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  This is the code cruncher here with my first game FAQ (I’m so proud); now time to 
destroy those cocky Chrono Trigger bosses!


   Luckily the first boss has no real tricks, his main power is his counter attacks 
(they do not trigger when he is too close to your team.  Now hopefully you have been 
leveling up your characters, and been learning those Techs, if you didn’t, bad 
player (note: I’m trying to be politically correct here so please humor me), so go 
back and learn those techs.  Techs needed are: Cyclone, Slurp Cut, and well, Lucca 
has no needs right now.  My strategy is to keep using Crono and Frog’s X-Strike, and 
use Lucca to heal the others went they’re hurt use her to attack if you wish, but 
she’ll deal minimum damage, plus it’s risky.  Yakra has 920 HP and rewards you with 
50 EXP, 5 Tech points, and 600 G.  That’s it for Yakra, now that wasn’t too hard was 

Dragon Tank

   This is the first boss that is at least somewhat hard, but you should defeat it, 
you are my student after all.  Now, in the previous room, you figure out that the 
Dragon Tank’s Head has a shield that protects the Tank from Lightning or Fire based 
attacks and heals the other parts and itself by 75 HP, OFTEN, so defeat it first.  
Just have both characters attack until the Head has had it (it has 266 HP), also 
Lucca should heal Crono and herself when they are low on HP.  After the Head bites 
the dust, the rest of the of the body should be easy, now you can use Fire Whirl on 
the rest of the body, but it is a better strategy to use Lucca mainly to heal, 
seeing that you do not have a decent medic yet.  In summary, have Lucca heal, and 
Crono use Cyclone on the rest of the parts until they are destroyed, I personally 
like to use Crono to just attack, but I’ll just leave that to your playing style to 
choose.  That’s it for the Dragon Tank, are you ready, because the game is only just 
beginning, you have 27 more bosses to go not including the optional bosses, sounds 
easy huh, well you are my student after all.  The Dragon Tank body has 600 HP, the 
wheels have 208 HP, and the creature as a whole will reward you with 40 EXP, 5 Tech 
points, and 500 G, my god, Yakra was more rewarding!

Guardian, 2 Bits

   This is one of the most technical boss you will encounter, so be prepared, it’s a 
good idea to have every ones first two Techs for this battle.  First of all do not, 
and I repeat, do not attack the Guardian until the two Bits have been destroyed 
first, otherwise they will perform a delta attack that will deal great damage.  To 
kill this enemy, first hit the two Bits with Fire Whirl, after two hits a Bit should 
be destroyed, if not, start your training you lazy bum!  After the Bits are out of 
the way, the Guardian is yours to destroy.  However the Guardian will launch new 
Bits after a five count, so hit it with Crono’s sword (to conserve MP).  Why not use 
Fire Whirl, why you might ask, because the Guardian is very strong against fire-
based attacks.  Just repeat this strategy to defeat the Guardian and the Bits; also, 
you can leave one bit active so the Guardian cannot launch replacement Bits, but the 
Guardian and the one Bit will still carry out a delta attack, just not as strong, a 
risky strategy, but it works.  The Guardian has 1200 HP and the two Bits each have 
200 HP, and will reward you with 300 EXP, 5 Tech points, and 1000 G.  There you go, 
the Guardian defeated, are you ready to continue I wonder?


   Krawlie, by far the easiest boss, at least to me.  Krawlie’s most powerful attack 
will take you down to 1 HP, now don’t worry Krawlie does not know how to use the 
attack right.  A good idea is to equip Crono with the Rage Band beforehand so that 
Crono will counter attack Krawlie, and that’s it!  Krawlie is pathetic he has only 
500 HP!  Krawlie will reward your efforts with 100 EXP, 5 Tech points, and 500 G.  
This is a boss that you will encounter in the Swear Access, at this point and time 
in the game he is optional, but you will have to fight him sooner or later.


