Select NORMAL 
mode. After you hear "Resedent Eeevil....SURVIVOR," rapidly tap START until you gain 
Part 1: UPTOWN  
HELICOPTER CRASH SITE There is nothing to see here, so enter the gate near the 
"ARK'S" ALLEY Stride over to the dead body of "Ark Thompson" and listen to the 
trademark RE acting we've come to love. After the scene is over, a zombie is in your 
face. Shoot him up and take the RUSTED KEY he drops. Unlock the double doors near 
the dead bodies with the RUSTED KEY. 
CHAPEL Immediately start shooting upon entry. Kill the two zombies and enter the 
door to the right. 
CLOCK ROOM Shoot all three zombies and take the CLOCK WINDER from the clock and the 
CHAPEL KEY from the desk behind the partiton. Leave. 
CHAPEL Walk across to the door on the other side of the chapel. 
CHAPEL HALLWAY Ignore the double doors and run down the hall. A three-zombie mob 
approaches from around the corner. Stand near the wall opposite them and wait for 
them to walk past the corner. When they go past the corner run around them on the 
right and crash into a clock that, *ahem*, just happens to look exactly like that 
clock we saw earlier. These RE puzzles are way too easy. Put the CLOCK WINDER on it 
and a secret set of stairs is exposed. Take the stairs. 
SPIDER HALL Pelt the single spider until it is dead, and enter the door it was 
CHAPEL STORAGE ROOM Scrape right along the boxes you see to collide with a desk that 
has another key. Take the CHURCH'S REAR KEY. Now tap L1. AAAHH! Zombies! Scrape 
along the boxes again back to the door. If you are slow you may have to do some 
SPIDER HALL Go back up the stairs. 
CHAPEL HALLWAY Run to the door you see immediately after entering. 
PHONE ALLEY 1 Ignore the ringing telephone and go down the stairs to the right. 
RIVER WALK Scrape along the benches to pick up the CRACKED KEY and avoid the two 
lickers. Now go get the GREEN HERB beside the other set of stairs. Tap L1 to face 
the lickers, then run around the railing and up the stairs. 
PHONE ALLEY 2 Rapidly tap START to avoid the telephone conversation. I prefer the 
library route at this point in the game, because you get HANDGUN D. HANDGUN D seems 
to be able to put down enemies the fastest of all the HANDGUNS because it puts quite 
a bit of power behind every shot. It puts down zombies on occasion with only two 
bullets! Anyway, go to the library. It is the building at the far end of the street. 
BOOK CHECKOUT DESK Rapidly tap START to skip a cinema, then go up the stairs. 
READING ROOM Take the GREEN HERB near the double doors, then enter the doors. 
UPPER LIBRARY Upon entry, you will hear the door lock behind you. After a few words 
from a mysterious stranger behind the door, sinister music will begin. There is a 
hunter wandering around the maze of bookshelves. Put him down, then take the 
glorious HANDGUN D from the desk with the computer. Try the door, and unbelievably, 
the door has mysteriously unlocked. 
READING ROOM You will hear a door open and close downstairs. Probably that crazy guy 
who locked you up in the library! Let's follow him. 
BOOK CHECKOUT DESK Enter the double doors to the left of the stairs. 
LOWER LIBRARY Run around the bookcase and dodge the licker. Run for the exit around 
the corner. 
LIBRARY OFFICE Shoot all the zombies and take the MANHOLE OPENER from the desk. 
Leave thru the other door. 
ALLEY BEHIND LIBRARY Get out of the offshoot and into the alley. While evading dogs 
and crows, pick up the RED HERB in the back corner and open up the manhole with the 
BUG ROOM Press the red button you see upon entering. Now lots and lots of bugs will 
come and attack. Instead of wasting your time on them, run for the exit. 
PAINTED SEWER Go to the door this sewer was named after. 
JANITOR'S QUARTERS Walk over to the desk and pick up the diary. Tap SQUARE then 
TRIANGLE to avoid reading the diary. Then rapidly tap START until you magically 
teleport to a door. Go thru this door. 
SEWER CORRIDOR Run down the hall to the ladder and avoid the licker that leaps 
through the air duct.
ENTRANCE TO "PARADISE" Funny name, huh? Well look at the sign above the doors. After 
you are done looking around, enter into "PARADISE." 
PRISON LOBBY Scrape along the left wall to evade the zombies then enter the door 
marked "Office." 
PRISON OFFICE Shoot down enough zombies to clear a path to the next door. 
PRISON CHIEF'S OFFICE Take the PRISON CELL KEY off the desk and leave. 
PRISON OFFICE Shoot your way back to the lobby. 
