The Bunker Squad - Guide for StarCraft Battle Chest

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Ok This Is A FAQ that will help you to take territory from players at a very rapid 

1st, You Will Need The Following Units:
1. Two Marines.
2. A Firebat.
3. A Ghost.
4. A Medic Or Two.
5. One SCV, (2 or more are better.)
6. A Dropship, (you May Need 2.)
7. 2 Seige Tanks, (Not needed, but highly Reccomended.)
Ok Heres What You Do:
Load all the units into the dropship(s), and take them near enemy territory. Then 
Quickly Build A Bunker And A Missle Turret, (to Spot Cloaked Units) Then Put The 
Marines, Firebat And Ghost Into The Bunker, This Is A Very Powerful Combo. Put the 
SCV's Back in The Dropship. Put the Seige Tanks, If You Used Them) On The Side AWAY 
form The Enemy forces, And Put them into Sige Mode. If The Bunker Takes Damadge, 
Repair It With SCv(s) (more are better here, Faster repairs.) If They Take Damage, 
The Medics Will Heal Them. If Melee Units Come In, I.E. Zealot, IMMEDIATLY Put Tanks 
Into Tank Mode, Or else there no good.

This Works Best If You Make 2 Or More Bunkers Next To Each other.

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