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Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

*Getting Started*: 
There’s lots of chores waiting on your farm, but the most important thing to do now 
is starting the game. These easy instructions will get you on your way:
Start a Name game: Choose the “New Game” option on the main menu to start the game. 
It’s a good idea to have a memory card with a least 4 blocks of empty  memory for 
saving your game progress.
Enter you Name: This is an important step. Pick a name for your character and make 
sure it’s a good one. You don’t want the town people calling by a name that you 
don’t like for the rest of your life.
Enter your Birthday: Choose the season and the day for your characters Birthday. 
Everyone has a Birthday. If you’re really nice to people, they might even remember 
your birthday and give you something special.
Name your Farm: The folks’ down at Yodel Farm named their farm, so you should name 
your farm so that the people will like it and remember it.
Name your dog: Starting out on a farm by yourself can get a little bit lonely unless 
you have a dog around. Pick a name for your dog-don’t forget to hug him everyday.
Start Farming: After you are with your name, birthday, name of the farm, and dog’s 
name; you can finally start farming. But remember to pace yourself, don’t be all 
tuckered out on your first day.

*The Story *
When you were young, your father's job got in the way of your vacation plans. So you 
visited the town where your Grandfather owned a ranch. Your grandfather was a very 
busy man, but he was very happy to have your with him. Thought the town was small, 
there was something new and exciting to do everyday. One day while hiking in the 
mountains behind your Grandfather's ranch, you met a girl. You remember singing 
songs together high on top of the mountain's summit. She had a beautiful voice. When 
it was time to return home, you promised her you would be back one day. Ten years 
have passed and Once again you have returned to your Grandfather's ranch and find it 
all a shambles after your Grandfather’s passing. The Mayor tells you he will give 
you three years to turn this ranch into the lively and profitable farm it once was. 
With a little money and only a handful of tools, you decide to restore the ranch to 
something your Grandfather would be proud of. One more thought fills your mind, you 
wonder how the girl you met is doing. You look forward to the day when you can tell 
her, "I kept my promise.”                     

* The Girls *
In Harvest Moon Back to Nature, as all the Other Harvest Moon games, there are a few 
girl characters that you can fall in love with, so be sure to pick the one you most 
Black- Strangers
Green-They have a little crush
Yellow-They have a slightly bigger crush
Orange-They have a big crush
Red-They love you (marry them!)
Name: Ann
Lives: At the Inn/Bar with her Dad
Personality: She is a little shy, but she is a great cook!  
Name: Karen
Lives: At a grocery store. Her dad is Jeff. 
Personality: She is a bit nicer.  
Name: Elli
Lives: She works at the clinic, and has a little brother. 
Personality: She likes the doctor; she is also caring and motherly.  
Name: Popuri
Lives: She works at a Poultry Store.
Personality: She is pretty much the same but loves birds.
Name: Mary
Lives: She Works at the Library and lives next to the Library.
Personality: She is very outgoing
* The Bachelors *
Who he'll marry -Karen
Where he lives-The Poultry Farm
Other Information-Rick does not like Kai.
Who he’ll marry -Ann 
Where he lives-At the Inn(stays there)
 Other Information-If you do not ask Cliff to help you harvest grapes at the 
vineyard in the Fall, Cliff will leave that year and not come back, so ask him to 
Who he'll marry -Popuri
Where he lives-At the Seaside Lodge
Other Information-Kai is only at the village during Summer, when he works at his 
Seaside Lodge.
the Doctor
Who he'll marry -Elli
Where he lives-The Clinic
Other Information-none yet
Who he'll marry -Mary
Where he lives-At the Blacksmith
Other Information-Gray is not very social, and is always trying to please Sabaira 

* The Tools *
Unlike Harvest Moon64, now you have to go to the Blacksmith to get your tools 
upgraded. Below is a list of things that you can get upgraded at the Blacksmith’ 
Original Tools
Hoe-Tills 1 square
Axe-Cuts branches
Sickle-Cuts 1 square
Watering Can-Waters 1 Square
Hammer-Breaks stones
Copper 1,000G + Copper Ore 
Hoe-Make the tilling area 1x2
Axe-Cuts stumps in 6 hits
Hammer-Breaks big stones with 3 hits
Sickle-Makes the cutting area 1x3
Watering Can-Waters 1x3 area must have the meter over 100% 
Silver 2,000G + Silver Ore 
Hoe-Makes the tilling area 1x3
Ax-Cuts stumps with 3 hits
Hammer-Breaks big stones with 2 hits and rocks with 5 hits
Sickle-Makes the cutting area 2x3
Watering Can- Waters 2x3 area must have the meter over 200% 
Golden 3,000G + Gold Ore 
Hoe-Make the tilling area 1x4
Ax-Cuts stumps in 2 cuts
Hammer-Breaks big stones with 1 hit and rocks with 3 hits
Sickle-Makes the cutting area 3x3
Watering Can-Waters 3x3 area must have the meter over 300%  
Mystrile 5,000G + Mystrile Ore
Hoe-Make the tilling area 1x6
Ax-Cuts stumps in 1 cut
Hammer-Breaks big stones with 1 hit and rocks with 2 hits
Sickle-Makes the cutting area 5x5
Watering Can-Waters 3x5 area must have the meter over 400%  

Blue Feather 1: Use it to propose to the girl of your dreams when she has a high 
affection for you. You can either buy it from Won or buy it at the Supermarket.
Basket 5,000G: Buy this at the Supermarket. It can carry 30 items. 
Ball 100G: Buy from Won. You use it to train your dog and raise its affection level. 
Medium Rucksack 3,000G: Buy it at the Supermarket. It can carry 4 tools and 4 Items. 
Large Rucksack 5,000G: Buy this at the Supermarket. It can carry 8 tools and 8 
Vase 5,000G: Buy it from Won. It will appear in your bedroom and hold Flowers 
Frying Pan 2,500G: Buy it Through TV Shopping on Saturdays. It is used in cooking 
when you have a kitchen. 
Knife 3,000G : Buy it Through TV Shopping on Saturdays. it is used in cooking when 
you have a kitchen. 
Mixer 2,500G : Buy it Through TV Shopping on Saturdays. It is used in Cooking when 
you have a kitchen. 
Oven 5,000G : Buy it Through TV Shopping on Saturdays. It is used in Cooking when 
you have a kitchen. 
Pot 2,000G : Buy it Through TV Shopping on Saturdays. it is used in Cooking when you 
have a kitchen. 
Rolling Pin 1,500G: Buy it Through TV Shopping on Saturdays. it is used in cooking 
when you have a kitchen. 
Whisk 1,000G: Buy it Through TV Shopping on Saturdays. it is used in Cooking when 
you have a kitchen. 
Seasoning Set 5,000G: Buy it Through TV Shopping on Saturdays.  it is used in 
cooking when you have a kitchen. 
Jewelry 1,000G: Get an Orichalc Ore and give it the Blacksmith to get the Jewelry 
made at the Blacksmith shop. 
Cheese Machine 20,000G: Get an Adamantine Ore and give it to the Blacksmith. Used to 
turn milk into cheese that you can sell. 
Mayonnaise Machine 20,000G: get an Adamantine Ore and give it to the Blacksmith. 
used to turn eggs into Mayo that you can sell. 
Cotton Machine 20,000G: Get an Adamantine Ore and Give it the Blacksmith. Used to 
turn wool into cotton that you can sell. 