PRISON LOBBY Walk to the heavy metal door across from you marked "Prison" and unlock 
it with the PRISON CELL KEY. 
BREAK ROOM Blast the zombies in the hall if they are there, then take the ROPE off 
the stand. Enter the door that is standing open. Evade the zombies if you can and 
get to the barred door. 
CELL BLOCK Run past the zombies to the heavy metal door at the end of the hall. 
There is nothing to pick up inside the cells except for a worthless file. 
PRISON HALL Take the white door on the right side of the hall.
SHOWER ROOM Blast the two zombies you see upon entry, then charge for the SHOTGUN 
they were in front of. By now, the other two zombies you haven't seen yet have come 
out of their side of the room. Run around the bank of showers to evade them and 
PRISON HALL Take the door you see immediately after entering. 
EXECUTION RANGE Here you will either encounter dogs or hunters. Evading dogs is 
cake. Run for the opening in the concrete wall on the right to end up in a small 
alley. Pick up the RED HERB here, do an about face, and run for the ladder at the 
other end of the alley. With hunters, accomplishing these tasks is not quite so 
easy. Take advantage of the wide open space of the firing range. Run in a zig zag 
pattern to evade the hunters, then escape into the small alley. They don't seem to 
be able to shortcut over the concrete wall, so you will be at least relatively safe 
from their leaps. 
GUARDTOWER Walk over to the railing on the other side of the platform to 
automatically tie the ROPE and climb down it. 
ALLEY BESIDE PRISON In the distance, you can see a gloomy green figure approaching. 
That's no zombie, it's Mr. X! Take out HANDGUN A and pelt him with lead. If your aim 
is good and you fire quickly, he won't even be able to reach you before dying. Take 
the item he drops and leave out the door at the far end of this alley. 
PERFORMERS' ROOM Mr. X confronts you again here, but this time you are in a tiny 
room with lots of clutter. Try shooting when you first enter the room until he 
briefly stuns under the fire, then quickly sprint past to the other side of the room 
and finish the job from there. Take the item he drops and leave out the next door. 
DANCE FLOOR This place is empty currently, so go up the small set of stairs and 
enter the door there. 
PRIVATE LOUNGE Walk around the wall and pick up the CLUB HALL KEY on the coffee 
table. After you pick it up, Mr. X comes a'callin. Tap L1 to face the corner of the 
small wall, then pelt Mr. X till he dies. He may get confused trying to walk around 
the wall, giving you more time to shoot him. Take the item he drops and leave. 
DANCE FLOOR Yet another Mr. X attacks you, but this time you have a wide open space 
to work with. Run laps around the room, pausing at each corner to pop off a few 
shots. Repeat till dead. Take his item, unlock the front door with the CLUB HALL 
KEY, and leave. 
STREET IN FRONT OF SKYSCRAPER Rapidly tap START until Umbrella's proud logo 
disappears from the screen. Press L1 to discover a RED HERB. Pick it up and enter 
the skyscraper. 
SKYSCRAPER LOBBY You are attacked by either hunters or lickers. If there are 
hunters, gun them both down and take the MAGNUM ROUNDS off the front desk. Go out 
the door on the right side of the lobby. Lickers are much easier. Take the MAGNUM 
ROUNDS, slip past them, and leave thru the next door. 
1F ELEVATOR LANDING Scrape along the left wall to evade the zombies, then take the 
elevator on the right. The left one is broken. 
13F ELEVATOR LANDING You encounter either hunters or lickers. Evade either one and 
take the first door you see. 
VINCENT'S OFFICE You will see a cutscene that is unskippable until your character 
looks away from the video screens. Do so at that point. Now, press L1 to face the 
CARD KEY on the computer. When you try to pick it up, Mr. X crashes through the 
computer! Run around the room and shoot him from the corners like you did back at 
the nightclub. Take the item he drops, then take the CARD KEY that landed near the 
desk. Leave. 
13F ELEVATOR LANDING Run over to the door across the hall and use the CARD KEY on 
the card reader to unlock it. Enter after doing so. 
SECURITY ROOM You will meet either zombies or lickers. Evade either one. Run around 
the computer desk and take the other door in the back of the room. 
13F PRIVATE ELEVATOR LANDING Go over to the elevator. Unfortunately, its not at your 
floor yet, so you'll have to wait. But don't worry, you'll have your hands full with 
the Mr. X that comes thru the hole in the wall. After defeating him, take his item 
and the RED HERB in the back corner. Go back to the doors and the elevator will 
arrive then. 
