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1.Party mode
2.Story mode
3.Super Duel mode
4.Bonus mode
5.Options mode
6.Mini-games mode
7.FAMPQ(Frequently Asked Mario Party Questions)
8.Special thanks
1.Party Mode- Guide: Eldstar
    1.He is the old star with the beard
    2.He is your first choice when you go to Dream Depot
  B.Importance of Party Mode
    1.It can help you (in the beginning) to gain mini games
      a. you get superduel mode points for playing the mini games
    2.You get to play with your friends/family
    3.You learn to master the boards and mini games along the way
2.Story Mode- Guide: Misstar
    1.She is the pinkish star 
    3.She is the 1st to the right
  B.Importance of Story Mode
    1.To defeat Bowser(well duh!) and Baby Bowser
    2.To save Dreams Everywhere(so korny)
    3.Get mini games and SDM(Super Duel mode)pioints
    4.Have Fun wit it
3.Super Duel Mode- Guide: Skolar
    1.He is the star with the GLASSES and the MOUSTACE
    2.He is the 2nd to the right
  B.Importance of Super Duel Mode
    1.To collect(well buy) the parts for machines
    2.After you make your machine go battle
    3. GOOD LUCK!
4.Bonus Mode- Guide: Mamar 
    1.I think the one with the pink bo
    2.She's 3rd to the right
  B.Importance of Bonus Mode have fun
    2. there are three types of Bonus games:
       a.Volley ball
         1.A team sport with 2 players on each team
         2.You hit the ball and stuff just like normal volley ball
       b.Ice hockey
         1.A team sport with 2 players on each team with one goaly who is a shy guy
         2.Good Luck!
       c.Card Party
         1.try to get the stars  
5.Options- Guide: Kalmar
    1.He is 2nd to the left or 4th to the right
  B.Importance of Options Mode
    1.TO change settings
    2.listen to voices
6.Mini Game Mode- Guide: Muskular
    1.Cute dude with salor hat
    2. He is the 1st to the left or 5th to the right
  B.Importance of Mini Game Mode have fun get SDM points
Frequently Asked Mario Party Questions
Q: How do I go to the options?
A: Go To Kalmar.
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Special Thanks
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