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1 - The Bar
2 - Bonus Room
3 - Outside the Cantina
4 - Game Modes
5 - Episode Bonus Room
6 - Character Abilities
7 - Items
8 - Gold Brics
9 - Cheats
10 - Bounty Hunter Missions
11 - Copyright

Chapter 1: The Bar

     As you first start the game, you will be at the bar. at the bar you can go
through a list of available options. The bar is also called the "Cantina".

Hints: You can purchase hints that can help you out during the game.

Characters: New characters will be unlocked to purchase here as you progress
through the game.

Extras: Purchase secret abilities for your character.

Codes: You can enter Cheat Codes here.

Gold Bricks: You can purchase Gold bricks here.

View Cutscenes: Watch your favorite animated sequence from LEGO Star Wars!

Chapter 2: Bonus Rooms

The Cantina has some restricted areas, only available by the most experienced
Jedi. In these rooms, you can construct doors to new rooms with the Gold Bricks
that you have purchased.

Chapter 3: Outside the Cantina

Every level has 10 Mini-Kits. They contain elements that form part of a special
mini-kit model. Outside, in the junkyard, you can view all of the secret
mini-kit vehicles you have unlocked.

Chapter 4: Game Modes

There are three different modes that you can play in the levels.

Story Mode: When you first access a level, this will be the only available
option. You will have control of preset characters and vehicles.

Free Play Mode: Once you have completed a level in Story Mode, you will be able
to play it in Free Play Mode. You can use your own choice of characters and/or

Challenge Mode: Collect all 10 mini-kits in a time limit and you will get a stud

Chapter 4: Episode Bonus Rooms

In each episode, their is a door leading to a bonus room.

Super Story: Available once you complete all levels in an episode. Allows you to
go through the whole story in sequence and an opportunity for a big stud bonus!

Character Bonus: Unlocked once you complete all levels in an episode. Collect
one million studs in a time limit for a Gold brick. Fastest Times are Recorded.

Mini-kit Bonus: Unlocked once you have completed all levels in the episode and
have one mini-kit model completed. If you collect one million studs in the time
limit, you will get a Gold Brick. Fastest Times are Recorded.

Chapter 6: Character Abilities

There are many abilities that aren't available to every character. Press the "Z"
Button to activate special special abilities.

Force Push: Jedi can Force push droids(excluding Droidekas) into other enemies.

Force Confuse: Jedi can use the force to confuse enemies.

Force lightning/choke: Sith characters can attack with the dark side of the force.

Force Throw: When holding a character in Force Lightning or Choke, move the
control stick around to move them around.

Access Panels: Some doors can only be opened by droids, Bounty Hunters, or

Thermal Detonators: Bounty Hunters can use Thermal Detonators to destroy objects
or characters.

Travel Chutes: Used to access new areas. Only small characters can use Travel

Levers: Most characters can use levers.

Chapter 7: Items

There are many items that can be found in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

Lego Studs: Silver studs add 10 to your total, Gold Lego studs add 100, and Blue
ones are worth 1000!

Hearts: Some items and enemies will reveal Hearts when destroyed or shaken. Use
these to restore your health.

Lego Canisters: 10 Lego Mini-kits are available in each level.

Powerups: Use this to receive special powers for a limited time.

Red Power Bricks: One Red Power Brick is in each level, if you find it you will
unlock a cool new extra that can be purchase at the Cantina.

Gold Bricks: You can get Gold bricks by getting True Jedi, Collecting all 10
mini-kits, or purchasing them at the Cantina.

Chapter 9: Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes into the Cheats section.

Result	                 Code
Admiral Ackbar	        ACK646
Battle Droid Commander	KPF958
Boba Fett Boy	        GGF539
Boss Nass	        HHY697
Captain Tarpals	        QRN714
Count Dooku	        DDD748
Darth Maul	        EUK421
Disguise	        BRJ437
Droid Tri-Fighter	AAB123
Ewok	                EWK785
Force Grapple	        CLZ738
General Grevious	PMN576
Greedo	                ZZR636
IG-88	                GIJ989
Imperial Guard	        GUA850
Imperial Shuttle	HUT845
Jango Fett	        KLJ897
Ki Adi Mundi	        MUN486
Luminara	        LUM521
Padme	                VBJ322
R2-Q5 droid	        EVILR2
Sandtrooper	        CBR954
Stormtrooper	        NBN431
Taun We	                PRX482
TIE Fighter	        DBH897
Tie Interceptor	        INT729
Vulture Droid	        BDC866
Watto	                PLL967
Zam Wesell	        584HJF
Zam's Speeder	        UUU875

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