   If you have been training like I keep suggesting, the R-Series should be an easy 
fight.  Most would suggest taking Lucca with you, but I like taking Marle with me, 
so that I can use Aura Whirl to save myself from peril, but again I will let your 
playing style be the judge of that.  With Marle you should have Crono focus on 
Cyclone attacks on the middle robot, and it should take little time to destroy the R-
Series.  With Lucca focus on Fire Whirl Techs on the center robot to take out both 
lines.  The R-Series tend to focus attacks on a specific character, so watch out.  
The R-Series have 180 HP each, which is quite pathetic when you think about it.  The 
R-Series will reward you with 480 EXP, 6 Tech points, and 600 G.


   Now Spekkio is not a boss, but just for the heck of it here’s my strategy to 
defeat Spekkio the very first time!  Have Crono and Lucca focus their newly acquired 
Lightning and Fire spells on Spekkio (for physical attacks will miss him 100% of the 
time) and have Marle heal everyone with Aura when needed, if you do not hold off 
Marle’s turn, you will not be able to heal characters quickly enough.  One thing, 
never use items, because you do not lose when Spekkio defeats the team, and you will 
lose the item the second you use it.  If Spekkio defeats one of your characters just 
leave them down, because you cannot afford to waste time when fighting Spekkio the 
first time.  With those pointers in mind you should defeat Spekkio, but remember, 
there still is an element of luck to beating the master of war.

The Heckran is only vulnerable to magic based attacks, so hit it constantly with 
Antipode and Lightning.  When the Heckran taunts you to attack, DO NOT ATTACK, 
attacking at this point and time will cause a powerful counter attack, so be wary 
you are forewarned, so just heal until the Heckran returns to his normal stance.  I 
personally have noticed that you do not need to train before fighting the Heckran, 
because I have done so and succeeded, but it is still a good idea to train, not for 
this battle perhaps, but for the future, keep that in mind because I will make 
strategies prepared for battle prepared warriors.  The Heckran has 2100 HP, and will 
reward you with 250 EXP, 10 Tech points, and 1500 G.

   Zombor I found was easy.  To have the easiest time have a party of Crono, Marle, 
and Lucca.  First hit the top portion of Zombor with Ice and weapons to destroy the 
top part, do not defeat the bottom part first, or the top half will hit you with a 
powerful attack.  Once the top half is destroyed it will drop the character that 
killed it’s MP down to 1, after that destroy the bottom part with Crono’s katana 
(the name of the type of sword he uses) and Lucca’s Fire spell.  Zombor has 960 HP 
on the top portion, and 800 for the bottom part.  The beast shall reward you with 
350 EXP, 10 Tech points, and 1500 G.

Masa, Mune

   Masa and Mune are easy for those that know them, but are difficult to those that 
know nothing.  You only need to defeat one of the brothers for the fight to be over, 
I like to attack Mune (on the left) because he will not counter attack you, but if 
you attack Masa the brothers will counter you with they’re version of the X-Strike.  
Like always, you should designate one character (Marle) to heal the others.  Masa 
and Mune have 1000 HP each, and they reward you with 400 EXP, 4 Tech points, and 600 
G.  Ready for the next round?  It will be you and the first imperial boss of the 
game (imperial is how I refer to bosses that belong to different boss battle music, 
other than the original boss music).


   Masamune is like any other boss in the game however is much stronger than your 
troops.  So how do I survive, you might ask.  Well my pointers will help you out, 
like always, have one character designated to healing, and attack with the most 
powerful attacks you have.  Note that when Masamune is storing its tornado energy; 
use Crono’s Slash Tech to dissipate the energy, thus defeating the Masamune’s best 
attack!  With that the Masamune shall be yours, well, what’s left of it.  Masamune 
has 3600 HP, and rewards you with 500 EXP, 10 Tech points, and 1500 G.  Well, 
congratulations on your first imperial boss!


   Nizbel is really easy, you can only hurt Nizbel when he is “ shocked” and will be 
unable to move for a while!  After that you can attack the cretin without fear, 
however after a while Nizbel will release the electricity that you shocked it with 
dealing decent damage, but if you shock him again that electrical discharge becomes 
Nizbel’s only attack.  Nizbel has 4200 HP, and rewards you with 500 EXP, 10Tech 
points, and 0 G, what a rip off for G! 


