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Big Brain Academy
Wii Degree

1. Walkthrough
2. Identify
3. Memorize
4. Analyze
5. Compute
6. Visualize
7. Brain weight
8. Group Games
9. Donations

Note: this is my first guide and is to be submitted to only
until I decide to bring it to another site, and if you want to copy this to
another site, email me or I will come find you and kick your ass.
	In this game you see how fit your brain is. Not necessarily how smart you are.
It tests how well you identify, memorize, compute, analyze, and visualize. You
find out how much your brain ways in grams. Check the brain weight section to
find out how many in pounds. This game is usually the most fun with two or more
people seeing who’s smarter. To know exactly how much you’ll need to get to know
how to play each of the games. 
      First, however, you’ll need to enroll by choosing one of your custom miis
or one of the ones they have for you. The white guy will tell you to take your
first test, but I suggest you practice the games or just learn what to do by
reading about each one. Here I’ll tell you about the games and categories. If
you have any comments or questions, email me at [email protected]

	Identifying is how fast you can tell what something is. Like when you see a
cat’s tail it would be how fast you know it’s a cat. Identifying is my best
category. I think it’s pretty easy. Here are the games
Whack Match
	These moles will hold up picture of something and you need to hit the ones with
the same picture as one of the objects at the top screen before the moles leave.
Look carefully. They might confuse you with same colored objects
Easy: you’ll need two pictures, very easy			gold 	 362g
Medium: three pictures, maybe same colors			gold	 342
Hard: four pictures, same colors, very annoying		silver	 295
Fast Focus
Half the time, you’ll see a part of some animal like its tail or foot and you
have to guess what it is. The picture will keep zooming out so you see more of
the animal to help you. 
Easy: very easy to see							gold	363g	
Medium: slightly harder						silver	250
Hard: can get kind of hard						gold	326
Species Spotlight
	There will be a dark room where you point the remote as a flash light and find
what animal there is most of. Look for different colored animals and make a
circle with the light to see all of them
Easy: very easy								gold	  326
Medium: may be hard to tell what there’s more of		silver  267
Hard: animals that look like each other 			bronze 181

	Obviously is how well you can remember
Covered Cages
	You need to follow what cages the birds are hidden in. Hold down A to fast
forward for more points. Or you can speed up until the cages are moving for a
few extra
Easy: speed up, easy						titanium	409g
Medium: a little harder						gold	311
Hard: sometimes four will move at once		       silver	254
Face Case
	Pay attention to each face that comes by. Look at every detail, and then you
choose which face was the same
Easy: not hard								gold	300g
Medium: two faces, check both					gold	301
Hard: three faces, very confusing				       silver	242
Reverse Retention
	Some objects will come and you need to remember them and repeat them in reverse
Easy: shouldn’t be hard with three				gold	380g
Medium: four things							gold	311
Hard: five confusing things					       	gold	324

 Analyze is how well you look at something and understand it
Match Blast
	You get rid of blocks by shooting them to make the picture just like the top
picture. See what happens when you hit bottom blocks because that’s usually what
you have to do. This is confusing.
Easy: one block to shoot						gold	306g
Medium: more than one block				       silver	205
Hard: three or four blocks					       silver	200
Speed Sorting
	You have four pictures, if the top says insect then choose any insect you see.
The things you’re looking for may get harder to see. If you’re lucky you’ll see
Raccoon Mario from the really old Super Mario bros.3 game. I’ve never chosen him
Easy: one picture to shoot						gold	325
Medium: more than one						silver297
Hard: hard to find what picture matches the description	silver	293 
Block Spot
	You need to find what little structure matches the top one completely. It’s
hard so find the ones that don’t match first if it gets too hard.
Easy: shouldn’t be too hard						gold	304
Medium: a little harder					       silver	296
Hard: Hard and annoying					       bronze	181

Computing generally is how quickly you add up numbers for some purpose
Balloon Burst
	You need to pop the balloons with the lowest numbers to the highest. It can be
hard to tell when there are sixes and nines in the numbers because when the
balloon is upside down it will confuse you.
Easy: very easy								gold	306
Medium: sixes and nines					       silver	248
Hard: negative numbers, look for minus signs first	      bronze	149
Mallet math
	You need to get rid of numbers to make the top number the same. Ex. If you
have6, 1, and 2, and the top number is seven you get rid of 2 because six and
one make seven. So add up numbers to make the top one and get rid of the rest
Easy: simple								gold	318
Medium: look carefully					       silver	229
Hard: really big numbers					      bronze	253
Colored Count
	A lot of balls will go into the basket and you need to keep track of how many
blue and red go in. choose if there were more blue, red, or an equal number of
both. Hold A to speed up.
Easy: simple							titanium	407
Medium: look carefully					      silver	258
Hard: a lot of balls and small difference		     bronze	136

How well you can see something and something about it which is a lot like
Art Parts
	You need to make the bottom picture the same as the top by putting down parts
of the picture on the correct space. In hard they flip the top picture so you
need to put every thing on the opposite side.
Easy: simple							gold	326
Medium: harder to find the correct space	      silver	260
Hard: flips picture so look carefully		      silver	222
Train Turn
	You need to decide if the train needs to make a right or a left for every
block. Hard to understand, but you get the hang of it.
Easy: a few choices						gold	317
Medium: a lot of choices				       silver	271
Hard: the train set keeps spinning to confuse you silver.	290
Odd One Out
	You need to decide which picture is different than the others. It can be hard
to tell so pay attention.
Easy: simple							gold	369
Medium: a little harder					gold	348
Hard: very small difference like shadows lines    silver	240

Brain Weight
	Here is where you can find out how much your brain weighs in pounds. Do a test
to find out how many in grams.
1000 grams=1 kilogram
1 kilogram= 2.5 pounds
100 grams= 0.25 pounds
200 grams= 0.5 pounds
500 grams= 1.25 pounds
	using just that information you can figure out how much. Ex. If your brain is
1248 grams, round to the nearest 100 and it would be 3 pounds. What? My brain?
It happens to be exactly 1499 grams which is exactly 3.75 pounds. Pretty
impressive isn’t it?
If your brain weighs more, email me at [email protected]
I may make a frequently asked questions section, but maybe not. I’ll just answer

Group Games
	This is the place to really see who’s really got the bigger brain. There’s Mind
Sprint where you and some other people race to the finish by answering all the
questions. There’s mental marathon where you try to answer every question
without failing. Last, is Brain Quiz where you get points by how many questions
of some game you get right on a board of games. You can have a lot of people
playing on one remote taking turns. In these group games there are some
questions that aren’t in the practice part of the game.
	Basically the only reason I did this was to get money because I need some for
my family and I was hoping some people would give me a couple bucks. If you will
mail it to this place which isn’t my house, it’s my mom’s work place.
Glenn Doherty
2441 N. Tustin Ave. Ste. J
 Santa Ana, California 92705

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