*Animals *
As a Tip; you should buy the animals in the order that is shown below.
Chicken Price 1,500G. 
Eggs are probably worth around 50G each. You can breed Chickens by putting an egg in 
the incubator. It probably takes a few days to hatch, Then probably 3-6 days to 
start laying eggs. You can have up to 10 chickens also. Go to the Poultry farm and 
talk to Lillia to buy one. Make sure to buy feed also, or else Your chicken will go 
hungry. if you have the mayonnaise maker you can make mayonnaise. You can put corn 
into your mill to get chicken feed.
The different Sizes of Eggs and Mayonnaise:
Regular Egg- 50G
Golden Egg- 150G
Spa-Boiled Egg- 80G
Small Mayonnaise- 100G
Medium Mayonnaise- 150G
Large Mayonnaise- 200G
Grand Mayonnaise- 300G 
Cows- Price-6, 000G
You can have up to 10 cows Basically you have to feed, brush and talk to them 
everyday. After they mature, you will be able to milk them with the milking tool. 
You start Out getting small milk, then the better you take care of them, they go up 
to medium, Then large. If you win the Cow Festival the cow will give gold milk. You 
should try to let your cows outside a little bit during Good weather (make sure that 
you have a grass field with full grown grass!) but take them inside during bad 
weather! You can get cows from Yodel’s Farm! You may also want to buy a cow brush, 
you don't need a milkier yet. Like every other animal, your cow has 10 hearts. You 
start with none, and you must Raise the cows’ heart levels so that when it is an 
adult it gives higher quality of Milk. To get hearts to raise is quite simple, all 
you need is a brush and a milkier. Simply talk to your cow everyday, brush it, and 
feed it! Never Forget to feed it. If you let your cow outside on sunny days, the 
Heart level raises more quickly. When your cow are an adult; feed it, talk to it, 
and brush it, and milk it everyday to raise its heart rate! To win the cow festival, 
basically your cow has to have 10 hearts. When you have a cow, and it is an adult, 
you can milk it every day. 
The different sizes of Cheese: 
Small Milk- 100G
Medium Milk- 150G
Large Milk- 200G
Grand Milk- 300G
Small Cheese- 300G
Medium Cheese- 400G
Large Cheese- 500G
Grand Cheese- 600G 
Dog- it starts out as a puppy, and in 3 months it will become a full-grown dog! You 
should pick it up everyday to increase its Heart rating, and whistle for it. Bring 
it inside on rainy days, and when Won comes to your farm in fall, buy the dog ball 
and train your dog everyday. Try to get your Dogs hearts to ten, and train it well 
so it will do well in the Dog Race! You will have your dog from the beginning of the 
game. You have to love and care for your Dog the whole game!
Horse- To get it, go to Yodel Farm during the first Spring and Barley and May will 
be outside looking at a pony. They'll ask you to take Care of it since they don't 
have room and it'll go to your farm. Buy a brush at the Blacksmith's to take care of 
your horse. Brush your horse everyday and when it is an Adult ride it around. You 
can also, when your horse is an adult ship things from it's Saddlebags. The stables 
are near the area near the barn, and it is the Last building. It is small, but your 
horse will live there. When it is raining bring your horse inside to it's stable. 
Whistle for Your horse everyday, talk to it and brush it. It is important to get its 
hearts up to at least 8 by winter, or else Barley will take it away! To get lots of 
hearts, Make a 4x4 pen for your horse right outside of the horse stable then keep 
your horse there, so that it is easy to bring it inside. Brush it And talk to it 
everyday, and whenever you come on to the farm, just whistle for it! Your horse will 
go out of the farm. 
Sheep- Price-4, 000G 
Sheep are good moneymakers, but they do not give wool every day. When you buy your 
sheep you have to brush it, talk to it and feed it everyday. You probably can get 
about 4 to 8 balls of wool a year from one sheep! You can probably get up to 10 
sheep and when you buy them they come as an adult and are ready to be sheared. To 
raise heart levels, you need fodder, shears and a brush. Talk to it, brush it, shear 
it,  and Feed your sheep everyday to make its heart level go up! You should take 
your sheep outside once in awhile and take in on Bad weather. Basically, like the 
cow festival, your sheep needs to have 10 hearts to easily win. Also you can't enter 
Your sheep if it does not have wool, so if it is 2 weeks away from the festival and 
your sheep can be sheared, don’t do it! It might not grow back in time!
Wool/Yarn Ball Selling Prices:
Small Wool- 100G 
Medium Wool- 400G 
Large Wool- 500G 
Grand Wool- 600G 
Small Yarn Ball- 300G 
Medium Yarn Ball- 700G 
Large Yarn Ball- 800G 
Grand Yarn Ball- 1000G  
Fish-The fish are found in the various rivers and ponds around Mineral Village. You 
can put any amount in your pond! You buy fish food at the supermarket for 20G per 
meal. Even if you have a lot of fish in your pond, you only need to put on Fish food 
in a day. Feed them everyday, and after about 20 days, they will start Reproducing, 
and if you put small fish in, after a while they will become large fish once you get 
50 fish you can receive the fishing pole from the Fisherman! Well, you can't catch 
fish without a fishing rod. To get this, go to the dock at Around 8 in the morning 
or 7 at night, and make sure you have an open spot in your rucksack for a tool. Talk 
to Greg the fisherman and he'll give you fishing Rod. Now you can fish whenever you 
feel like it for free! Simply cast the fishing rod and wait until it shakes then let 
go of the button. You can either keep this fish, or you can put it in your fishpond! 
The fishpond is located near the tree on your farm, simply throw the fish in and you 
have a pet fish! You need to buy fish food Make sure to feed your fish EVERY day! 
Now, your fish can reproduce by themselves in your fishpond, but this takes a While. 
Takes about15-20 days for more fish to appear. You can check how many fish you have 
by going to the start menu and the number by the fish. 

