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FAQ Title:The Farm Life

                            The Farm Life

                            Table of Contents

                   * The Story

                   * Animals

                   * Crops

                   * Items/Tools

                   * Energy/Stamina

                   * Tips/Tricks

                   * Power Berries
                   * The Town            

                             * The Story *


You have one year to turn things around!! Is fortune smiling upon you? The spirit of 
the abandoned farm just outside town has chosen you to restore its lost prosperity. 
Now it's a matter of hard work,a few tears,and a little luck. The days may be long, 
but you'll have plenty of company from your neighbors and animal friends. The spirit 
promised to return in a year to check up on you, so you'd better roll up your 
sleeves. See if you have what it takes to be a successful farmer. 

                          * Animals *


Dog and Cat
You get to pick which of these you want at the very beginning of the game. Take them 
outside on nice days and bring them in when it rains, an they will sometimes do 
thing for you. the dog will guard animals you leave overnight in the pasture, and 
the cat may drag useful items home.

You don't get your horse until the 10th of Spring, but after he grows up he'll be a 
big help around the farm. You can buy saddlebags and then ride him and use him as a 
portable shipping bin. Don't forget to brush and ride it daily to keep it happy. 

Cows are by far the most profitable, and you can have up to 4. Just remember to 
feed, brush, milk, and talk to them everyday to keep them smiling. You must have 
grass fields before you can buy any though. 
Cow Cost - 5000 G 
Small Milk Price - 150 G 
Large Milk Price - 300 G 
Cheese Price - 500 G 
Butter Price - 500 G 

Chickens are by far the easiest to raise, and you can have up to 4. Just remember to 
feed them everyday and then collect the eggs. The easiest way to get them is to just 
buy one and raise the rest from eggs. You must have grass fields before you can buy 
any though. 
Chicken Cost - 1000 G 
Egg Price - 70 G 
Golden Egg Price - ??? 

                               * Crops *

Season Crop Seed Cost Profit Growth Time Regrowth Time 
Spring Potato 150 G 80 G 6 Days ----- 
 Turnip 120 G 60 G 4 Days ----- 
Summer Tomato 200 G 100 G 9 Days 3 Days 
 Corn 300 G 120 G 13 Days 4 Days 
Autumn Eggplant 150 G 60 G 5 Days ----- 
 Peanut 200 G 60 G 7 Days ----- 
Winter Carrot 300 G 120 G 7 Days ----- 
 Broccoli 500 G 120 G 11 Days ??? 
Other Grass 500 G ----- 10 Days 5 Days 

                                 * Items/Tools *

Tool Level 1 Level 2 
Axe Cuts stumps in 6 hits Cuts stumps in 1 hit 
Hammer Breaks small rocks in 1 hit, large rocks in 6 Breaks large rocks in 1 hit 
Hoe Plows a 1x1 area Plows a 1x6 area 
Sickle Cuts a 1x1 area of grass Cuts a 3x3 area of grass 
Watering Can Waters a 1x1 area Waters a 3x3 area 

Use it to chop tree stumps. You get the Golden Axe if you chop the Goddess Spring 
and tell the truth after the Earthquake.

Use it to break rocks and broken fences. You get the Golden Hammer from the 
Carpenter after you remodel your house as a free gift.

Use it to plow field spaces for planting seeds and watering. If you give the Harvest 
Sprites a lot of mushrooms, they will turn it into the Golden Hoe. 

Use it to cut tall grass. If you give the Harvest Sprites a lot of mushrooms, you'll 
get the Golden Sickle. 

Watering Can
You get the Watering can when you buy your first bag of seeds at the Flower Shop. 
You have to refill when you run out of water. You get the Sprinkler when you buy it 
from Ann, after a while of watering crops.

Buy it from the General Store after you buy your first cow for 800 GP. It keeps your 
cows happy, which gets you a bigger profit. 

Cow Bell
Get the cow bell from the Livestock Owner after you buy your first cow. Use it to 
lead cows where you want them to in the cow shed. 

Buy it from the General Store after your cow matures for 1,800 GP. This milks your 
cows and makes you a lot of money each day. 

Cow Feed
Use these in case you get low on grass to feed your cows. 

Chicken Feed
Use these in case you get low on grass to feed your chickens. 

Use it if one of your cows get sick. 

First Aid Kit
It is an improved Medicine 

Give this to a cow and that particular cow will never get sick again. 

