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1. The Beginning
2. The Shop
3. Secrets
4. Your Tools
1. The Beginning
First, you are on a train. You talk to a cat named Rover, and he asks you what your 
name is and where you are going. He hooks you up with a guy that has houses for 
sale. When you get off the train into your new town, he greets you. He shows you 
four (4) houses that you may buy. The only problem is, you only have 1,000 Bells! 
So, the deal is that you become his employee. You only earn about 1,400 Bells, so 
you are on your own now.
2. The Shop
Tom Nook's shop has many items that you can buy. As you buy more things, the shop 
will become bigger and get a new name. But it takes a while for him to save up to 
buy an upgrade. You can sell him things you don't need. Here are the upgrades:
Nook's Cranny: 
The default store. It is a tiny shack with a small selection of items.
Nook 'N' Go:
It has a sliding door. A bit bigger, with more items.
A bit bigger, still has the sliding door. Now they sell diaries here.
Nookington's Department Store:
The last upgrade for Tom. You may now buy paint here. Also, he has a second floor 
run by his sons, Timmy and Tommy. The first floor has plants, stationary, a diary, 
and umbrella, 3 tools, and paint. The second floor has wallpaper, rugs, clothing, 
and furniture.
If you buy an umbrella, an outfit, a piece of furniture, a rug or wallpaper, you 
will get 1 lottery ticket. There are lottery tickets for every month. At the end of 
the month, hand in your tickets for a chance at winning a nice prize!
3. Secrets
Go to your item screen and pick up a shirt and go to the bottom right corner of the 
page. Move the shirt down. You will be on an invisible space. Press A. Your shirt 
will now be your item screen pattern. The pattern that was already there will now 
be a shirt that you can wear. It is the Big Dot Shirt. 
If you want to drop multiple items, here's how. Press X on all the items you want 
to drop. Then press A on one of the items, and select "Drop All." You can do the 
same thing with selling. Press X on all the items you want to sell. Press A on one 
of them, and select "Sell All." It is the easiest way to sell junk.
In your island house, you cannot use your own patterns for the walls and floor.
To get a tan, it must be the hottest time of the day in summer. Go outside you 
island house, and just stand there for a half hour. Go inside your island house. 
You will have a dark tan.
4. Your Tools
Axe: Press A in front of a tree to cut it down. Your axe will break after cutting 
down about 20 trees.
Bug net: Press A in front of a bug to catch it. 
Fishing Pole: Press A to catch a fish.
Shovel: Press A to dig, press A again to bury something.
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