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Game Name:Wandering Hamster
Type of game:Active Timed Battle RPG
Creator:James "Spam Man" Paige, and Bob the Hamster
Game Copyright:The Hamster Republic, 2001
Game content age rating:9 and up
Game content indicators:Violent acts against monsters, scary
 graphics for some of the zombies, difficulty level.
Type of guide:Item guide
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:8 and up
Guide content indicators:Mild description of weapons for violent acts
 and mention of the Undead.
Version Number:1.00 
Guide creation date:September 8, 2001
  Table of Contents:
   Section 1:Infinite use Weapon List  AA
   Section 2:Armor list                AB
   Section 3:Healing items             AC
   Section 4:One-use weapon list       AD
   Section 5:Bob's Magic Books         AE
  Section 1:Weapon list AA
  There were some other items, but they were equipable only on 
  non-playable characters as of this publishing(Havoc and Gisli)
 |Weapon      |Strength |Who can equip?  |Other information      |
 |Cat Claw    |-        |Cats            |Default cat weapon     |
 |Dog Bone    |4        |Dusty           |Only weapon for him    |
 |Fist        |-        |Everyone        |Initial equip          |
 |Iron Hammer |15       |Bob             |Hasim choice           |
 |Iron Sword  |8        |The Cats, Hasim |Auto-equip on Hasim    |
 |Koi         |10       |Bob             |Dead fish weapon       |
 |Pliptail    |1        |Bob             |Found on dead plips    |
 |Saracen Swd |38       |Gisli, Hasim    |Hasim choice           |
 |Shilelah    |10       |Bob             |GP bonus, Hasim choice |
 |SmokeySPAM  |6        |James           |Found on Troll Mt.     |
 |Spam Can    |3        |James           |James' first weapon    |
 |Teddy       |14       |Bob             |Broaste's weakness     |
 |Wood Hammer |4        |Bob the Hamster |Bob's first weapon     |
  Section 2:Armor list AB
 |Armor      |Defense |Who can equip?  |Equip area |Other information       |
 |Fey Shield |4       |All but James   |Arms       |+Will, Strong VS Light  |
 |Gloves     |1       |Everyone!       |Arms       |+Accuracy               |
 |Grim Shld  |5       |All but James   |Arms       |-HP, Strong VS Poison   |
 |Iron Shld  |5       |All but Dusty   |Arms       |-Dodge                  |
 |Sealed Glv |2       |Everyone!       |Arms       |Strong VS Water Element |
 |Shale Shld |8       |Only the males  |Arms       |-Dodge                  |
 |Conjure Sh |1       |All but Dusty   |Body       |+ Magic and Will        |
 |Fuzzy Fur  |2       |Bob the Hamster |Body       |In Hasim's banquet hall |
 |Iron Mail  |4       |Everyone!       |Body       |+Will                   |
 |Jacket     |2       |James           |Body       |First armor for James   |
 |Slick Fur  |4       |Bob             |Body       |Strong VS Water         |
 |Boots      |3       |Everyone!       |Extra      |-speed                  |
 |Goggles    |-       |Everyone!       |Extra      |Protects from Blindness |
 |Wax Boots  |2       |All but Hasim   |Extra      |Strong VS Water Element |
 |Cathood    |2       |The cats        |Head       |+Magic and Will         |
 |Hat        |-       |James           |Head       |+Magic and Will         |
 |Hood       |1       |James & Cats    |Head       |+Magic and Will         |
 |Iron Helm  |2       |Bob and Dusty   |Head       |Bought in Hasim Castle  |
  Section 3:Healing Items AC
 |Name     |Cost |Other Information     |
 |Carrot   |15   |In stores everywhere  |
 |Eyewash  |30   |Cures blindness       |
 |Mage Pot |200  |Restores MP in battle |
 |Coffee   |40   |Cures sleepiness      |
 |Life Pot |88   |Cures deadiositiness  |
 |Glimmer  |30   |Also usable VS Zombie |
 |X-Carrot |30   |Crunchy Super-Veggie! |
  Section 4:One-use weapon list AD
 |Name     |Cost |Other Information           |
 |FireJar  |180  |Fire-elemental attack       |
 |SmartRoc |250  |Attacks all enemies         |
 |Glimmer  |30   |Does Mega-damage to Zombie  | 
 |Pincher  |10   |Does weak damage to 1 enemy |
 |Ink Pot  |200  |Blinds an enemy             |
  Section 5:Bob's Magic Books  AE
 |Name       |Value |Element    |Other Information                 |
 |TideStrike |20    |Water      |Book can be found for free        | 
 |ClodHammer |20    |Earth      |Book can be found for free        | 
 |HealHit    |20    |Drain      |Choice in Hasim's Castle          |
 |GreyBook   |200   |Break      |Teaches Bob SpellBreak            |
 |MimeBook   |600   |Miming     |Does same damage as ally's attack |
  Thus ends part 4 of Chaz5000's FAQ Quest, with parts 1-3 being for:
   1. Wandering Hamster-FAQ/Walkthrough(
   2. Neophyte III-FAQ/Hint guide(
   3. Neophyte I-FAQ(

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