   At first you will see a question mark beside Flea’s name, in truth this is not 
Flea!  After you defeat the pathetic Juggler.  Then the Real Flea will reveal 
himself (?!) and can be a cunning opponent.  Since Flea is strong against all magic, 
you must use physical means to defeat him (?!), use X-Strike repeatedly to defeat 
Flea, that is my strategy.  An attack to beware of is Flea’s Waltz Of The Wind, it 
induces chaos, so use a lot Heals.  Flea has 4120 HP, and will reward you with 500 
EXP, 10 Tech points, and 1000 G.  After that take the Magic Tab Flea leaves behind, 
I’m sure he (?!) won’t mind!


   Slash is a little harder than Flea because he lasts two battles.  The first one, 
he completely underestimates you, and does almost nothing, so don’t use a lot of MP 
now, later is where you’ll need it.  In the second battle, Slash shows his true 
power.  Most of Slash’s attacks can drain you of half of your HP, so he is pretty 
dangerous.  Another thing, Slash’s katana, the Slasher, highly raises his Magic 
defense so that only physical attacks can hurt him, and the Slasher (I like the name 
of that weapon) raises his speed, so he will be a threat, you must have a good medic 
to win, but do not worry, Slash is not that bad, but if you have not been keeping up 
with training (hopefully you have) Slash can be troublesome.  Well, like Flea, Slash 
has high magic defense, so go fisticuffs, in other words, use X-Slash repeatedly.  
Also keep in mind that you need a good medic (remind you of someone?), after the 
bout, grab Slash’s Slasher; again I don’t think he’d mind, and prepare for the 
trials of the Grand Green One.


   Ozzie really isn’t a boss, but he has boss music, so.  The only way to defeat 
Ozzie is to attack winches behind him, eventually you will drop Ozzie into a pit.  
Now are you ready for the hardest boss in the entire game (to me), Magus is your 
next imperial boss, and he is also the coolest villain in the history of Squaresoft 
(to me).


  Magus, the coolest but hardest boss in the game.  Don’t believe me, well you will, 
you will my friend.  Magus has a shifting magic barrier that protects him from every 
magic element, save the one he is currently using.  So that means you have to play 
chicken with the Dark Wizard!  Meaning that you have to use the same element Magus 
uses.  What Techs does the Great Magus have, you ask, well, try this on for size: 
Magus has Lightning 2, Fire 2, Ice 2, Geyser (that will slowly drain you of your 
HP), Dark Bomb, and Dark Matter.  So what is your two-bit team supposed to do?  
Well, start by taking a trip down memory lane, remember that the Masamune weakens 
Magus, what it does is it lowers his magical defense every round!  Now strategy 
time, for the Dark Wizard, it’s a good idea to bring Marle along so that she can 
heal the other two, Frog can use Heal, but your amphibian friend will be busy 
carving Magus up with the Masamune.  Just follow that strategy and Magus will be out 
done soon.  But wait, there’s more, when the Dark Wizard is losing he will remove 
his barrier, at this point anything goes!  Magus will then start to focus his power 
to cast Dark Matter, his most powerful spell will deal 200+ points of damage to each 
character!  Afterwards HEAL, that is the most important thing to do after Dark 
Matter, then continue to cast your most powerful spells, don’t worry Magus’ barrier 
does not exist anymore, I checked.  Magus has 6666 HP, so it will take awhile to 
defeat Magus, the Dark Lord rewards you with 1500 EXP, 15 Tech points, and 3000 G.  
Well, that’s it for Magus, see, I told you he was hard; don’t argue with your 

Nizbel II

   Nizbel II is the same as the first Nizbel, however is stronger and this time will 
move even when shocked!  Nizbel II reminds me of Yakra, they both share a similar 
Tech list.  A productive team consists of Crono, Ayla, and Frog, you’ll want Frog to 
attack and use Heal when needed, and you’ll want to have Crono and Ayla’s Volt Bite 
Tech, it will deal considerable damage, and gets better each round!  Remember, heal, 
and attack with Volt Bite, sounds familiar right?  A thing to keep in mind, Nizbel 
II has an attack that deals poison, I have never seen it, but I hear that attack 
exists, so watch for it, and tell me if it really does exist.  Well, just keep 
going, and the Nizbel II will fall in no time.  Nizbel II has 4200 HP, and rewards 
you with 880 EXP, 15 Tech points, and 0 G.

