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Harvest Moon:A Wonderful Life
The Guide
All Rights Reserved.Please do NOT copy this to ANY OTHER SITE. This guide 
belongs to the author and,okay?

B)Seasons of Crops
C)The Digsite Guide
G)Tools And Items
I)Tarton and Hybrids
J)Girls and how to get them
K)Your son and raising him
L)More Info and Tips from the game
M)Irony that people don't notice!!!

A)These ar the characters in the game and what you should give them:
a.Takakura-Fathers friend,helps out on the farm,shows you Tartan(see I);cooked 
b.Tim-Owner of the Inner Inn;Eggs,Milk,Butter,Fruit Punch,Cheese,Sashimi
c.Ruby-Tims wife,at some point you can buy spice from 
d.Rock-Tim and Ruby's son,looks nothing like them,lives upstairs inthe room to 
the right;Toy Flowers,Mist Moons,Earth Soup,Upseeds,Marinade
e.Nami-The red-head girl staying at the Inner Inn,potential bride,but hardest 
to get;statues,skull fossils,Trick-blue,watermelons,Light Pickles
f.Galen-old man living in the one-story house with his 
wife;fish,apples,mugworts,royal ferns,braken*Fishing Pole G-gives to you if 
you're his friend in chapter 2
g.Nina-Galen's wife,dies sometime in the second chapter.Galen moves to the 
hill where you find toy flowers and builds a tiny 
house;flowers,milk,crops,mugworts,royal ferns,hackberries
h.Wally-exercise fanatic,lives in two story house with wife and 
son;Eggs,Milk,sashimi,cheese,fruit*Chapter 3-gives you wool clippers if friend.
i.Chris-Wallys wife,likes the city,opposite of Wally;Flowers,Milk,Fruit
j.Hugh-Wally's son,exercise fanatic,little boy;coins,curry,fishing,milk
k.Griffen-runs the Blue Bar,never leaves it;fish,coins,sashimi,fruit punch,ores
l.Muffy-works  in the Blue Bar,potential wife,second easiest to 
get;flowers,coins,big hochep,milk
m.Romana-rich old lady lives in villa with grandaughter and 
butler;flowers,milk*friend=watercan W and cat.
n.Sebastion-Romana's Butler(more like family);eggs,milk,cheese,butter,poundcake
o.Lumina-Romana's grandaughter,son's potential wife!;flowers,fruit 
punch,strawberry cake
p.Vesta-farmer that gows only crops with her brother and a 
girl;flowers,milk,curry*friend=wierd hoe(5-9 pm)
q.Marlin-Vestas brother,wanted to marry Celia;s-ranked veggies,stamina potions
r.Celia-farmhand at Vestas Farm,potential wife,easiest to 
s.Kassey-The older of the twin pyrotechnicians;flowers,ore
t.Patrick-the younger of the twin pyrotechnicians;flowers,ore
u.Daryl-The wierd scientist that lives behind the blue 
bar;fish,eggs,fossils,coins*friend=seed maker
v.Carter-the archeologist that lives in the tent;milk,fish,cheese,sashimi 
*friend=G tablets and chihuahua
w.Flora-Carters Assistant;Fish,cheese,butter,milk,curry,meuniere set
x.Gustafa-The guy that plays guitar and writes poetry 

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