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                              POK'EMON SAPPHIRE/RUBY FAQ
                   Hello.My name is Dale Hantala,13,aka,the sp wiz comes back.I'm 
male and hate love.This my first FAQ and DON'T USE IT FOR PERSONAL can 
use it in public eg,handing out free copys but don't sell it.Now that's over and 
done with let enter the Hono{is that right?}world!
                                      A NEW WORLD

     You start this game in a truck.Pretty soon you'll see some light.Go out and see 
the new world.Your mum will come out and tell you to come inside.Set the clock to 
11:25 AM.If your new to Pok'mon read the book near your computer.When your ready go 
down stairs.There was an interview but we missed it.MUM will tell you to go see 
BRANDON or MAY.Now we're going to get a starter pok'mon.When you've talked to 
BRANDON orMAY{From now on called ENEMY}Go to the grass at the top of the town and 
                                    THE QUEST STARTS
     Right when you have a choice of starters TAKE TORCHIC!This for later on.Now 
just use growl 'till POCHYENA runs away.PROF' BIRCH tells you to see ENEMY so go to 
the grass at ROUTE 103.                 BOSS BATTLE!
Easy battle here 'cause you're using scratch which does more damage than MUDKIP'S 
TACKLE.When your done go to the lab to get 5 POK'e BALLS and a POK'DEX.Now go to see 
MUM and get the RUNNING SHOES!The RUNNING SHOES let you well run at the speed of an 
ACRO BIKE.Now it's POK'E frenzy,time let's go go go!
    Time to catch some POK'EMON.Catch a WINGULL,two ZIGZAGOONS and two 
WURMPLES.Raise them all up to level ten-twenty and go to ROUTE 102 but make sure you 
only have TORCHIC{no evoved forms} and keep going left to PETALBURGH town.Go to the 
GYM and help WALLY catch a POK'EMON.DAD will tell you to get four badges then battle 
                                   SECOND STARTER
   With only TORCHIC in your party wait here with the game on for 24 hours and 
you'll get......TREEKO!

                            THIS GUIDE WAS PUBLISHED BY DALE HANTALA.
                             TO SEND EMAILS TO ME TYPE THIS ADDRESS 
                             [email protected]
                             version history 
                             1.00 this is the first copy of my guide

                              SEE YOU L8TR


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