Azala, Black Tyrano 

   This is your third imperial boss, so watch out.  Defeat Azala with magic, because 
while the king of lizards is active, the Black Tyrano will not drop its unbeatable 
defense.  After Ayla’s nemesis hits the ground, the Black Tyrano will eventually 
drop its defense to charge its attack.  While its defense is lowered, the Black 
Tyrano will roar, what it is doing is counting down for its attack.  So what you do 
is, while the Black Tyrano’s defense is down you attack it with all your might.  
Once the Black Tyrano’s attack is ready, it will launch a fire attack that will hit 
every one twice!  A good idea is to have equipped as many characters as possible 
with Ruby Vests, or Ruby Armor, beforehand so that you will take less damage from 
thee Black Tyrano’s fire attack.  After its fire attack, the Black Tyrano will set 
up its defenses again, so it would be a good idea to heal.  After it lowers its 
defense again, launch you best Dual Techs to defeat the creature quickly, so you 
don’t have to go though that fire mess again!  Azala has 2700 HP, and the Black 
Tyrano has 10500 HP, man that’s a lot of HP!  The fight will reward you with 1800 
EXP, 25 Tech points, and 0 G.  Also now that Ayla has joined your group, you have 
the opportunity to steal items from enemies with her Charm Tech, and I will tell you 
what you can steal at this point on, if you see nothing in this area, that means 
there’s nothing to steal, Azala has a Magic Tab, and the Black Tyrano has a Power 
Tab to steal.


  The Golem is a powerful creature that I, nor the game, expect you to win.  It is a 
hard up hill battle if you decide to defeat it.  Since it is my duty to give you a 
strategy, a strategy I shall give, the Golem will not have many attacks to begin 
with, but as you attack it, the Golem will copy physical, fire, lightning, and water 
based attacks.  A fearful attack is the Golem’s Energy Ball attack, and the Iron Orb 
(which will drop you HP by half).  The Golem’s fire attacks seem to be powerful, so 
Lucca is not a good person to bring into the fray for this battle.  I like to bring 
Ayla and Frog along, so that your amphibian friend can deal damage, but to use Heal 
each round.  The Golem has 7000 HP, and if you defeat it, the Golem will reward you 
with 1000 EXP, 35 Tech points, and 2000 G.  If you are going to lose, and you know 
it, try to gain some dignity by stealing a Magic Tab from the Golem.

Blue Beast, Red Beast, Mud Imp

   This cute but surprisingly difficult trio can reduce HP quickly.  The Mud Imp 
heals every creature and becomes a problem, however you cannot damage it 
sufficiently until the two Beasts are gone.  My ideal party is Crono, Marle, and 
Lucca, so that you are magically even, because, as you might have thought, the Red 
Beast is weak against water, but absorbs fire, and the Blue Beast is weak against 
fire, but absorbs water.  Now a good strategy is to hit the Blue Beast with Fire, 
and have Marle alternate between attacking with Ice on the Red Beast and healing 
everyone.  Crono can hurt each creature with Lightning 2, so use that each round.  
After each Beast hit the ground, that pesky Mud Imp is yours to give F.U.B.A.R to.  
The Blue Beast has 5000 HP, the Red Beast also has 5000 HP, and the Mud Imp has 1200 
HP, and they reward your efforts with 954 EXP, 22 Tech points, and 2600 G.  You can 
steal a Mermaid Cap from the Blue Beast, an Elixir from the Red Beast, and a Speed 
Tab from the Mud Imp.