* Characters, Birthdays, and What they Like* 
Lilia-Spring 19-wine		
Popuri-summer 3- Toy Flower
Rick-Fall 27-wine		
Barley Yodel-Spring 17-egg
May-Winter 26-grape juice	
Saibara-Spring 11-ore
Gray-winter 6-ore		
Duke-winter 15- wine
Jeff-Winter 29- bodigizer		
Sasha-spring 30- wild grapes
Karen-Fall 15- wine		
Basil-Summer 11-Poisonous Mushrooms, grass
Manna-Fall 23-honey		
Mary-Winter 20-Veggie Latte
Doctor-Fall 17-wine		
Elli-Spring 16-strawberries
Pastor Carter-Fall 20- wine 	
Doug-Winter 11- Mushrooms
Ann-Summer 17- Veggie Pancakes		
Cliff-Spring 6-Spa-boiled egg
Kai-Summer 22-Oil		
Zack-Summer 29-Large Fish
Greg-Spring 29-large fish		
Gotz-Fall 2-yarn
Louis-Spring 2- honey		
Mayor Thomas-Summer 25-wine
Won-Winter 2- 		
Ellen-Winter 13- apple
Stu-Fall 5- bugs			
Harris-Summer 4-wine
Anna-Fall 23-Flowers
Aqua-Spring 26-Flour
Staid-Spring 15-flour
Hoggy-Fall 10-flour
Bold-Spring 4-flour
Timid-Summer 16-flour
Harris-Summer 4-wine

*The Harvest Goddess *
The Goddess resides in the small pool under the waterfall. To get her to 
Come out; throw an offering into her little area 5 days in a row. To throw one in, 
Stand behind the waterfall and throw it in. 
List of what she'll do/give you.
5 Items = she'll give you a Power Berry
10 Items = she'll ask you if you have a Sweetheart. Say yes and the girl that likes 
you the most will meet you at the hot Springs.
20 Items = she'll give you a Piece of Lumber that you can sell to Gotz to improve 
your friendship with him. 

* Harvest Sprites *
The Harvest Sprites in BTN actually help you! You can get them to help you on the 
farm, and give them specific jobs! There are 7 of them, and they all have different 
colored outfits(to help tell them apart). Here are there names...
Aqua-The one in the blue suit, he talks about his color.
Hoggy-The one in a yellow suit, likes to sleep.
Chef-The one in the red suit, it likes to cook.
Staid-The one in a dark blue suit, it likes to work!
Bold-The one in the purple suit, it thinks you are trustworthy.
Nappy-The one in the orange suit. 
Timid-The one in the green suit, it is scared easily!

* The Blacksmith *
Mayonnaise Machine 20,000G, Adamantine Ore 5 Get this as soon as possible, great if 
you have a loving chicken. 
Butter Machine 20,000G, Adamantine Ore 5 Get only when you can afford this, grass, 
and a cow. 
Yarn Machine 20,000G, Adamantine Ore 5 Useful, but you rarely get wool. Plan and get 
it one day before you get wool. 

* Extensions * 
Chicken Coop Extension -With this upgrade you can have up to 10 chickens(first only 
First House Upgrade-This upgrade adds a kitchen to your small shack(with a 
refrigerator) and also adds a cabinet.
Cost- 4,700G
Barn Extension-This adds space for 20 animals(all together) and another breeding 
Second House Upgrade-This upgrade adds a separate bedroom to your house (with an 
extra bed for your wife when you get married), and it just makes the house larger.
Greenhouse-This greenhouse sits right next to your house. It is very small, I think 
only 7x7 area (that fits about 4 patches of crops). But it serves basically the same 
purpose as the one in the N64 version! But this can easily be torn down by typhoons 
and stuff! 

