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Tony Hawk's Underground (for the GBA): The Cheats And How To Unlock Them
During the game you may notice at the options menu that there are cheats avaliable 
for you to unlock. "How do I get them?" you might ask to yourself. Well here's how 
to unlock them, you have to play as a pro skater like Bob Burnquist for example in 
the arcade mode and complete all of the goals like collect S-K-A-T-E for example in 
each level. Here's the list of pro skaters you have to play as to unlock the type of 
Complete the goals in each level with...

Tony Hawk, you get Stud Mode
Bob Burnquist, you get Rail Balance
Steve Caballero, you get Always Special
Kareem Campbell, you get Manual Balance
Rune Glifberg, you get Moon Physics
Eric Koston, you get Lip Balance
Bucky Lasek, you get Jet Pack Mode
Bam Margera, you get Matrix Mode
Rodney Mullen, you get Turbo Mode
Chad Muska, you get Eclipse
Andrew Reynolds, you get Crazy Lights
Geoff Rowley, you get Mini Mode
Elissa Streamer, you get No Damage
Jamie Thomas, you get Monkey Mode
Paul Rodriguez + Arto Saari + Mike valley, you get Programmer Art
Now you know how to get the Cheats, but what do they do? Well here's a list 
of what each cheat does.

Stud Mode: ???
Rail Balance: When grinding, you don't have to balance to stay on the rail
Always Special: The special bar is always full so you can keep doing specials even 
if you wipe out
Manual Balance: When you're doing a manual, you don't have to balance to stay on 2 
Moon Physics: When you're in the air it's like being on the moon, no gravity meaning 
you jump more than twice as high than before
Lip Balance: You don't have to balance during a lip trick
Jet Pack Mode: When you're in the air if you hold the jump button, you start to 
levitate like you're wearing a jet pack, you can keep doing tricks as long as you 
want, to drop simply release the jump button
Matrix Mode: When you're in the air, you'll soar in slow motion except for your 
Turbo Mode: You'll go twice your speed basically
Eclipse: The outdoor levels will look as if there's an eclipse, I think
Crazy Lights: The outdoor levels will change colors as if it turns day and 
night every second and at times the colors will keep flashing
Mini Mode: You're the size of a mouse basically
No Damage: When you wipe out, your health bar won't decrease (only works for story 
Monkey Mode: Save and warp icons turn into bananas and everyone except you become 
Programmer Art: Warp icons turn into a giant scribble, the moving car turns into a 
cartoony version of a moving car, and people could look like a strong man, a stick 
figure, etc.
Well there you have it, the cheats and how to unlock them. Just go to the options 
menu at the main menu and go to cheats, you can turn on the cheats there. I'll try 
to make the unfinished and wrong information turn to the finished and right 
information as much as I can later on.
Email me for any questions, comments, and/or complaints on this cheat guide
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