Giga Gaia

   I suggest that you use a team of Crono, Frog, and Ayla.  Before you can even 
move, expect two attacks that will deal great damage, so you see where it is good to 
have an accomplished medic.  After you recover you should get those pesky arms out 
of the way, use Volt Bite, and follow that up with Leap Slash from Frog, and that 
should destroy an arm, if not repeat.  I suggest you take out the left arm, because 
the right arms only purpose is to heal, just ignore it and hit the head with Volt 
Bite and any other good Tech you have.  After a few rounds the head will reconstruct 
the arm, but with less HP, and only one Volt Bite should be needed to destroy it.  
Your real enemy is the head, destroy that and the rest of the creature goes, so 
after the left arm is destroyed continue to hit the head with Volt Bite or some 
other powerful Dual Tech.  Continue with that tactic and the head will fold up 
soon.  The head has 9500 HP, the attack (left) arm has 2000 HP and so does the 
defense (right) arm.  Giga Gaia will reward you with 3000 EXP, 30 Tech points, and 
3000 G.  You can steal a Speed Tab from the head.


   Dalton is pathetic, there is only one thing he has that is a threat to you, and 
that is his Iron Orb, but he really isn’t a threat.  Only one thing I can suggest, 
and that is to make sure you have a good medic, and that’s it, Dalton really does 
not have any power he will let out a weak final attack, be warned.  Dalton has 3500 
HP, and will reward you with 1000 EXP, 30 Tech points, 2500 G.  You can steal a 
Power Meal from Dalton, which increases your HP by 10 points, wow. 

Golem Twins

   This battle is the same as the last one, however twice as hard, there are two 
Golems, and they can be a problem.  I can suggest nothing more than you already know 
about the Golem, just be prepared with the best equipment you can muster, and have a 
good medic, if Marle has Cure 2 she will be a god sent.  If you have Luminaire, that 
would be a help, but I like to use Confuse, because if you kill both at the same 
time, both will use Dalton’s final attack.  Both Golems should reward you with 2000 
EXP, 35 Tech points, and 4000 G.  You can steal two Magic Tabs from this battle, one 
from each Golem.


   There is no way to beat this boss, well, unless you’re on a new game+.  The only 
thing I suggest is to just let Lavos beat you, which should be easy seeing that he 
will attack right off the bat with Destruction Rains From The Heavens, dealing over 
1000 points of damage to each character.  Lavos has 30000 HP, and does not reward 
you.  Lavos counts as an imperial boss.

Golem Boss

   This is another easy fight, the Golem Boss will threaten you and count down, but 
will do nothing!  Seeing that the “ almighty” Golem Boss is afraid of heights, he 
will do nothing to you while you sink in your best Techs to destroy it to gain EXP.  
The Golem Boss has 15000 HP, and rewards you with 2500 EXP, 40 Tech points, and 2000 

Dalton Plus

   Dalton Plus is really weak!  Believe me, he cannot defeat you!  So just sink in 
your best Techs to defeat this cocky bigmouth.  Dalton Plus has no difference in HP, 
its still 3500 HP.  Dalton Plus will reward you with 2500 EXP, 40 Tech points, and 
200 G.


   This is an optional bout with Magus.  This time around Magus seems weak, because 
his shifting magic barrier is no longer existent.  There are two ways to battle 
Magus, if you have Frog in the party, he will fight Magus alone, which is actually 
quite hard.  However, with a team without Frog, you fight the Dark Wizard three on 
one, which is quite easy; just sink in your best Techs to defeat the Dark Lord.  
Remember, this is an optional fight, and I think it would be a good idea to not 
fight Magus, but if you desire revenge more.  Magus has the same HP, 6666, and will 
reward you with 3000 EXP, 50 Tech points, and 4000 G.  You can steal a Megalelixir 
from Magus.  Magus counts as an imperial boss.

Lavos Spawn

   These bosses are not really hard; you can defeat them easily with my pointers.  
Use only single target hitting attacks, because if you hit the shell, the creature 
will counter attack you with a powerful attack.  If you brought along Magus, you can 
cast Dark Eternal (based on your own experience) to kill a Lavos Spawn effortlessly, 
there are three of them on the mountain.  The mouth of a Spawn has 4000 HP, and the 
shell has 10000 HP, the creature will reward you with 747 EXP, 120 Tech points, and 
500 G.  You can steal an Elixir from a Spawn.


   These bosses are completely optional on your part, but wield great prizes for 
their defeat.  Since it is my job to only give you the strategies for these bosses, 
I’m not going to tell you where they are (well, not in this FAQ).

