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Hello again, I'm here reporting on one of my favorite villains from Meagman X6: 
High Max. High Max was originally created by Gate, who used Zero's DNA to create 
him and the Nightmare. Gate found Zero's DNA after the Space Colony Eurasia 
incident (Megaman X5, which was Sigma's most evil deed, and in the end caused his 
death, but however was partially resurructed by Gate) and then created High Max and 
the Nightmare from it. High Max can be fought three times (considering if he is 
beaten each time) and he must be fought twice. However, he can only be beaten 
twice. I have named some of High Max's attacks after the things he says before 
attacking. Here is the data on his fighting style and how to defeat him:

High Max First Encounter

Here you must fight High Max as X. He appears right after the giant mechanaloid, 
who is the boss of the preliminary stage. Here he cannot be beaten, even with the 
Ultimate Armor. His attacks include:

Shinonoo: HIgh Max will shoot four projectiles from his hand three times. They move 
slowly and are sligtly hard to avoid, since thay are fired in quick succession.
Dezmoo Moogada: High Max will create a large energy ball that will be released 
after he says "Dezmoo." It will slide down to the bottom, and scroll across the 
screen and then rise up the opposite wall. To avoid this, just wall jump and dash 
over the energy ball.
Dash: High Max will lower himself and dash across the screen, then go out of sight. 
Just wall jump and dash or duck to avoid. Don't worry, he'll come back.

My strategy:

As I said before, High Max cannot be defeated at this stage of the game. What I 
usually do is just let High Max damage me constantly untill a scene starts. Then, 
the eight levels of the Nightmare Investigators appear.

High Max Second Encounter

High Max can be defeated, and you can use either of the Maverick Hunters. To be 
able to fight him, you must first need to have beaten Nightmare Zero in any level's 
Nightmare Zone, because only then will High Max appear as a boss in any Nightmare 
Zone. However, you MUST NOT have beaten the eight Nightmare Investigators and you 
MUST NOT have collected 3000+ nightmare souls. Go to any Nightmare Zone and go into 
the boss zone, and High Max will appear. His attacks include:

Sinonoo: This move is back, but it is speedier than before. High Max will once 
again shoot four projectiles out of his hands three times. The shots may be 
speedier, but they are now seperated and easier to avoid.
Super Dash: High Max will appear to be creating a Dezmoo Moogada shot, but he wil 
create a barrier and become impervious to attacks. Otherwise, it is no different 
from regular Dash. Avoid in the same way as Dash.
Dezmoo Moogada: Same move, same tactics.
Dezmoo Punch: High Max will say "Dezmoo" and start to flash. A Dezmoo shot will 
appear in his hand whil he lowers himself down, and punches the wall with the shot.
Dezmoo Split: If you are playing as Zero, this move will show up when High Max is 
just about defeated. High Max will take center stage and create multiple Dezmoo 
shots. However, the shots will split into four and start to go towards you. This 
attack is extremely difficult to avoid.

My strategy:

If you are a Zero fan, don't even attempt to fight High Max without the sentsuizan 
attack, gained after beating Ground Scaravich. You cannot injure him without it To 
avoid the shinonoo attack, start off in the center of the field. Quickly dash and 
wall jump to avoid the first four shots. Quickly get off the wall and dash towards 
High Max to avoid the second four. Lastly, dash back to the wall to avoid the last 
four, and then return to the center of the stage. Do not attempt to attack him with 
sentsuizan during the shinonoo attack. To avoid Dezmoo Punch, just duck while he 
goes across the field, and then attack. I have no sure-fire way of aviding Dezmoo 
Split, but if you are fast enough, keep attacking him with sentsuizan and he might 
lose the battle without the need of subtanks or life recover.

For X, the battle could not be any simpler if you have the Ultimate Armor. There is 
almost no need to avoid any attacks because he will have no chance. Just shoot him 
with a plasma shot (X4 slang for charged-up X buster in that certain form.) and he 
will be stunned. Now, quickly Nova Strike (Giga attack with Ultimate Armor, use R2 
to activate) to damage him severely. Just keep attacking and he will be defeated 

After beating High Max in a Nightmare Zone, a special scene will start between, 
High Max, Isoc, and the Maverick Hunter you used to beat him. After that, you get 
to go to Gate's Lab, which opens after another scene. There are two levels to 
Gate's Lab, and High Max reappears in the first part of the second level (Gate is 
the boss of the second part).

High Max Final Encounter

Here is where High Max finally gets destroyed. You have to face him whether you 
beat him in the Nightmare Zone or not. Personally, I wish we could have face Isoc, 
I was dying to fight him, but we can't. This time, High Max will have two breakable 
barriers (He can still be hit with them activated). His attacks include:

Dezmoo Moogada: Same move, same tactics.
Ultimate Dash: High Max dashes across the screen with the barriers activated. 
The barriers do some damage, so I advise to avoid being hit.
Barrier strike: High Max's barriers are not just for show. He will make them 
seperate, and then they will reappear above you. He also does something else with 
them, but it is not overly important.

My Strategy:

X is exactly the same. Shoot out a plasma shot and Nova Strike High Max to death. 
However, if you do not use the plasma shot to stun him, he will eventually start to 
use Dezmoo Split from the second encounter. Just keep Nova Striking him untill he 
is dead, for he is vulnerable to it now.

Zero is simple enough. Keep using sentsuizan to attack near the barrier. If you are 
close enough, the sentsuizan will strike High Max (Do not worry about the barrier, 
the sentsuizan will make Zero temporarily invulnerable to damage. Just make sure he 
doesn't land on High Max, or damage will be taken.). Otherwise, just keep striking 
with sentsuizan, and High Max will be gone before long.

That is all you REALLY need to know about the three encounters with the great High 
Max. Well, I might want to mention how to get Ultimate Armor. At the title screen, 
scroll over game start. Move the control stick left three times and then right. A 
sound should be heard if done right. Also, to recieve Black Zero, scroll over game 
start and press L1 three times and the R1. Now THAT is everything you need to know 
about fighting the great High Max.

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