Ketchup: Tomato Onion Salt, Sugar, Vinegar Mixer  
Butter: Milk  Mixer  
Strawberry Jam: Strawberry Sugar Pot Salt  
Grape Jam: Wild Grapes Sugar Pot  Wine, Honey 
Miso Soup: Miso Pot Cabbage, Green Pepper, Potato, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Tomato, 
Carrot, Corn, Egg, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Bamboo Shoot, Mushroom, Onion, Small Fish, 
Turnip, Truffle, Salt Soy Sauce, Salt Knife 
Apple Jam: Apple or Sugar Apple Sugar Pot Wine, Apple, Sugar Apple, Honey 
Cookies: Flour, Butter, Egg Sugar Oven, Rolling Pin Honey 
Greens: Spinach Soy Sauce Pot 
Hot Milk: Milk  Pot Sugar 
Fruit Juice: Apple, Sugar Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild Grapes, blender
Tempura Flour: Egg, oil Frying Pan Poisonous Mushroom, Chocolate, Truffle, Turnip, 
Cucumber, Cabbage, Egg, Spa-Boiled Egg, Carrot, Corn, Boiled Egg, Small Fish, 
Pineapple, Pumpkin, Spinach, Large Fish, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Onion, Potato, 
Sweet Potato, Eggplant, Medium Fish  Whisk 
Pickled Turnips: Turnips Vinegar Knife  Soy Sauce, Salt, Sugar  
Pickles Cucumber: Salt Knife 
Boiled Egg: Egg  Pot  Salt 
Tomato Juice: Tomato Mixer  Salt 
Vegetable Juice: Cabbage, Cucumber, Carrot  Mixer Truffle, Corn, Bamboo Shoot,  
Mushroom, Turnip, Eggplant, Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Green Pepper, Tomato, Spinach 
Soy Sauce, Salt, Vinegar 
Salad: Cabbage Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato  Knife Truffle, Mushroom, Strawberry, 
Turnip, Cabbage, Cheese, Green Pepper, Pineapple, Apple, Sugar Apple, Carrot, 
Mayonnaise, Oil, Onion, Tomato, Corn, Cucumber, Boiled Egg, Potato Salt Knife
Strawberry Milk: Milk, Strawberry  Mixer Honey Salt, Sugar 
French Fries: Potato, Oil  Frying Pan, Knife  Ketchup, Salt 
Ice Cream Milk: Egg Sugar Pot, Whisk Honey, Apple, Sugar Apple, Pineapple, 
Strawberry, Wild Grapes  Knife 
Stew: Flour, Milk Salt Pot Oil, Chocolate, Grape Juice, Pineapple, Spinach, 
Juice, Wine, Green Pepper, Honey, Wild Grapes, Boiled Egg, Apple, Sugar Apple,  
Bamboo Shoot, Spa-Boiled Egg, Small Fish, Medium Fish, Mushroom, Sweet Potato,  
Tomato, Truffle, Turnip, Cheese, Egg, Eggplant, Large Fish, Onion, Carrot, Corn, 
Potato  Knife 
Popcorn: Corn  Frying Pan Butter 
Raisin Bread: Bread, Wild Grapes Butter  Salt 
Sashimi: Medium or Large Fish Knife Medium Fish, Large Fish Soy Sauce  
Happy Eggplant :Eggplant Miso, Soy Sauce, Sugar Frying Pan  
Chocolate Cookies 1:Flour, Butter, Egg, Chocolate Sugar Oven, Rolling Pin Honey  
Chocolate Cookies 2:Chocolate, Cookies Oven, Rolling Pin Honey 
Grilled Fish: Medium Fish  Frying Pan Oil Salt, Soy Sauce  
Curry: Curry Powder, Rice Balls Pot Oil, Grape Juice, Chocolate, Spinach, Turnip, 
Vegetable Juice, Wine, Green Pepper, Wild Grapes, Boiled Egg, Pumpkin, Truffle, 
Bamboo Shoot, Spa-boiled Egg, Small Fish, Medium Fish, Milk, Mushroom, Sweet Potato, 
Tomato, Cheese, Egg, Eggplant, Large Fish, Onion, Apple, Sugar Apple, Carrot, Corn, 
Honey, Pineapple, Potato Vinegar, Salt, Soy Sauce, sugar Knife 
Bamboo Rice: Bamboo Shoot, Rice Balls Salt, Soy Sauce Knife 
Mushroom Rice: Mushroom, Rice Balls Salt, Soy Sauce Knife 
Fruit Latte 1: Milk; Apple, SUGDW Apple, Pineapple or Wild Grapes. Mixer Honey,  
Apple, SUGDW Apple, Grape Juice, Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild grapes. Sugar Knife 
Fruit Latte 2:Fruit Juice, Milk- Mixer Honey, Apple, SUGDW Apple, Grape Juice, 
Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild grapes. Sugar Knife 
Veggie Latte 1: Milk; Cabbage, Carrot or Cucumber Mixer Truffle, Corn, Bamboo Shoot, 
Eggplant, Mushroom, Turnip, Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Tomato, 
Spinach, Cheese(varies), Egg(varies). Salt, Knife 
Veggie Latte 2: Vegetable Juice, Milk ---- Mixer Truffle, Corn, Bamboo Shoot, 
Eggplant, Mushroom, Turnip, Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Tomato, 
Spinach, Cheese(varies),Egg(varies). Salt Knife 
Dinner Roll: Bread, Butter, Honey 
Sushi: Rice Balls Sashimi, Vinegar Soy Sauce 
Scrambled Eggs: Egg, Oil  Frying Pan Butter, Mayonnaise Salt, Soy Sauce, Sugar Whisk 
Jam Bun: Bread Apple Jam, Grape Jam or Strawberry Jam Apple Jam, Grape Jam or 
Noodles: Flour  Knife, Pot, Rolling Pin Cabbage, Turnip, Sweet Potato, Bamboo 
Shoot, Carrot, Eggplant, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Onion, Truffle, Salt, Sugar, Large 
Fish, Medium Fish, Small Fish, Soy Sauce, Egg. 
Fried Rice: Rice Balls, Eggs, Oil  Frying Pan Bamboo Shoot, Cucumber, Boiled Egg, 
Scrambled Egg, Mushroom, Spinach, Stirfry Fry, Wine, Grilled Fish, Spa-boiled Egg, 
Small fish, Medium fish, Large fish, Green pepper, Onion, Sashimi, Cabbage, Carrot, 
Corn, Truffle. Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce Knife 
Cheese Fondue: Cheese, Bread  Pot Wine Salt Knife Pizza: Cheese, Flour, Ketchup  
Oven, Rolling Pin Bamboo Shoot, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Eggplant, Mayonnaise, 
Pineapple, Truffle, Egg, Small Fish, Large 
Fish, Mushroom, Medium Fish, Green Pepper, Onion, Corn, Potato, Tomato Sugar, Salt 
Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato, Stone from Farm Salt, Sugar Oven  
Cake: Flour, Butter, Egg Sugar Oven, Whisk Honey, Apple, SUGDW Apple, Pineapple, 
Strawberry, Wild Grapes Knife 
Stir Fry: Oil, Cabbage Soy Sauce Frying Pan, Knife Potato, tomato, Cucumber, Sweet 
Potato, Spinach, Turnip, Bamboo Shoot, Corn, Mushroom, Eggplant, Carrot, Green 
Pepper, Onion, Truffle. Vinegar, Miso, Salt  
Sandwhich: Bread; Cucumber, Tomato or Boiled Egg  Knife Truffle, Cabbage, Small 
Fish, Honey, Wine, Apple, SUGDW Apple, Carrot, Large Fish, Mushroom, Onion, Sweet 
Potato, Wild Grapes, Cheese, Corn, Cucumber, Medium Fish, Mayonnaise, Pineapple, 
Strawberry, Tomato, Butter, Boiled Egg, Potato. Salt  
Veggie Pancake: Flour, Egg, Oil, Cabbage  Frying Pan, Knife Milk, Potato, 
Cucumber, Pumpkin, Cheese, Eggplant, Spinach, Carrot, Bamboo Shoot, Mushroom, Small 
Fish, Medium fish, Large Fish, Mayonnaise, Truffle. Salt, Soy sauce
Omelet: Egg, Milk, Oil  Frying Pan Truffle, Bamboo Shoot, Cabbage, Eggplant, 
Pumpkin, Carrot, Green Pepper, Mayonnaise, Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Small Fish, Large 
Fish, Ketchup, Spinach, Cheese, Onion, Corn, Medium Fish, Potato, Cucumber. Salt, 
Soy Sauce, Sugar Knife, Whisk 
Chirashi: Sushi, Rice Balls, Scrambled Eggs, Sashimi Vinegar Knife Cucumber Soy 
Pumpkin Pudding: Pumpkin, Milk, Egg Sugar Oven, Pot Honey, Wine
Apple Pie Butter, Egg, Flour; Apple or SUGDW Apple Sugar Knife, Oven, Pot, Rolling 
Pin Wine, Apple, SUGDW Apple, Honey 
Cheese Cake: Cheese, Milk, Egg Sugar Oven, Pot, Whisk Honey 
Mixed Juice 1: Apple, Carrot, Pineapple, Strawberry, or Wild grapes  Mixer Honey, 
Truffle, Corn, Apple, SUGDW Apple, Bamboo Shoot, Eggplant, Grape Juice, Mushroom, 
Pineapple, Strawberry, Turnip, Wild Grape, Onion, Cabbage, Carrot, Green Pepper, 
Tomato, Cucumber, Spinach. Salt, Sugar Knife 
Mixed Juice 2: Apple, SUGDW Apple, Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Pineapple, Strawberry, 
or Wild Grapes ---- Mixer Honey, Truffle, Corn, Apple, SUGDW Apple, Bamboo Shoot, 
Eggplant, Grape Juice, Mushroom, Pineapple, Strawberry, Turnip, Wild Grape, Onion, 
Cabbage, Carrot, Green Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber, Spinach. Salt, Sugar Knife 
Mixed Juice 3: Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice ---- Mixer Honey, Truffle, Corn, Apple, 
SUGDW Apple, Bamboo Shoot, Eggplant, Grape Juice, Mushroom, Pineapple, Strawberry, 
Turnip, Wild Grape, Onion, Cabbage, Carrot, Green Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber, Spinach. 
Salt, Sugar Knife 
Curry Noodles: Curry Powder; Noodles or Flour Pot(if you use noodles) or Rolling 
Pin, Pot and knife(for use with flour) Turnip, Cabbage, Egg, Sweet Potato, Bamboo 
Shoot, Carrot, Eggplant, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Truffle, Onion, Large Fish, Medium 
Fish, Small Fish Sugar, Salt, Miso, Soy Sauce 
Tempura Noodles: Tempura Noodles  Pot(for use with noodles), or Rolling Pin, Pot and 
Knife(for flour) Cabbage, Turnip, Sweet Potato, Onion, Bamboo Shoot, Carrot, Egg, 
Eggplant, Mushroom, Truffle, Large Fish, Medium Fish, Small Fish Salt, Sugar, Miso, 
Soy Sauce 
Fried Noodles: Noodles, Oil  Frying Pan Turnip, Cabbage, Sweet Potato, Bamboo Shoot, 
Carrot, Eggplant, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Onion, Truffle, Large Fish, Medium Fish, 
Small Fish, Egg Sugar, Salt, Miso, Soy Sauce 
Mixed Latte: Add milk to any of the mixed juice recipes  
Truffle Rice: Truffle, Rice Balls Salt, Soy Sauce Knife 
Omelet Rice: Egg, Milk, Oil, Rice Balls  Frying Pan Truffle, Bamboo Shoot, Cabbage, 
Eggplant, Pumpkin, Carrot, Green Pepper, Mayonnaise, Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Small 
Fish, Large Fish, Ketchup, Spinach, Cheese, Onion, Corn, Medium Fish, Potato Salt, 
Sugar, Soy Sauce Knife, Whisk 
Chocolate Cake: Flour, Butter, Egg, Chocolate Sugar Oven, Whisk Honey, Apple, SUGDW 
Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild Grapes Knife 
Relaxation Tea Relax: Tea Leaves Pot Honey, Apple, SUGDW Apple, Pineapple, 
Strawberry, Wild Grapes, Milk, Wine, Blue Grass, Green Grass Sugar Knife 
Ohitashi Greens: Spinach Pot Soy Sauce Mayonnaise Egg oil Whisk Vinegar 