Flea Plus 

Flea Plus is too easy, so there is no real strategy here, just sink in your Techs 
and Flea will flee.  Flea Plus has 2500 HP, and will reward you with 2000 EXP, 20 
Tech points, and 2000 G.

Super Slash

   Super Slash is laughable; in this round he has no power.  Just pump in your Dual 
Techs to defeat him and he’ll run.  Super Slash has 2500 HP, and will reward you 
with 2000 EXP, 20 Tech points, and 2000 G.

Great Ozzie, Super Slash, Flea Plus

   As a trio they can be quite devastating, meaning that the previous fights were 
just bait!  A good strategy is to take out Super Slash a soon as possible, with him 
out of the picture; the trio’s Delta Attack becomes obsolete once he’s gone.  After 
Super Slash dies, Flea will be ready to run for the hills, so defeat him (?!) fast.  
With his minions gone, Ozzie is totally deserving of your wrath, pump him full of 
strong Dual Techs, and nightmarish Triple Techs to defeat him, and away he goes.  
Great Ozzie has 6000 HP, Super Slash has 4000 HP, and Flea Plus has 4000 HP.  The 
trio will reward you with 7500 EXP, 80 Tech points, and 4000 G.  You can steal Super 
Slash’s Slasher II, Great Ozzie’s Ozzie Pants (worn on head), and Flea Plus’ Flea 
Vest.  They are one of the 11 imperial bosses.

Son Of Sun

   There is no strategy to this fight, because you cannot hurt the Son Of Sun 
directly.  To do damage, you must find the IT flame amongst the other flames.  The 
IT flame will deal 200+ points of damage to the Son Of Sun each time it is hit, but 
if you miss it, the other flames will counter attack.  A good thing to make sure you 
have is Ruby Mails for each character, so they are not hurt as much by the fire 
attacks the Son Of Sun uses.  Be warned that the Son Of Sun will rotate the fames so 
that the IT flame is never in the same place too long.  The Son Of Sun has 2100 HP, 
and will reward you with 3800 EXP, 40 Tech points, and 2000 G.

Atropos XR

   This one you go with Robo alone, but if your clunky metal friend has Robo Tackle, 
that is all you need.  The strategy here is to keep using Robo Tackle, for it is 
your strongest attack unless you have Shock, and use Cure Beam when you are getting 
low on HP, if you happen to hit the danger mark use a Full Tonic quick, then 
continue my strategy.  Atropos XR has 6000 HP, and will reward you with nothing.

Mother Brian, 3 Displays 

   Since the three Displays behind the Mother Brain heal the Mother Brain, I suggest 
you take out two of the three, why only two, you might ask, well, because the Mother 
Brian goes berserk when all three Displays are gone.  So do as I said, and take out 
two Displays, then take out the with physical attacks (they have 1 HP, so don’t 
worry), then take out the Mother Brain with your most powerful single target Techs 
to destroy the Mother Brain.  The Mother Brain has 5000 HP, and rewards you with 
3000 EXP, 40 Tech points, and 3000 G.  You can steal a Blue Mail from the Mother 
Brain, and one Elixir from each Display.

Rust Tyrano 

   The Rust Tyrano is the same as the Black Tyrano from 64000000 BC, however has 
much more HP.  Use the same strategy to defeat the Rust Tyrano as you did for the 
Black Tyrano.  Remember to equip armor that protects you from fire and you’ll be 
fine.  The Rust Tyrano has 25000 HP, and rewards you with 3800 EXP, 40 Tech points, 
2000 G.  You can steal a Red Mail from the Rust Tyrano. 

Yakra XIII

   Yakra XIII is out to kill you, and has enough Techs to do it, however he is not 
very powerful.  If there were a reason to fear Yakra XIII it would have to be his 
chaos inducing Blizzard attack.  Near the end of the bout Yakra XIII will start 
using the Needle Spin attack, and will use final attack that hit all three 
characters, so make sure your HP are above 100 to stay out of trouble.  Yakra XIII 
has 18000 HP, and will reward you with 3500 EXP, 40 Tech points, and 2000 G.  You 
can steal a White Mail from Yakra XIII. 