Miracle Potion
Use it on a grown cow to make it give birth to a baby. Happy cows give more profit. 
Make sure to breed at least 1 cow. 

They work just like a portable shipping box, they go on your horse (obviously). 

Butter Churn
Ann will make a Butter Churn when all your cows are producing large milk. It makes 
butter from your milk, increasing profits. 

Cheese Maker
Ann will make a Cheese Maker when all your cows are producing large milk. It makes 
cheese from your milk, increasing profits. 

Fishing Pole
You get this from your grandfather's spirit at the end of the second year if you 
keep your farm. Use it to fish in your underground lake. 

Pick Axe
You will get this as a gift at the end of the first year if you become a Harvest 
Master. Use it to dig through the caves under your farm. 

You get the Umbrella from your grandfather's spirit if you become a Harvest Master. 
Use it outside before the day ends to make the next day rain. 

                                   * Energy/Stamina *

This is like the SNES game. All Harvest Moon games basically have the energy system, 
but I only know how many stamina points the things give you in these two games! So 
if you are feeling tired during your game, try a few of these things!

Item Stamina Points 
Meat Dumpling 10 points 
Rice Ball 20 points 
Croissant 30 points 
Cake 25% of your power!!! 
Lunch 50% of your power!!! 
Milk 10 points 
Green Tea 20 points 
Wild Grape Juice 30 points 
Apple Juice 50% of your power!!! 
Orange Juice 100%! All of your power! 
Swim in the Hot Spring 20% of your points each time(so you can jump in and out!) 

It is easiest to instead of buying apple juice or orange juice and cakes which are 
expensive, just jump in and out of the hot springs 5-6 times! 

                                  * Tips/Tricks *

Harvest Moon GB Tips

There are a quite a few tips/tricks, so let's get on with them! 

When you are entering your name, depending on how you enter it, you will get to 
plant certain crops!
1)Capitalize the first letter in your name to grow Eggplants and Carrots
2)Make the first letter in your name lowercase to grow Peanuts and Broccoli
3)Make the first character in your name a heart or any other symbol to grow all four 

During the fall, if you have a lot of money from summer, go to the restaraunt and 
buy a lot of food so that you don't have to worry about buying it for a while!

During the summer, try to get at least one cow.

Try to clear your field during the first spring, it won't take long and you won't 
have to worry about weeds or anything else for a long long time.(and if you have the 
farm cleared it'll raise your farming stats at the end of the year.)

Try to plant at least 8 fields of grass before fall(so you can get a cow and have a 
lot of fodder for Winter).

When you buy a chicken, buy only one, then just breed it. Breed your chicken until 
you have four, and occasionally sell one and breed another.

Take your cow outside at least once every few days(ON NICE DAYS) before it is an 
adult so that it will give a larger size milk when it becomes an adult.

Give the harvest sprites under your tool shed a mushroom a day, good things will 
come from it!

Those are all the tips I have so far, if you other ones please E-Mail Me them!

                                * Power Berries *

Power berries can be found all around your Farm, each one will increase your stamina 
by 10% until youve eaten all 10. 

1. Give sprites alot of mushrooms 
2. Plow farmland 
3. Plow farmland 
4. Plow farmland 
5. Plow farmland 
6. Plow farmland extension 
7. Plow farmland extension 
8. Dig in cave w/pickaxe 
9. Dig in cave w/pickaxe 
10. Dig in cave w/pickaxe 

                              * The Town *

1. Flower shop
This is where you go to pick up and seeds youll be needing. 

2. Juice Bar
This is the only place open at night. Here you can get some late-night stamina 
drinks or stock up on drinks for your house. 

3. Carpenter
Here, the guy will Upgrade your house if you have enough money and lumber. He also 
sells lumber if you dont have enough for the next expansion. 

4. Church
This is basically just for fun, you can pray here and get your fortune told. 

5. Tool Shop
The owner here will make several useful items for you, though they are few, 
expensive, and far between. 

6. Restaurant
Here you can get some mid-day stamina snacks or stock up on food for your house. 

7. Animal Shop
The old man will sell you all your animals and any special things you may need for 

8. Entrance
This goes back to your farm. 

                            * Thanks *

         I send Thanks to all the peeps out there who read my FaQ.

                            *** Game Shark Codes ***

Infinite Lumber, Fodder and Seeds 010920CA


Max Cash 01ff03ce


Have Axe 0101B5CD 
Have Sickle 0101B7CD 
Have Hammer 0101B6CD 
Have Hoe 0101B8CD 

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