*Cooking Utensils*
Cooking Utensils are available only after you get the first house upgrade. Every 
Saturday watch the TV Shopping Network, then use the phone at the Inn to call in and 
buy the item! It will be shipped 3 days after you order it(unless an event happens 
that day, then it will come later in the week).
Frying Pan 2,500G 
Mixer 2,500G 
Pot 2,000G 
Knife 3,000G 
Segasonin Set 5,000G 
Whisk 1,000G 
Rolling Pin 1,500G 
Oven 5,000G 

* Babies *
You need to "love" your wife. This means give her gifts and such. About 1 season 
after your marriage, your wife will become pregnant. You can go to the Clinic about 
one season after and she will be in there and you'll find out. Then she will stay 
pregnant for about 2 seasons. After 2 seasons, she will have her baby!
Baby Infant Stage 1:
When your baby is first born, you won't be able to pick it up. Only your wife can 
Pick it up. Your baby will have a heart level and it is your job to keep it up. You 
Can’t start raising it's heart level yet because you can't interact with it at all 
Baby Stage 2: Crawling
After about a year, your baby will start crawling. You can now pick it up and give 
It lots of presents. An example of a gift could be hot milk. It will be dressed in a 
Little blue mouse costume as well.
Baby Stage 3: Walking and Talking
After 3 seasons of the crawling stage, your baby will begin to walk and talk. He 
will say things like "Goomonink da da" and other gibberish. 

*Planting and Harvesting:*
With some planning you can run a good money making farm. Pay attention to the and 
the planting cycles of your crops. It’s best to try to plant on the first day of 
each season, that way you can reach the farm full potential.
Step 1: After you clear an area of rocks, weeds, and sticks, you’ll need to use your 
hoe to clear a patch for planting seeds. Seeds won’t take root on ordinary ground. 
You will need to till the earth with your hoe to make it easy for roots to grow. If 
you’re stuck on how to plan your field design, please check below step 4.
Step 2: Each bag contains enough seeds to fill nine filled tilled squares in a 3x3 
grid. Aside from throwing seeds on untilled soil, after you plant them you can’t 
change the shape or arrangement of the seeds so plan ahead.
Step 3: Every single seed has to be watered, except for the grass seeds, daily. You 
don’t have to water them when it is raining.
Step 4: after the plant matures you can pick the fruit and/or vegetable of the 
plant. But be careful that when you have the fruit or vegetable in your hand not to 
drop it.
Planting Formations: of course all shapes can be put pointing to different sides.
x    x     x x x     x    x
x x x     x    x     x    x
x x x     x x x     x x x

