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Email: [email protected]
Date: 7.10.2004
Virson: 1
Name: Alexis
Username: m00fiey

This is something I do to win. I've used it for a whil but you can also try new 
 _________________  ________________
/ONE-ON-ONE FIGHTS\/ ALL CHARECTERS \______________________________________________
To start off a match I noticed your opponet will come running at you with a kick or 
something to knock you down. Press O and run to your giht. This way hey will not get 
the first hit and they will be confused for a second. This will give you time to do 
a hard punch. Hold down the SQUARE botton and to a hard punch to get them dazed for 
a second. You can do a taunt but its not a good idea to do so because they will be 
dazed for only 2 seconds. Nw do a grapple and get them down. Pull on them. This will 
lower there health. Do another grapple, but this time stomp on them. Press the 
SQUARE botton to stomp on them. You can do this a few times but its best to only do 
it twice because if you do it and there getting up it'll slow you down and you'll be 
wide open for a hit. No hit them a few times. Try diffrent combos to get there 
health down. Grapple and know them down. Taunt as much as you can but not to many 
times or your be hit. You should be able to razzle now. Now if you wern't hit before 
there health should be in the danger mode. Do you specil move by doing a grapple and 
useing the taunting [The right anolog stick]. You should do your secret move if you 
did it right. They sould have a K.O. by now. If they don't repeat the steps and do 
it over. But if they don't get K.O. the first time you Blazin' get in a few punches 
and tants to help get you back on track.

 _______________  _______________________
/TAG TEAM FIGHTS\/ALL FIGHTS + CHARECTERS\_________________________________________
Tag teams are a little harder because your going to have 2 people trying to kill you 
at the same time. Once you start just slap them around a few time, but make sure 
there away from there partner or they will tag them in. Try and get them towards you 
partner. Your partner will attack from behind as you get them from the front. Than 
your other opponite will jump in. Try and stay focused on the fighter you started 
out with than there partner. Do a grapple on your opponite and get them down. Get in 
a few taunts but don't pull or slap. You should be close to BLAZIN' mode. Only do 2 
slaps and than go to a strong on. Do a hard grapple and pull on them. There partner 
will come crashing in on you and you'll get kicked if your partner dosent help. If 
he does keep trying until someone gets a ropebreak or tags out of it. You should 
have BLAZIN' mode if you didn't get hit to many times. Use it. Use it on the weakist 
opponit there is. If its good they'll have a K.O. and you'll win.           
 ___________   __________ 
/GURLY FIHTS\ /ALL FIGHTS\_________________________________________________________
As you know you are going to have to fight as a girl in the game also. But I don't 
care because I am one. Back to the point. The girly fights are easy depending on who 
you fight. But no matter what they always fight the same way. Ge in a few slaps and 
defend yourself a little. But not to much.Do a oft grapple to get them on the 
ground. Stomp or pull. It dosent matter. Now do a hard grapple and get them near the 
ropes. Do a monkey swing [A monkey swing is when you get unto of a Sidestick and 
jump unto them]. Do a good long taunt and get in 1 more slap. Do a grapple and swing 
them to a sidestick than get in your punches unto they fall. Pull on them for a few 
and than you should have BLAZIN' mode. Do your combo and they'll be out if you did 
it right.            

/HINTS CARD\______________________________________________________________________
1. Never do a grapple when you first start. They are to strong to be put down. Keep 
hitting until there health is in the middle.
2. Anytime the game starts they will come running at you. Dodge it by pressing O and 
running. Than get in a hit. They will be in  corner if they don't move wich is good.
3. When ever you get the chance get out the ring and to the side bottom. Down there 
you have a better chance of dazzing them. Grapple and press O into the direction of 
the hardest poll. But make sure they don't do a reverse cmbo on you.
4. When ever you get BLAZIN' mode and your opponites health is still up don't do it. 
This will just be a waist. Instead get there health down to danger and attack.
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