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This FAQ guide is for people who are stuck on the boss levels and just can't seem 
to beat them. Well I'm here to help.
Chapter 1 Boss 1: Hooktail Max HP:20 Attack:1 Defense:0
Hooktail is a dragon who hates things that start with "crick" and end with "et". 
The way to defeat Hooktail is to attack his foot. His weakness is he ate a cricket 
and his stomach can't digest food. Keep attacking and dodging his attacks. Hooktail 
will also trick you. He will say he will give you 1,000 coins or he will give you 
an extra rare badge or let you sniff his feet. But say no to all of them because if 
you say yes to any of them he will eat you and it's Game Over. After you keep 
attacking you he will finally give up and throw up Koopley Koops's father and 
Koopley will give you the 1st Crystal Star.
Chapter 2 Boss 2: Magnus Von Grapple Max HP:60 Attack:3 Defense:3
Magnus Von Grapple is a robot who wants to steal the Crystal Stars. Magnus is a 
little tough. Also his weakness is in his foot. He will use attacks like Magnus 
Punch or other attacks that deal a lot of damage. Keep attacking Magnus untill he 
finally gives up and blows up giving Mario the 2nd Crystal Star.
Chapter 3 Boss 3: Grubba Max HP:60 Attack:3 Defense:4
Grubba is the manager at the Glitz Pit. After you defeat Rawk Hawk you get weird 
messages from a person named 'X'. Grubba will turn into Macho Grubba. Some of his 
attacks are easy to dodge.Keep attacking Grubba untill finally he gives up and 
gives Mario the 3rd Crystal Star. Also Prince Mush (the original Glitz Pit 
Champion) comes back from Grubba's machine and Jolene tells Mario that she was the 
mysterious 'X'.
Chapter 4 Boss 4: Doopliss Max HP:40 Attack:4 Defense:4
Doopliss is a ghost who turned the villagers of Twilight Town into pigs. Doopliss 
will sometimes fly and attack from above. Or he will turn into whoever he copies. 
Copying their attacks. After you beat Doopliss you may think it's over but it's 
not. After defeating Doopliss, Doopliss is in Mario's body. Making Mario look like 
it was Doopliss. When Doopliss copied Mario Doopliss was a purple Mario figure. Now 
Mario is the purple figure. After finding the P in the Creepy Steeple go back to 
Twilight Trail and Doopliss comes out asking to guess his name. Write Doopliss and 
he goes crazy. Next go back to Creepy Steeple. Doopliss will be in the place he was 
as a ghost(Before he copied Mario). You have to fight him and even your own party 
members! After you finally defeat him he will give Mario the 4th Crystal Star.
           The End
P.S. I will be back with Part II real soon!
      Untill then! - SuperMario131-
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