METAL DETECTOR Ignore the card reader and just charge straight thru the metal 
detector. It will set off the alarm and a licker will crash thru the window, but 
before he can attack, you'll be long gone down the stairs. 
PARKING GARAGE Run into the lot and snag the GRENADE GUN someone carelessly left 
lying on top of a car (I thank his incompetence), and then run up the ramp past the 
car to get away from the dogs. 
CANAL 1 Skip the cutscene. Wade down the waterway to the door on the left side of 
the fence. It's a little hard to see, so use L1 to aim yourself at it. 
CANAL 2 You can see a hunter lurking on top of a bridge. Snipe him with a HANDGUN 
and keep firing to kill him before he can reach you. Leave out the gate at the other 
end of the canal. 
CANAL 3 Zig left between the two big spiders, then zag right to hit the ladder on 
the right wall. 
LOTT'S YARD Immediately turn left upon entry to discover a GREEN HERB and a BLUE 
HERB. Take both of them and then enter the house. Ignore the zombies behind the 
 FAMILY ROOM Take the door on the right side of the room. 
LOTT'S ROOM You hear a tremor, and it's coming from the closet. Walk over to the 
closet and then press start to skip the boring cinema. Now leave the room. (BTW, 
notice the poster to the left of the bunkbeds. Street Fighter, anyone?) 
FAMILY ROOM Go to the door next to the kitchen. 
PARENTS' ROOM Run over to the curtains and pick up the RED HERB, then zip back out 
again so you don't have to deal with the zombie. 
FAMILY ROOM Go back out the front door. LOTT'S YARD Zombies have positioned 
themselves about the place. Scrape along the walls to evade them, then go down the 
street and up the stairs.
TRAM STATION 1 Shoot down the dogs, then try to enter the control shack. But, before 
you can run over to open the door, a hunter crashes thru it! Kill him then go open 
the next door.
TRAM CONTROL ROOM Run over to the control panel and throw the switch to start up the 
tram. Now run for the exit. As you try to leave, a licker leaps thru the window, but 
you'll be able to escape easily before it can attack you. 
TRAM STATION 1 Board the tram. As you board the tram, a hunter leaps atop. 
TRAM STATION 2 Right after you exit the tram, you are jumped by the hunter that was 
atop the tram. Gun him down, then avoid the rest of the hunters and get to the gate. 
CATWALK BRIDGE Mr. X will climb over the railing. Gun him down, take his item, then 
evade the dogs and run out the gate. 
METAL BRIDGE Run to the gate you see upon entry. 
MOUNTAIN PATH What is up with that music? Anyway, you'll see a brief cutscene of a 
rock slide sending you over the cliff, and even more strangely, there is no sound 
effects to go with it. After the scene, start running up the path. You will be 
confronted by Mr. X. Dodge past him and continue on. In fact, evade Mr. X every time 
you run into him here, as he now gives up nothing for killing him. After more 
running, you will see him again. Run past. The next time you see him, you will be on 
a narrow ledge. Run at him and let him hit you. During the pause between punches, 
sprint past. After a little more running, you will cross a rope bridge. At the other 
end, Mr. X makes his last appearance in this area. Hopefully, he will be looking 
away. Get past him and (finally) out through the gate. 
QUARRY Here you will meet dogs or hunters. Run in a zig zag pattern to the gate at 
the other end of the quarry. 
MANSION'S YARD Sprint past the dogs and run for the big front gates. 
MANSION COURTYARD Hunters will attack. Kill the one that sees you right away, then 
shoot the ones on the left and right sides of the yard. Take the GREEN HERB from 
around the left side of the mansion, then run to the right side and enter the small 
door there. Don't bother with the front doors, because they are boarded up from the 
other side. MANSION MAIN HALL You'll hear Lott give a yell, but befoe running down 
the stairs to his rescue, take the GRENADE ROUNDS from the back corner of the room.-
WORKER LIFT LANDING Mr. X comes for you as you enter. Shoot him. Now there will 
either be a group of zombies, another Mr. X, or nothing at all after the first 
attack. Anyway, kill the monsters if they are there, then go to the elevator control 
room. Throw the switch, take the MAGNUM, then go down on the elevator. 
BOILER ROOM There are many zombies shambling about in this room, but don't bother to 
kill them as they will regenerate every time you come through this room again. 
Ignore the door you see after entering. Instead, turn right at the fork and dodge 
your way to that door. 
SHUTTER HALL There are lickers crawling on the ceiling, but you won't even see them 
if you move fast enough. Take the door on the left side of the hall. It's near where 
the hall curves. 
PLANT CULTIVATION ROOM Take the ACID ROUNDS off the desk and take the next door. 