* Crops *
Turnip 120G 60G Single 5 
Potatoes 150G 80G Single 8 
Cabbages 150G 80G Single 15 
Strawberries (%) 150G 30G Multiple 9 
Cucumber 200G 60G Multiple 10 
Tomatoes 200G 60G Multiple 10 
Corn 200G 100G Multiple 15 
Pumpkin (*) 500G 250G Single 15 
Pineapple 1000G 500G Multiple 21 
Onion 150G 100G Single 8 
Grass 500G FODDER Lasts forever 30 
Greenhouse only 
Orange Cup 1,000G 60G Single 9
Eggplant 120G 60G Multiple 10 
Spinach ($) 200G 80G Single 
Sweet Potato 300G 120G Multiple 6 
Green Pepper 150G 40G Multiple 8 
Carrot 300G 120G Single 8  
Magic Red Flower 600G 200G Single 11 
Moondrop Flower 500G ----- Single 6 
Pink Cat Flower 300G ----- Single 6 
Toy Flower 400G ----- Single 13  

* Shipping Bin *
Here is a list of items that you can ship and how much money you get for them! All 
Crops/items must be shipped before 5 PM or else you will not get paid for them! But 
you can still get the money next day at the same time. The Shipper comes at 5 PM.
Apple 50G 
SUGDW Apple 50G 
Bamboo Shoot 50G 
Cheese (small) 300G 
Cheese (medium) 400G 
Cheese (Large) 500G 
Cheese (Grand) 600G 
Chocolate 100G 
Earrings 2000G 
Bracelet 2000G 
Necklace 2000G 
Egg 50G 
Golden Egg 150G 
Popuri's Egg 50G 
Spa-Boiled Egg 80G 
Fish (Small) 50G 
Fish (Medium) 120G 
Fish (Large) 200G 
Grass (Blue) 100G 
Grass (Green) 100G 
Grass (Red) 100G 
Mayonnaise (Small) 100G 
Mayonnaise (Medium) 150G 
Mayonnaise (Large) 200G  
Mayonnaise (Grand) 300G 
Wool (Small) 100G 
Wool (Medium) 400G 
Wool (Large) 500G 
Wool (Grand) 600G 
Honey 50G 
Honey (Special) 60G 
Milk (Small) 100G 
Milk (Medium) 150G 
Milk (Large) 200G 
Milk (Grand) 300G 
Mushroom 70G 
Poisonous Mushroom 100G 
Junk Ore 1G 
Copper Ore 15G 
Silver Ore 20G 
Gold Ore 25G 
Mythril Ore 40G 
Orichalc Ore 50G 
Adamantine Ore 50G 
Truffle 500G 
Relax Tea Leaves 1000G 
Wild Grapes 50G 
Yarn Ball(Small) 300G 
Yarn Ball(Medium) 700G 
Yarn Ball(Large) 800G 
Yarn Ball(Grand) 1000G  

* Shops *
There's things like the grocery store, winery, blacksmith, and more! Here is a list 
of all the shops, their owners and their price lists!
Supermarket- Jeff 
Blue Feather:1,000G
Wrapping Paper:100G
Rice Balls:100G
Curry Powder:100G
Fish Food:20G
Spring Seeds
Summer Seeds
Fall Seeds
Sweet Potato:300G
Blacksmith- Saibara
Brush: 800G
Shears: 1,800G
Jewelry: 1,000G+Orichalc Ore
Milker: 2,000G
Machines (Mayonnaise, Yarn, Cheese):20,000G+Adamantite Ore
Tool Upgrades:1,000-5,000G+Copper/Silver/Gold/Mystril Ore
Aja Winery- Duke and Manna 
Grape Juice:200G
Yodel Farm- Barley
Animal Medicine:1,000G
Sheep Miracle Potion:3,000G
Cow Miracle Potion:5,000G
Poultry Farm- Lillia
Animal Medicine:1,000G
Mineral Clinic- The Doctor 
Bodigizer XL:1,000G
Turbojolt XL:2,000G
The Inn- Doug 
Apple Pie:300G
Set Meal:500G
Water: Free
Won's Seeds: -Won
Green Pepper:150G
Magic Red Flower: 600G
Orange Cup:1,000G
Pink Cat Flower:200G
Toy Flower:500G
Seaside Lodge- Kai 
Roasted Corn:250G
Water:  Free

* Festivals *
New Year's Day-
This happens starting your second year I think. You gather at the Inn with all the 
adults, or you can go to the town square to dnace with the young people and with the 
girl of your dreams.
Spring Goddess Festival-
At this festival, all of the village girls get dressed up in traditional costumes 
and do a dance. You can escort a girl to the festival if she likes you, but you 
can't really do that until the second year unless you woo her quickly. Just ask her 
the day before. 
Spring Thanksgiving-
On this festival you can make cookies and give them to the girls as a sort of pay 
back for the chocolates they gave you at Thanksgiving. 
Horse Race-
Train your horse everyday by riding it and brushing it everyday. You can't 
participate the first year since your horse won't be mature enough! 
Cooking Festival-
Bring something you cooked, and it's best if you use good quality food and make the 
recipe complicated! 
Swimming Festival-
Go to the beach to participate in a swimming race. 
Chicken Sumo-
Bring your chicken to town to participate in this event. It's like a chicken fight. 
It will fly around trying to knock it's opponent out of the ring! If you win your 
chicken will produce golden eggs. 
Tomato Festival-
This looks like the best festival. You can choose what team you want to be on.
Cow Festival-
Take your best cow to this festival! If you win your cow will give gold milk. Make 
sure to brush/talk/feed your cow everyday to have a better chance at winning! 
Take the night off to go watch fireworks on the beach with your girlfriend. Go to 
the pier at 6:00 to watch them.  
Music Festival-
Go to the church to participate in this festival. The priest will come by the day 
before to ask you to play an instrument.
Harvest Festival-
Bring a crop or something to the town square to get peoples comments. 
Moon-Viewing Festival-
Go to the mountain summit on this day at 6:00 PM. The girl who likes you the most 
will probably be there, and you can spend the night watching the moon with her. 
Sheep Festival-
Bring your best sheep to this festival. If you win your sheep will produce golden 
wool which is worth a lot of money. To win just brush/talk/feed your sheep everyday! 
Dog Race-
Date: 10th
Take your dog to the town square to participate. To get the best results, 
Play/feed/throw ball/run with your dog every day! 
Date: 14th
If a girl is at purple to blue heart this day they will give you chocolate. If 
They’re at green they'll give you chocolate cake. Popuri comes at 6, Ann at 8, Elli 
At 10, Karen at 1, and Maria at 3! Make sure to be there for them! 
Christmas Eve-
Date: 24th
This holiday you can ask a girl at Purple Heart to have a party at her house. Starts 
at 6 P.M at their house. 
New Year's Eve-
Date: 30th
Go to the mountain at midnight to watch the sunrise with all the villagers!  

