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Kinghts of old Replublic Guide/Walkthourgh

Endire Spire
1.Go to new game then select either Male or Female of these three types 1 
scoundriel ,scoundriels are presude,secruity, awawernese and stealth.2 scout, scouts 
are good for computer use demoltions ,repair and theart injury.3 soilder soilders 
are good for awarness and theart injury. portait atributes is scoundriel put dexterty, intelligence, wisdom and charisma 
high. If a scout put strength, intelligence and wisdom high. If a soilder put 
stength and consitition high. skills look back at step one to what your charecter is good for. feats for any charecter add empthy

6.put a name a for yor charecter.

7. go to play

8. you see the intro press b button to skip see your charecter wake up then Tharsk runs in and starts talking select what 
you want to with a button

10.go and open your footlocker

11. press start and go to body and put on clothing, throughout the game you will get 
different outfits

12. then go to right weapon to select the weapon you want

13.after your done that go and talk to tharsk after that press the black button to 
switch charecters then open the door.

14.then you switch to your main charecter then goto the next door if you need help 
opening the door just talk to Tharsk.

15. once you open the door is open your in battle if the Republic Rival enemy the 

16. battle press left or right on the d-pad

17.tharsk starts to you about medpecs if you need use one use one.

18.once kill any of enemys press left or the right trigers on the controller check 
if there is any remains if there is pick them up
19.go and open the door down hall

20.kill the enemys the footlockers.

22.kill the enemys

23.go through the only door that is not broken besides the one the you came in from.

24.its a jedi battle you just have to wait till battle is over.

25.kill the enemys.

26.go through the door straight ahead

27. your on the bridge.

28 kill the two enemys ahead of you dont worry about the ones at the far end of the 

29.level up if you look at bottom right hand coner were it has the portaits are you 
a L that means that charecter can level to level up press start then then press the 
R trigger twice you see a picture of you then press A to level up or pressY to make 
the computer automacily level up for you.

30. look to the right of the room go through that door.

31. go through the door ahead of you.

32. as Tharsk leaves you he buys you time to get to the escape pods. 

33. go through the door that goes to the starboard section

34. walk fowardthen kill the enemy.

35. go then open the door. 

36.kill the enemys no matter what dont go through the next door. the foot locker and get the computer spikes and the parts 

38. there is a big group of enemys ahead of you so either go to the droid and repair 
it or go up to the computer and give it the computer spikes

39. go through the next door the the other one 

40. talk to carth

41.go to the only escape pod left

42. you crashed on a planet called Taris


43. when you crash you see yourself in a bed you have a vision about Bastila 
fighting a dark jedi then Carth starts talking to you.

44.exit the appartement then then kill the three sith outside your door

45.whatever you say could affect if you get Light side or dark side or dark side 

46.explore the building if want to.

47.exit the building.

still in progess

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