   The Retinite is a fierce monster; it will attack frequently so a good healer is a 
must.  There are three parts to this monster, the Upper, Lower, and Core.  Both 
Upper and Lower parts attack, and the Core is there for the upper and lower part to 
drain of HP.  To defeat this foe you must cast water magic to lower its defense, 
then attack, hen cast another water spell, and so on and so forth, get the picture?  
If the core is destroyed first, the rest of the creature will go mad, and attack 
more fiercely, so get rid of the core last, if you can.  The most powerful attacks 
it has are its HP drain techniques, they will drop your HP by 200+, and the Retinite 
will gain the HP.  The core has 1000 HP, the Upper part has 5000 HP, and the Lower 
part has 4800 HP.  The Retinite will reward you with 2600 EXP, 100 Tech points, and 
2000 G.  You can steal a Speed Tab from the Core.  

Mega Mutant

   There are no tricks to defeating the Mega Mutant, so just use your most powerful 
attacks to defeat the top part first, since its tougher.  The Upper part of the Mega 
Mutant has 4600 HP, and the Lower has 3850 HP.  It will reward you with 900 EXP, 50 
Tech points, and 1500 G.  You can steal an Elixir from the Upper part, and a Vigil 
Hat from the Lower part.

Giga Mutant

   The Giga Mutant proves to be much harder than the previous Mutant.  The Mutant 
has high defense to physical attacks, so use magic, Crono’s Luminaire and Magus’ 
Dark Matter are particularly effective.  Like always, I suggest a good person to act 
as medic and sink in your most powerful attacks fast.  The Upper part has 5800 HP, 
and the Lower part has 4950.  The Giga Mutant will reward you with 1500 EXP, 80 Tech 
points, and 2000 G.  You can steal a Wall Ring from the Upper part, and a Hit Ring 
from the Lower part.

Terra Mutant

   Some ground rules to start; first never attack the Lower part, it will not deal 
damage, and it will lower the offending character’s HP down to 1.  Weapons cannot 
hit the Upper part, so magic is the way to go.  Use attacks such as Luminaire, Dark 
Matter, and Flare to defeat this foe.  I have noticed that the Upper part drains HP 
from the Lower part frequently, so in essence, the Upper part has 27800 HP at its 
disposal.  After the Lower part runs out of HP to restore the Upper part, the 
creature will die.  The Upper part has 7800 HP, and the Lower part has 20000 HP, and 
the Terra Mutant will reward your efforts with 2000 EXP, 100 Tech points, and 3800 
G.  You can steal a Muscle Ring from the Upper part, and a Power Seal from the Lower 

Lavos Spawn

   This Spawn is much tougher than the ones on Death Peak, the Mouth’s HP is doubled 
and its attack power is large.  Seeing that this Spawns HP is much higher, the Dark 
Eternal strategy is risky, so use a team of Crono, Frog, and Ayla, so Crono can use 
Confuse, Frog can use Leap Slash, and Ayla can use Triple Kick, and things will go 
by swiftly.  Another thing to use Frog for is have him act as medic, to use Cure 2 
on an injured comrade.  The Spawn’s mouth has 10000 HP, and the Shell has 13500 HP.  
The Lavos Spawn will reward you with 2450 EXP, 120 Tech points, and 2500 G.  You can 
steal a Haste Helmet from the Mouth, and a Safe Helm from the Shell.

Queen Zeal

   Queen Zeal is easy; she will attack with an attack called Hallation, which will 
bring everyone’s HP down to 1, so use a Megaelixir soon after.  Just hit Zeal with 
powerful Techs until she calls the battle to an end.  Zeal has 12000 HP, and will 
reward you with nothing (the rest of the bosses reward you with nothing, so I’ll 
close down this section).   You can steal a Megaelixir from Zeal.  An alternate 
strategy: after being hit with Hallation use Frog’s Frog Squash, and Ayla’s Dino 
Tail, with this strategy, you can defeat Zeal in two rounds!

Mammon Machine  

   This is a simple fight.  Just use your most powerful magic and when the Mammon 
Machine releases stored energy, it’ll stand still until you kill it.  The Mammon 
Machine has 18000 HP, and you can steal a Megaelixir from it.


