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 Hey! You probably know i'm doing the Sonic Adventure 2:Battle guide, but I'm taking 
a break from that, and give you a guide in Mario's first GCN game.     

  Delfino Airstrip:You start the game here after the plane stops at the graffiti 
portrait of Mario. Like in Super Mario 64, there are 120 main items which are power 
sources. This game features Shine Sprites.     

Shine Sprite 1: Go to te other side of the drawing from where you start. Pick up 
FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device), then return to the drawing to wash 
the graffiti. Spray the center until a paint-covered piranha pops out. Spray water 
in its mouth when it opens 3 times.  

Delfino Plaza:This is where most of the levels are, in Ms (like in Super Mario 64) 
or pipes. You can also find Shine Sprites. After you clear the Airstrip, you'll see 
a certain area in the plaza where you'll need to go.  

You first must find the goop. Do the same thing as you did with the goop at the 
airstrip. However, bubbles will come aive and try to jump on you. Run away or shoot 

   First Chase:After the statue appears, the fake Mario will jump down and grab 
Peach. Hold R halfway to run and shoot, then shoot the fake Mario. If he turns red, 
you're shooting him. Shoot him until he drops Peach, then chase him back to the 
statue and spray the M he creates to enter Bianco Hills. I'll go over it next time. 

Shine Sprites:Go to the mini islands near the lighthouse and enter the pipe for a 
short slide. Use the hover Nozzle to hover high. Carefully reach the platform at the 
end for a Shine Sprite.  

 Get to a flag rooftop and hover to the bell. Wash it, then ground pound the 
manholes to reach a Shine Sprite underground. For a better description in this, head 
to later this month to see a video on this. 

 There's a guy on a rooftop who'll throw you for a coin. Keep paying him a coin to 
throw you until he throws you in a building with a Shine Sprite. 

 A crate smashing game is held in a building. Smash the crates with ground pounds in 
30 seconds to win 1 Shine Sprite, then exit the bulding and reenter to play a more 
difficult version for the guy's final Shine Sprite. 

 There are several Blue Coins in the game. Get 10 of them and go to the boathouse 
and talk to the shopkeepers for a Shine Sprite. 

 Hold on! I'll continue the hunt for Shine Sprites later.  

Worlds' enterances:Go through the save Peach event(First Chase). 
 Get 3 Shine Sprites, then head for the boathouse and shoot the center goop until 
the piranha comes out, then spray water in its mouth 3 times to enter Ricco Harbor. 

 Obtain 5 Shine Sprites and head for the lighthouse(you'll know what to do) to enter 
Gelato Beach. 

 Own 10 S.S.(Shine Sprite(s)) then find a bowser tank. After it escapes, use the red 
cannon near the boat path for a trip to Pinna Park. 

 Beat Episode 4 of Pinna Park, then chase the fake Mario and do the same thing when 
saving Peach and he'll drop the Yoshi Egg. Give it the fruit it desires and ride him 
to the rooftop across the Bianco Hills statue and eat the pineapple and jump in the 
pipe to go to Sirena Beach.  

  Yoshi Controls:B-Swallow 
                 A(hold)-jump run 
                 A+control stick spins-Spin jump 
                 A+L-Ground pound 
Notes:Yoshi's juice meter slowly goes down. When it's empty, swallow fruit or it'll 
disappear. If you touch water, Yoshi also disappears. If you get hit, you'll 
dismount him. 

That's all for now!

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