* Character Events  *
Here are some events that aren't festivals, but they are events that have to do with 
the characters! Most events can happy at anytime in the year, any day, any time, any 
During the summer there is always a hurricane. If you found the bottle, go 
visit/talk to Kai the day after a hurricane. He'll fill your bottle with perfume!
Sprite's Tea Party
Ever wonder where everyone is getting Relaxed Tea Leaves? Well here's how! Have the 
largest Rucksack and buy 7 flours from the supermarket in Spring Go to Sprite's 
house between 3 and 4 p.m. and give each sprite a box of flour. They will "invite" 
you to the tea party and you get the tea leaves!
Ann's Nap
If you are married to Ann in the Spring she will have a "nap". Go halfway up 
Mother's Hill at any time on a Sunny Day and you'll find Ann.
Ann's Birthday Party
To get invited to Ann's birthday party, you must become friends with her. Try to get 
her heart up more than purple. If it is high enough, in the beginning of summer 
you'll get an invitation in the mail from Ann! It invites you to her party on the 
17th! Then on the 17th go to her house between 10Am and 6PM and you'll get to attend 
her party! Don't forget her birthday gift!
Doug's memories
On Fall 5th after 5pm, go to the peak of Mother's Hill. You'll see Doug thinking 
about his deceased wife.
Moondrops for Karen
Between the 1st and 20th of Spring if Karen likes you, she will give you some 
moondrop seeds. Plant them and give them to her when they bloom and she'll like you 
Popuri's Egg
Sometime during the year Popuri will stop by and give you an Egg. Hatch the egg and 
name it Popuri and she'll like you more.
Dance with Karen
In Spring year 2 before the New Year Festival, Karen will stop by your house between 
12 and 3 to practice dancing. If you like her, dance with her at the festival that 
day after the event.
Fireworks with Kai
On Summer, Year 2, the day before the fireworks, talk to Kai at the beach between 9 
and 6 and ask him to watch the fireworks with you. This will make you better friends.
Give Kai Corn
In Summer any year, Kai may stop by and ask to buy Corn from you, sell it to him for 
50G to make better friends with him.
Helping at Winery
On the 14th of Fall, Duke will stop by and ask for help harvesting grapes. Go to the 
Winery everyday at 11:30 for a week until 5 and harvest. Make sure to get every 
berry to get 1000G. Also ask Cliff to help you that day Duke asks you to get Cliff 
to stay, and pick the berries at the spot Cliff goes to first to make sure you get 
White Flower
During Winter, go to Ellen's house and she'll tell you about a White Flower that 
blooms on snowy days. After that, go to Mother's Hill's peak on a snowy day to see 
it. Tell Ellen and Basil about it the next day.
Taking Care of Chickens
If you have a chicken coop extension and only 5 chickens, in the Fall on the 14th-
16th Rick will stop by and ask you to take care of 5 chickens. Say yes and this will 
increase your friendship plus you get to keep the money from the eggs.
During Winter, go to the Village Square after 10AM on a snowy day. You will see 
Cliff faint. Talk to him and you will pick up a photograph. Go to the Clinic and 
Cliff will be lying in bed. The Doctor asks everyone to leave. Next time you see 
Cliff, return his photo to become better friends with him.
Water Mill
In Fall on any day up to the 27th, Gray make come to your farm as you walk outside. 
He will be mad and ask to use your Mill to make a hammer. Let him do so and you will 
raise your friendship. He will weed your field also in return. After a few days 
he'll ask you to try the hammer, it'll break. Mary sees this, then go to Village 
Square to see Mary and Gray fight. Gray will later thank you.
Hairy Creature
Go to the woodcutter's house and there are four people standing next to it. Go and 
talk to them and they each will say something about a hairy, long-legged, scary 
monster that tries to attack them at night. Gotz will come out of his house and walk 
to the back where his long pile of logs is. Go and talk to him and he  will say, “I 
have a hairy face? Don't accuse me!" or something. Then a monkey will appear and 
walk away. Go back to the four people (Jeff, Kai, Harris, and Stu) and the monkey 
will be in the center. Talk to everyone and they will say something about the monkey 
was the thing that was hairy, long-legged, scary monster that attacks them at night. 
Gotz will come back and say that the monkey came to the bottom of the mountain by 
mistake and will take the monkey back.. 
Harris' Love
About Fall 30th of the 1st year if you are friends with Harris, he'll come to your 
house at about 6:30 p.m. and tell you that he was in love with Aja(Duke and Manna's 
daughter.) He needs help with writing a letter to her, you can either help him or 
not. Then the next day visit Manna and you will automatically tell her the secret. 
After that you do the normal and go to bed. The next morning when you come outside 
Harris comes and tells you he's sorry to bother you with the little incident. Zack 
comes by and tells Harris he has a letter to give him from Aja. Zack gives him the 
letter and Harris leaves happy and goes to patroll. Supposedly this raises your 
friendship with Harris.
Karen Gets Drunk
While married to Karen, one evening go to the Inn (around 7pm) and Karen will be 
there. Ann will be talking some sense into her because she's drunk! Ann will ask you 
to take her home - you'll arrive home together and she will tell you she's feeling 
better now. 
Sandwiches From Elli
In early winter in the 1st year, Elli will come by at 12:00 to ask if you can try 
out her sandwich. You eat it and she implies that you don't like it then she says 
she'll come back tomorrow. The next day, she comes at 12:00 to give you another kind 
of sandwich and you won't like it. The next day at 12:00 she'll come back and give 
you a combo sandwich and you'll like it. Her heart level will rise by 1. She'll say 
that she'll start making the combo sandwiches for Stu. You're just to test out the 
Eggs For Ann
On the 6th of the 1st winter, Ann will come by your house to ask if you can bring 3 
eggs to the inn for 3 days. If you say yes, you MUST bring 3 eggs for the next 3 
days to the inn. After the 3 days, Ann's heart level will go up by one. 
Gotz To The Rescue/ Gotz's Past
In the early winter of the 1st year (not sure what day but it should be a snowy day) 
go by Gotz's cabin and he'll be standing outside his door. If you go past him, he 
might automatically talk to you, if he doesn't, talk to him. He'll say that a 
blizzard's brewing in the mountains and for you to stay away for that day. If you 
start to head up Mother's Hill, you will be knocked out by the storm. Luckily, 
you'll end up in Gotz's cabin but he will start to scold you saying, "I told you not 
to underestimate the power of nature!" He will then apologize saying that his family 
died because of a blizzard. 
Expensive Honey
If you have honey, give your hive to Louis and he'll discover that the bee that 
makes your honey is a rear species. The next day he'll thank you and tell the buyer 
that the honey should be sold at a higher price. You'll get 60G for your honey now. 
On day the Mayor will come to your house saying that he is going to the nearby 
village and needs a favor. Supposedly he gives Ellen a piece of pie everyday, and 
because he is going out of town you should do it. Finish your chores, and then go to 
the Inn and ask Doug for the pie(just go up to him and talk), and he will give it to 
you. Go to Ellen house and give her the pie. She will offer you a tip, It is only a 
few coins, and Elli won't be happy. If you don't accept the tip, Elli will come in 
and have an extra piece of pie, and she will give it to you. The next day the mayor 
will bring you a piece of cake. 
Thiefing Cat
Go to the Inn in the beginning of second spring and Ann, her father, Harris, May and 
Barley are all standing in a circle. They say that food is being stolen from the 
inn. If you enter the back room, a cat will walk by into the main room. When you go 
back to the main room, they realize that the cat was the burgler! 
Jeff Wins a Contest
The date varies on this, but if you go to the supermarket, Sasha and Jeff are 
talking about how Jeff won a contest and they should do something to celebrate. 
Leave and go back in and they decided to have a sale to celebrate. It turns out all 
of the villagers think they are broke and going out of business so they all go pay 
back their tabs, and now Jeff is out of debt! 
Waiting for Kai
Happens on a sunny day. Go to the crossroads near the blacksmith where you turn 
right to the Poultry farm. Popuri and Mary will be waiting for Kai there. 
Popuri Leaving
Become good friends with Kai in the summer. Just give him a gift everyday. When the 
summer ends Kai will come and say goodbye and says he is taking Popuri with him. 
Rick will then come by and ask if you have seen Popuri, you can either tell him that 
she is at the beach with Kai or that you haven’t seen her. If you tell him where 
Popuri will stay all year long, but if you don't she will leave with Kai and only 
come back during summers!
Good Book
Go to your farm at around 3 go  and enter and leave your house. Mary will be there 
and will give you a book. Visit the library the next day and talk to her and tell 
her you liked the woodcutter, this will make her like you more. 
Duke Passes Out
Go to the bar one night and Duke will be passed out. Talk to the people there, and 
then pick up the jar on the table and go to talk to Duke. He will say something and 
then throw up in the jar. You automatically take him home and talk to Manna. This 
will increase your relationship with them. 
Sick Baby
When you get married and have a baby, one day you will wake up and the baby will be 
sick. Your wife will ask you what you think you should do. You can either take it to 
the clinic or watch it carefully. If you take it to the clinic you'll wake up the 
next morning with nothing done on the farm, basically skipping a day. 

