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			By the one, the only, awsome, indescrible, ME!!!!!!!!!

Now you all are old enough now to know that COPING this is W-R-O-N-G!  This is 
copyright and all that stuff so don’t do it. Or you will be getting a phone 
call by the FBI. 
				~~~~~~About ME!!!!!!!!~~~~~~
~My email is [email protected]. But don’t send me spam or junk mail. 
Also I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I’m not your best friend so 
don’t send me like five emails a day. But I will accept a fan letters, or 
friendly advice about the game. I though can become your friend if you want me 
to… but whatever on with the FAQ. Some other random crap, I’m a freak for 
harvest Moon another wonderful life and Animal crossing Wild World. So there’s 
some random stuff!!! In this FAQ you may find some stuff unfinished but don’t 
send me emails like crazy because... I’m lazy yea i'm so fat and sit at home 
all day eating pork chops and choclate covered hamburgers (just kidding, i'm 
acutally pretty skinny, if you don'y beleive me you loss!). There I admitted 
it I’M LAZY! 


1)	Visitors to your town!!
2)	Easy items 
3)	Quick cash (without time travel!) 
4)	Random topics (Golden Tools, feathers, trophies, etc.) 
5)	Relationships
6)	Time traveling, DON’T DO IT!  
7)	The end!!!!!!

~~~~~~~Chapter One~~~~~~

The ultimate guide to know when those strange characters are coming to your 
(Just to let you all know I got this from 
so there gave them credit. Now moving on…

Are you tired of having someone come to your town but. You missed them! I know 
it’s downright annoying.  So everyday just check your town between these times 
and… booyah.


K.K.Slider - 7:30pm-12:00am Saturday 
Redd - 6:00am and stays for 24 hours 
Cornimer - 24 hours Acorn Festival 
Pascal - 6:00am-12:00am Random day 
Saharah - 6:00am-12:00am Random day 
Gracie - 6:00am-12:00am Random day 
Lost Kitten - Must Visit another town 
Wendell - 6:00am-12:00am Random day 
Gulliver - 6:00am-12:00am Random day 
Joan - 6:00am-12:00pm Sunday 
Dr.Shrunk - 6:00am-12:00am Random day 
Katrina - 6:00am-12:00am Random day 
Snowman - December-mid February 
Lyle - 6:00am-6:00pm Saturday

~~~~~~Chapter 2~~~~~~~

-Now I’m sure that some need a way to get easy, FREE items and stuff so here’s 
a guide.

1) shake them from trees
2) Look in the lost and found
3) Look in the recycling bin in town hall
4) Do stuff for your neighbors (Deliver things, bring them something they have 
been bugging you about, or cure them when their sick. You cure with medicine
-I’m still thinking of stuff so don’t blame me.

~~~~~~Chapter 3~~~~~~
Now I did easy items now it’s time for easy cash.
~to let you know from the start I hate time travel so if you really want to 
time travel go somewhere else to find out how to do it. Time travel does 
nothing but gives your town tons of weeds, and makes animals go away. But if 
you hate your town and can’t stand animal in your town, be my guest! Do it, se 
if I give a crud!!!!

~anyway, on with the walkthrough. 

Easy money!!! 

-My best offer would be catch all the fish and bugs you see, and then sell 
them for bells. You can get over 20,000 a day. 
-Shake about hundred bells down from trees.
-ok this is a fun trick. Hit every rock in town until bells come out. Then 
when the bells come out keep hitting it until the bell flow stops (Tip: for 
more bells, before hitting the rock dug a couple holes behind you so you don’t 
bump yourself out of the way of the rock. The reason I say behind is because 
if you put them in front of the rock, it will block a spot for certain bells. 
You can get up to 8,500 bells with this. 
-sell fossils, junk your neighbors give, (sometimes if you beat your neighbors 
in a challenge they give you 500 bells Warning: Only some do this, so don’t 
expect 500 bells if you school someone in a challenge.

~~~~~~~Chapter 4~~~~~~~

Random topics!!!!!

Golden Tools (Gold that doesn’t sell for much L)

Golden Fishing Rod - Catch every type of fish one time. 
Golden Bug Net - Catch every type of bug one time. 
Golden Slingshot - Shoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot 
it down. 
Golden Shovel - Bury a regular shovel in the ground. Dig it up one full day 
later. It will be golden. 
Golden Watering Can - Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly 
or Phyllis will then give you the golden can. 
Golden Axe - Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe.	

The crazy raccoon’s store!
Nooks Cranny - from start 
Nook 'n' Go - Spend 25000 bells 
Nookway - Spend 65000 bells 
Nookingtons - Spend 240000 bells and have a friend shop at the store 
(Nookingtons has the Hair Salon inside it!) 

Feather’s for donating and finding it in your heart to donate at least 1 bell! 
I know I have!

Donate to Boondox 

Boondox is so poor that the residents eat dirt, (boo hoo :,-( ) so help them 
out. To get the feathers, donate the indicated number of bells. 

