The Complete Strategy Guide - Guide for Pikmin

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I will tell you the complete strategy for this game.

                             The Table of Contents
                            The Story (Olimars Disaster)
                             Controls  (Pikmanipulation)
                             Main Idea (All in a Day's Work)
                                  The Impact Site
                                  The Forest of Hope
                                  The Forest Navel
                                  The Distant Spring
                                  The Final Trial
                                   Field Guide(The Creaturesof the Pikmin Planet)
                                 Armored Cannon Beetle
                                 Beady Long Legs
                                 Burrowing Snagret
                                 Emperor Bulblax
                                 Fiery Blowhog
                                 Iridescent Flint Beetle
                                 Pearly ClamClamp
                                 Puffy Blowhog
                                 Smoky Progg
                                 Spotty Bulbear
                                 Spotty Bulborb
                                 Swooping SnitchBug
                                 Water Dumple
                                 Yellow Wollywog
                                 Rocket parts
                                 Main Engine
                                 Eternal Fuel Dynamo
                                 Whimsical Radar
                                 Extraordinary Bolt
                                 Nova Blaster
                                 Shock Absorber
                                 Ionium Jet#1
                                 Radiation Canopy
                                 Geiger Counter
                                 Positron Generator
                                 Gravity Jumper
                                 Automatic Gear
                                 Space Float
                                 Analog Computer
                                 Omega Stabilizer
                                 Guard Satellite
                                 Repair-Type Bolt
                                 Massage Machine
                                 Interstellar Radio
                                 Gluon Drive
                                 UV Lamp
                                 Zirconium Rotor
                                 Pilots Seat
                                 Chronos Reactor
                                 Ionium Jet#2
                                 Secret Safe
                                    Red Pikmin
                                    Yellow Pikmin
                                    Blue Pikmin
                                    Purple Pikmin
                                     Challenge Mode
                                  Olimars Disaster
                                  My name is Captain Olimar. On my homeworld
                              of Hocotate,I am a well-known navigator of the stars.
                              I used my faithful ship,the Dolphin, to carry a small 
                              freight and deep-space minerals from planet to planet.
                              It is still a job of no small importance, and I take 
                              it seriously. 

                              For a long time I Had been working to hard, a tendency
                           of mine, so I decided to take some time of by myself to
                           recuperate. The night before I left, my wife prepared my
                           favorite soup. This soup is a famous dish on my planet, 
                           made with three large onions and hundreds of miniature
                           red,yellow,and blue carrots. Once I had my fill of this 
                           delicous dinner, I climbed into my warm bed and began to
                           think of the leisurely vacation that would start the next
                           morning. I finally fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.
                          Thats all for right now.I will continue this in my next

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