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                     Olimars Disaster (continued)

                 The journey began well. With no set destination in mind,
                    I simply allowed the sleek Dolphin to make it's own 
                    efficient way through the vast reaches of space.A 
                    strange feeling came over me... I then felt a premonition
                    that my short trip would soon become an epic adventure.
                    I dismissed the thought as foolishness from my overactive
                    brain,then switched the Dolphin to autopilot and stood up
                    from the control seat to make a hot cup of tea.Just then,
                    a massive jolt shook the Dolphin!For a brief moment,my
                    mind reeled with the possibilities of what might have 
                    happened, but I had little time to react.I was thrown against
                    the control panel,and I blacked out.

                 When I came to,I found that the Dolphin had crashed on a strange
              planet,in a place whose name and location I could not guess.I thanked
              the laws of chaos that I was at least,for the time,safe.After some
              inspection,I noticed that the Dolphin was so shaken during reentry
              that several of her pieces have been jarred loose,probably scattered
              around the planet.To make matters worse,my space suit's sensors 
              indicated that the planets atmosphere contained oxygen,an element
              incredibly deadly to my people.Fortunately,the life-support system
              built into my suit seemed unharmed,but I knew that it only enough
              remaining battery power to function for another 30 days.If I only could
              find the engine,then at least I could fly within this planet's
              atmosphere to search for the other parts...

                 Will I be able to find the missing parts from my spaceship? Will I
              be able to return safely to my home and family? I must steel myself
              against fear and loneliness if I am to ever see them again.

                 I have decided to record all of my observations and experiences in
              my journal until I am able to leave this forbidding planet.My only hope
              lies in the promise of two strange encounters that I had today.The
              first was the discovery of a large object,similar to the onions on my
              planet.But it was enormous,and rested on three legs.The other was the
              appearance of a small life-form eerily similar in appearance to my
              planet's miniature carrots.I have decided to name this small 


                           A Button = Pick Sprout/Throw Pikmin
                           B Button = Whistle
                           X Button = Separate/Dismiss
                           C Stick = March
                           Y Button = View Map (after you get the whimsical radar)
                           L Button = Move Camera ( after you meet the red pikmin)
                           R Button = Zoom In/Out ( after you meet the red pikmin)
                           Z Button = Camera Up/Down ( after you meet the red pikmin)
                           Start/Pause Button = Pause
                           Control Pad = Rest ( press down on it to rest)
                           Control Stick = Walk/Move Cursor

                       Hopefully I will finish this in my last review!

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