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Last Edited: June 2, 2004
Medal of Honor Frontline

The Complete Mission Walkthrough


First, you need to find the captain.  He is behind a boat almost straight ahead of 
where you start.  You need to rescue 4 soldiers who are hiding from the machine gun 
bunkers on top of hill.  At each soldier's hiding place, you shoot the  machine gun 
bunker that is shooting at him.  You don't have to be precise.  You just need to 
shoot close to where the bullets are coming from.  After you have rescued the 4th 
soldier, you need to go towards the fence and away from the ocean.  There you 
to the captain's orders.  Run across towards the Belgium gate down the fence.  You 
have to get the soldier who is waiting there and transport him back to the 
He blows a hole in the fence.  Run to the base of the left bunker.  The captain 
meets you there and tells you to go across the mine field towards the right 
Go down into the little passageway and shoot the guys guarding it.  Climb up the 
ladder to the right of the entrance and man the machine gun.  Shoot all the guys 
come and try to shoot you.  They stand down in the passageway trying to shoot you.  
After that, you aim towards the MG Nests.  Aim towards the brownish rock part right 
below the nests.  Shoot the machine gun towards there until it blows up.  Then do 
the other nest.  Climb down the ladder and turn right down the passageway.  Wait 
the captain and his men.  You have completed the mission.


You start the mission in the same passageway that you ended in for YOUR FINEST 
HOUR.  Don't jump out just yet.  One man jumps out and is killed by the man in the 
machine gun bunker.  There is an explodable barrel right in front of the bunker.  
Jump out quickly, shoot the barrel, and go in.  If you miss the barrel, jump back 
behind the wall and try again.  After you shoot the barrel, run down the ramp and 
run around the circular hallway.  Don't go up the stairs yet.  Kill three guys.  
are right after the stairs in the next room.  The other is in the machine gun 
bunker.  Once you've killed them, man the machine gun and shoot the guys jumping 
down into the passageway.  There's about 5 of them I think.  Go back to the stairs 
and kill the two guys who just came down from them.  Then go up the stairs.  Kill 
the guy about halfway up the stairs.  You get to an intersection right after the 
stairs.  Go right first  and go into the room.  Kill the guy and destroy the radio 
link.  Go back and go the other way at that intersection.  You'll walk into a room 
that has two guys in it.  Kill them and kill the guy in the next room to.  The next 
room is the ladder room.  There is a field surgeon pack there.  When you're are 
ready, climb up the ladder.  Stay right in that room.  If you did it correctly, 
there will be a guy coughing and he isn't noticing you.  One shot to the head with 
an M1 Garand will do the trick (maybe two).  There is one guy in the next hallway.  
Kill him and be by the door you just went through when you do.  Get your M1 Garand 
out and you'll see a guy hanging down from the ladder.  Shoot him in the head and 
continue on into the next room where you kill one guy.  Collect ammo before moving 
into the rocky passageway.  Kill the guys in there and you'll reach a room with 
of boxes.  Shoot the three guys in there also.  Kill the guy in the next 
passageway.  When you get to the next room,  duck before entering.  Get out your M1 
Garand and crawl about halfway down the row of stacked boxes.  Peek through and 
you'll see two guys sitting next to an oil barrel.  Shoot the barrel and that is 
easy elimination of those two guys.  There is a field surgeon pack there also.  
Shoot the guys in the next room.  Go over by the table and follow the tight hallway 
around into a closet.  Collect ammo and other goodies in there, along with the 
grenades.  Go back and enter the next hallway.  There is one guy on each side of 
you.  Kill one quickly so you can easily kill the other.  Get the field surgeon 
and continue down the hallway.  Climb up the next ladder and go into the room.  
the guy by smacking him with your Thompson or shoot him.  Just conserve your ammo.  
Blow up the radio too.  Go into the room straight across from the ladder room.  
the door and step just inside.  Get out your M1 Garand.  Shoot the center guy 
first.  Then shoot the two farthest guys and then the two closest guys.  They won't 
notice you until you shoot their partner at the machine gun.  After the captain has 
marked the far gun deck on the other side, you'll see a red box appear.  Place the 
smoke grenade there by using the action button.  Go back out and go through the 
to the outside.  Kill the guy there and you have completed the mission.



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