BTW, look at the huge broken capsule in the middle of the room. Something must have 
gotten out... 
CHEMICAL COLLECTION LAB Shoot down the licker that attacks and take the ACTIVATION 
DISK from the counter. After you pick it up, you hear a crash. Run back down the 
little hall to the last room and you will be jumped by a licker, but like all the 
other suprise-lickers in this game, you'll be long gone before he can attack. 
PLANT CULTIVATION ROOM Well, the plants escaped, not that it's any big suprise. They 
are way too slow to catch you, so leave the room. 
SHUTTER HALL Run back to the double doors you used to enter. 
BOILER ROOM Remember that other door I told you not to go to yet? Well now you can 
go there. Dodge your way to the other set of double doors. 
POWER MONITOR ROOM Run down the catwalk to the computer at the end of it. Insert the 
activation disk and watch the zombies do a funky dance. You hate their dancing so 
you should shoot all of them and go into that little room they came out of. Take out 
the shy ones who wouldn't come out and take the GRENADE ROUNDS. Now leave. 
BOILER ROOM Dodge all the zombies and go to the other set of double doors. 
SHUTTER HALL Hey neat, no more lickers. Press that bright blue button that is 
calling for you, then watch the boring cinema showing the big shutter open. Dodge 
the plants and take the ID CARD from the dead scientist. Run to the elevator at the 
end of the hall, and activate it with the ID CARD. 
LARGE SHUTTER HALL Evade the plants and press another pretty blue button. After the 
shutter opens, take the FLAME ROUNDS and the BLUE HERB if you want it. Leave out the 
huge double doors. 
MR. X STORAGE ROOM This is absolutely the coolest room in the whole series! You're 
on a walkway surrounded by Mr. Xs in giant tubes, but fortunately you will only need 
to fight one of them. After the cinema, kill Mr. X for the last time, take his item, 
and take the door at the other end of the catwalk. 
LOTT'S PLATFORM You will see a brief cinema of Lott trying to fend off a hunter with 
a multi-colored baseball bat. Stupid kid. Come to his rescue by killing the hunter, 
then after you see the flashback, tap start. After you hear the goofy sounding self-
destruct tape, take the FAS and leave the room thru the single door. 
T-HALL After the cheesy cinema, run to the other door at the end of the hall. 
MAIN CONTROL ROOM Run forward and activate the terminal with a green screen, then 
turn tail and run out again. 
T-HALL Go activate the switch to raise the shutter. Dodge both plants and take the 
door at the end of that hall. 
TYRANT ROOM Take the MASTER KEY off the terminal in front of you, then turn around 
and leave. Ignore the hideous creature in the tube. 
T-HALL Cool, no more plants, run down the hall to activate a cinema showing Andy the 
troll being killed. Take out your HANDGUN D and shoot the Tyrant until it gets too 
close, then run to the other end of the hall and shoot from there until he gets too 
close again. Repeat until dead. Now, go back into the MAIN CONTROL ROOM. 
MAIN CONTROL ROOM Turn to the right and take the MAGNUM ROUNDS. Shoot your way to 
the little door between the big video screens. Use the MASTER KEY and get out. 
DOOR HALLWAY As you enter, all the doors in the hall will blast from their frames, 
but nothing will come out of them. Strange. Run over all the doors and get out. 
TRAIN PLATFORM 1 The kids will wave for you then get inside the train. After the 
cinema, run down the hall then turn right. Activate the panel there to raise the 
doors blocking the tracks. Now tap L1 and you find yourself in a cleaner ambush! 
Dodge past all the cleaners. If you try to fight them, you'll just get jacked up 
because they swarm from all sides. Take the SHOTGUN SHELLS near the train and then 
board it. 
TRAIN PLATFORM 2 After watching the kids wave again, follow them to the elevator. 
HELIPORT After the cinema, the Tyrant returns again to fight you on the heliport. 
Brings back memories, but this time you have no bazooka to kill him in one shot. For 
his first form, pelt him with MAGNUM BULLETS whenever he stops leaping around. Also 
walk backwards a little between every shot to put extra distance between you and the 
Tyrant. He should change his form again as you run out of ammunition for the MAGNUM. 
This form actually weakens him because he loses the ability to leap at you and 
practically run circles around you. Take out the GRENADE GUN and shoot him up with 
ACID ROUNDS first. When you run out of acid, use FLAME ROUNDS, when out of that, use 
GRENADE ROUNDS. In the unlikely event you run out of even THAT, use the SHOTGUN. 
Eventually, after absorbing enough ammo to destroy a city block, he will die. Watch 
the Tyrant's goofy death in the ending movie and look at your time.

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