Green Feather - Donate 10,000 Bells 
Blue Feather - Donate 200,000 Bells 
Yellow Feather - Donate 500,000 Bells 
Red Feather - Donate 800,000 Bells 
Purple Feather - Donate 1,100,000 Bells 
White Feather - Donate 1,400,000 Bells 
Rainbow Feather - Donate 6,400,000 Bells

Post Office Savings Account Rewards (this is for those of you who don’t spend 
your money right when you get, which means that doesn’t include me… L) 

Box of Tissues - Save 1,000,000 bells. 
Piggy Bank - Save 10,000,000 bells. 
Pelly's Pic - Save 100,000,000 bells. 
Phyllis's Pic - Save 500,000,000 bells(Like I want it!). 
Town Hall Model - Save 999,999,999 bells.

House upgrades!! 

Expand House - Pay the debt of 19,800 bells. 
Expand House (2nd time) - Pay the debt of 120,000 bells. 
Upstairs Room - Pay the debt of 298,000 bells. 
Left Room - Pay the debt of 598,000 bells. 
Right Room - Pay the debt of 728,000 bells. 
Back Room - Pay the debt of 848,000 bells. (Good luck doing that!)

Trophies (Congrats you’re special!!!!)  :-P 

you can win trophies by winning the tourneys . The Fishing Tourney is always 
on every third Sunday of January, March, May, November and December, from 12-
6PM. The Bug-Off takes place every third Sunday of June-September, from 12-
6PM. The Flower Fest takes place on the second week of April. 

The Fish Trophy - Catch the biggest fish in The Fishing Tourney 
the Bug Trophy - Catch the biggest bug during The Bug-Off 
the Flower Trophy - Create the best garden during The Flower Fest

HRA Bonus Items(I like them because they give me high scores, beat 16,785!!!)

One-Story Model Earn 70,000 points 
Two-Story Model Earn 100,000 points 
Mansion Model Earn 150,000 points

PIM Rewards

When you buy things at Nook's shop (Ok I know what you’re thinking: Oh great, 
more about the crazy raccoon that’s making me pay him!), you earn PIM points. 
When you reach a certain point total, you get a new level of membership and 
Nook will send you a letter with a present. (Oh goody goody, letters from the 
Raccoon stalker!)

Nook's Cranny Model - 300 Points 
Nookington's Model and 20% Store Discount - Earn 20,000 Store Points 
Nookway Model and 10% Store Discount - Earn 10,000 Store Points 
Nook' n Go Model and 5% Store Discount - Earn 3,000 Store Points

Ok I think that’s enough of chapter 4, moving on…

~~~~~~Chapter 5~~~~~~~
Okay, now relationships with your neighbors! You may hate them beyond levels, 
or love them to death!!
	Hating on those annoying animals
~if you really want to get on a neighbors nerves just keep hitting them with 
your net, but you have to be a few inches away. If you try to hit them but end 
up talking to them instead just back up a little bit. 
~You can also make them mad by saying mean things when they ask you a 
question, or get a question wrong on purpose. That really makes them mad!
~Don’t show up when they try to come to your house
~Don’t get them a birthday present.
~Never write them letters
~don’t talk to them when they run up to you 
	If you do all these things to a neighbor, chances are they will move, 
if they don’t move, tough luck for you!

				Now here are tips for those animals you just 
love to death!!!
~Send them all sorts of letters with presents
~give them the stuff they have been nagging you about
~ accept the challenges they give you
~be there when they want to come over
~go to their parties
~NEVER hit them with things
~NEVER say mean things
~Talk to them a lot
~talk to them when they run up to you
		Now if you do all of these things, you will probably get their 
picture. If you don’t get it, tough luck for you
~~~~~~Chapter 6~~~~~~

Now I’m going to tell you all the don’ts of time traveling, here it goes,
~tons of weeds
~neighbors move(you may need their picture)
~miss events, and sales in shop
~miss animal’s parties
~roaches in your house!! EWWWWWW
~Miss certain types of fish and bugs
~miss furniture in store
~miss clothes
~miss people who come to your town
~the best reason of all I SAY IT'S WRONG!
I don’t think I need to go on.

-As you can see time traveling is a greedy way to get money, and you miss out 
on the fun parts of the game. If you don’t even know what I’m talking about or 
you don’t even know how to time travel, never learn!!!! It’s a bad thing a 
BAAAAAAD thing. i don't reccomend it and you shouldn't do it because i'm the 
best and what i say goes!

~~~~~~Chapter 7~~~~~~~~
Boo ooh :-( it’s the end of my amazing, super, awesome, terrific, fantastic, 
excellent, cool, perfect FAQ. But wait, you can e-mail me! why beacause you 
love me!!!(I know i have a huge ego) I’m a computer nerd! (Not really, its 
just Christmas break and I’m soooo bored right now. Anyway like I said I did 
get a lot of information from
	another tip, don’t email me like crazy if you found something wrong, 
one threaten email a time is good enough!(But if you do send one prepare to be 
sent one back :-) 

END :-)

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