*Farm Map*:
Ok, this is a rough map of the farm below, and it’s codes are:
g: this is the grass
h: this is your house
d: this is your dog’s house
b: this is your barn
s: this is your stable
m: this is your mail box
t: this is your apple tree
sh: this is your shipping bin
f: this is your field
ff: this is your fish food storage
fp: this is your fish pond
cc: this is your chicken coop
fs: this is your feed shed 
ggggg  hhhhhhhhhhh  ggggggggggggg  bbbbbb  ggggg   sssss  ggggggggggg
ggggg  hhhhhhhhhhh  gggggg dddd gg  bbbbbb  ggggg   sssss  ggggggggggg
ggggg  hhhhhhhhhhh  gggggg dddd gg  bbbbbb  ggggg   sssss  ggggggggggg
ggggg  hhhhhhhhhhh  ggggggggggggg  bbbbbb  ggggg   sssss  ggggggggggg
ggggg  hhhhhhhhhhh  ggggggggggggg  bbbbbb  ggggg   sssss  ggggggggggg
gggggggggggg mmm gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
ggg ttt ggggggggggggggg  shshsh ggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
ggg ttt ggggggggggggggg  shshsh  gggggggg  fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 
ggggggggggggggggggggg  shshsh  gggggggggg  fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 
ggg ffffffff gggggggggggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
ggg ffffffff gggggggggggggggggggggggggggg  fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 
ggggggggggg fpfpfpfp gggggggggggggggggggg  fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
ggggggggggg fpfpfpfp gggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
ggggggggggg fpfpfpfp gggggggggggggggggggg  fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
gggg cccccccccccccc ggggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
gggg cccccccccccccc ggggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 
gggg cccccccccccccc ggggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
gggggg fsfsfsfs ggggggggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
gggggg fsfsfsfs ggggggggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 
gggggg fsfsfsfs ggggggggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 

*Place Descriptions*:
Now I’m going to tell you a little bit more about each place:
Your House: This is where you can watch the news, fix a meal(after your remodel) and 
catch up on some needed shuteye.
Apple tree: The apple tree can do more than give you autumn apples, plant a couple 
of patches of flowers around your fields to attract bees. The bees will build a 
hive, allowing you to harvest honey.
Mail box: If you don’t have time to visit the village you can still keep up with the 
events and sales by reading the mail in your mailbox.
Fish Food: When you purchase fish food  from the Supermarket, the bags end up in the 
fish food bin. 
Shipping bin: this where you deposit your harvested crops for pick up. 
Pond: If you catch any fish with your fishing rod, put them in here.
Chicken Coop: this is where all the chickens should stay.
Feed Shed: This is where all your chicken feed is.
Doghouse: You dog will sleep here at night.
Barn: all your cows and sheep will be here when you buy them, bring them in here 
when it’s raining.
Wood Send: all the wood that you buy or chop up goes here.
Stable: Your horse will sleep here when get it, you should put it in here when it in 
Field: this is where you plant your seeds and harvest them.

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