   This Zeal is really hard!  Zeal will use Hallation repeatedly so use a Megaelixir 
every time you are hit with Hallation because this Zeal will not be afraid to 
advantage of your weakness.  Other than that Zeal isn’t really hard.  Do not hit the 
Gloves, either magical or physical, because the hands use MP Buster or bring that 
characters HP down to 1, so use single target hitting Techs on the Face only.  The 
best team I find is of Magus, Lucca, and Crono, so that you can use Dark Bomb, Mega 
Bomb, and Confuse on the Face.  The Face has 20000 HP and both Gloves have 28000 
HP.  You can steal a Prism Helm from the Right Glove, a Prism Dress from the Left 
Glove, and a Megaelixir from the Face.  Note: DO NOT USE THE ALTERNATE STRATEGY FOR 
QUEEN ZEAL; doing so could be disastrous.



   This is a collection of most of the bosses encountered, I shall list which ones 
Lavos imitates, use the strategy to defeat these bosses: The Dragon Tank, Guardian 
and the Bits, The Heckran, Zombor, Masamune, Nizbel, Magus (first round), Azala and 
The Black Tyrano, Giga Gaia.  After this wave, you will fight Lavos for real.

   This Lavos is much easier than the one in the Ocean Palace.  Two attacks that you 
should look out for are: Destruction Rains From The Heavens, and Chaotic Zone, 
Destruction Rains From The Heavens is really powerful, and Chaotic Zone can inflict 
chaos on all characters.  Just use your most powerful attacks, and Lavos should die 
soon.  Lavos has 10000 HP this time.

Inner Lavos

   At the start of the battle you should expect to be hit with Laser Beams& Doors Of 
Doom open.  Three attacks to watch out for are: Obstacle that induces chaos on all 
characters, Shadow Slay that can deal poison on all characters, and Shadow Blaze 
that deals great damage and is non-elemental.  The strategy here is to destroy the 
two Arms; how I do that is I have a team of Magus, Crono, and Frog.  Have Magus and 
Crono cast Dark Matter and Luminaire and have Frog use Leap Slash on the Lavos’ Left 
Arm.  Repeat that until both Arms are destroyed, then go all out on he Torso.  
Eventually you should defeat Lavos, are you ready for the last boss I wonder, but 
you are my student, you shall win, I have confidence, but let’s put it this way, I 
did not write this into the long hours of the night for you to lose to some 12- bit 
enemy (technical joke there).  Inner Lavos has 20000 HP, the Right Arm has 8000 HP, 
and the Left Arm has 12000 HP.

Lavos Core

   The Lavos Core consists of three targets: the Lavos Bit, the Center Bit, and the 
Lavos Core.  The Center Bit has all of the most devastating attacks of the Lavos 
Core, and will be a thorn in your side.  The actual Lavos Core has a barrier that 
provides un-beatable defense, and will only go down once one of its Bits is 
destroyed.  Seeing that the Center Bit has too much HP go for the Lavos Bit.  The 
Lavos Bit also has a shield that will absorb any magic, that no doubt causes a 
problem, but one I can solve!  Hit it with Confuse and Leap Slash and the Lavos Bit 
should be destroyed.  After that, wait until the Lavos Core shuts down its defense, 
then hit it repeatedly with Dark Matter, Luminaire, and Leap Slash.  Don’t worry 
about the Center Bit; it too should take damage with the Dark Matter and Luminaire 
assaults.  When the Lavos Core revives the other two bits, use Confuse if it is 
Crono’s turn, if it is Magus’ turn use Dark Matter, why, because the Lavos Bit 
cannot be healed by the attack and the Lavos Core did not turn on its defense yet.  
Just continue with that strategy and you should win in no time.  The Lavos Core has 
30000 HP, the Lavos Bit has 2000 HP, and the Center Bit has 10000 HP.  There you 
beat the game!  Now sit back and enjoy the ending “Beyond Time” and after the 
original Chrono Trigger credits play enjoy your well-deserved CG Movie “the Grand 
Flow Of Time”.  Thank you for reading my game FAQ, and enjoyed it as much as I 







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