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Camon Valdez

                          TENCHU: THE WRATH OF HEAVEN
                             STEALTH KILLS GUIDE

If you don’t already know how to do each and every stealth kill on this game, then 
you definitely want to read this. If you already know, then this page is of no use 
to you. I own and have beaten all 3 games in the Tenchu series. I have noticed that 
when people are playing, they just get close to the enemy and press attack and hope 
it is a cool looking stealth kill. I’m just going to list every stealth kill for all 
3 characters and describe how to do them.

If you have read the game’s manual, then you should know that the actual stealth 
kill your character will perform depends on your player’s distance and direction of 
approach to the enemy. There are 6 stealth kills for each character, all varying in 
difficulty and phatness. Behind the enemy, from the enemy’s left side, right side, 
front side, over the enemy, and another when the enemy is standing on an uneven 
surface. So, I’ll list the characters and all their stealth kills. These will all be 
listed as though you are facing the same direction as the enemy. The level of 
Phatness is ranked from 1 through 10, with 10 being the ultimate phatness and 1 
being pathetic.

RIKIMARU: Azuma ninja serving Lord Ghoda. He can take more damage than Ayame, but he 
is a little slower. He is more powerful than Ayame. 

1.) From the back: He will slit the enemy’s throat.
Phatness:  3

2.) From the left: He will stab them through the stomach, pull the sword out, spin 
around and do a downward slash.
Phatness: 6

3.) From the right: He will cut around the enemy’s neck while walking in a circle 
around them.
Phatness: 2

4.) From the Front: He will grab the enemy by the shoulder and stab his sword 
through their stomach.
Phatness: 4
5.) In the air: He will stab the sword through the enemy’s back… No matter what 
direction you’re coming from in the air, the attack will always be with enemy facing 
the other way when the sequence starts.
Phatness: 5

6.) Uneven surface: He will jump onto the enemy’s shoulders, stick the sword through 
the top of their head, pull it out, and do a back flip off of them.
Phatness: 10

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<~That’s it for Rikimaru~>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

AYAME : Azuma ninja serving Lord Ghoda. On the second game, she was in love with 
Tatsumaru.  She is quite a bit quicker than Rikimaru, but she can’t take as much 
damage. Her combo attacks are more lethal depending on how many hits she dishes 
out.  Along with the grapple hook combo, you can kill any enemy with no problem.

1.) From the back: she will slit the enemy’s throat with both of her blades
Phatness: 3

2.) From the left: she will do a kick to the head, and then a quick downward slash 
to the back of the neck.
Phatness: 10

3.) From the right: she will flip the enemy onto the ground, straddle their back and 
slit their throat. She will then do a back-hand-spring out of the way while enemy 
falls to the ground.
Phatness: 10

4.) From the front: She will stab the enemy in the gut with both of her blades and 
then fling him/her off of them. 
Phatness: 7

5.) In the air: she will land on the enemy’s head and then flip them over and slam 
them down hard onto the ground on their head… no doubt breaking their neck of course.
Phatness: 10

6.) Uneven surface: She will land on the enemy’s shoulders with her knees on both 
sides of their head, and then rotate her torso and turn the enemy’s head around… 
breaking their neck in the process.
Phatness: 6

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<~That’s it for Ayame~>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

TESSHU: He has nothing to do with Lord Ghoda or the original story line. Tesshu is a 
doctor by day, who works at night for an underground organization called “Muzen.” 
Muzen employs assassins to eliminate individuals who are somehow avoiding punishment 
by the law. Tesshu is unlocked once you complete the game with Rikimaru and Ayame. 
He only has 6 levels. He is way more powerful than Rikimaru, and his stealth attacks 
are freakin’ awesome. He has a few weapons that are unavailable to Rikimaru and 
Ayame. Such as the Bamboo gun, it kills enemies in one hit. He is Slower than 
molasses. You must earn money using stealth kills and finding boxes in the missions 
to buy items to take with you. After stealth killing a guard, money will sometimes 
pop up for you to take. Take a look at all his special abilities when you get him 
(Go to options on the main menu). They are all available from the start, as he does 
not earn kanji for new moves. Anyway, here are his stealth kills.

1.) From the back: He will grab the enemy and stick a needle into the back of their 
neck/skull. (Has anybody seen “The Kiss of The Dragon”???….)
Phatness: 6

2.) From the left: He will snap both of the enemy’s arms, then turn their head 
around backwards and see how many steps they can take before they fall over.
Phatness: 20

3.) From the right: he will grab the enemy, stick his hands into their back, and 
cause some internal damage.
Phatness: 7

4.) From the front: Can you say “Mortal Kombat”? He shoves his hand into their chest 
and rips their heart out… yummy.
Phatness: 20

5.) In the air: He will land on them with his weight and knock them over, landing on 
their back, and snap their spinal column in 2.
Phatness: 10

6.) Uneven surface: He will jump onto the enemy’s shoulders and stick a needle into 
their head. I wouldn’t advise doing this move near ledges because he jumps off of 
the enemy a good ways. 
Phatness: 4

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<~That’s it for Tesshu~>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well, now you know how to do all the cool stuff. Just don’t try any of this stuff on 
your friends and family, they might not appreciate it and you will probably hurt 
yourself. I’m sure my rankings of the level of Phatness of each move will very from 
how much Phatness you think they have, but it’s all gravy. Enjoy.

If you have any questions about anything on this page, email me at 
[email protected] or [email protected] Make sure the subject says 
something about Tenchu so I’ll know not to delete it as junk mail. 

The fine and helpful people at can do whatever they please with this 
document as long as I receive full credit for creating it. 

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