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There are 9 boss parts that you have to defeat without using a save point! 

The first one is Ansem. This isn't the only one you'll face against Ansem. First he 
has his Plumb Gaurdian [or something like that]to protect him when he thinks he's 
taken too much damage, but he will send it out frequently onto your characters, 
which allows you to attack him more often, but the shield that he sends out and the 
gaurdian will hurt you or your teammates. Keep doing the process, and think about 
using Raganork, or send out Tinker Bell.

The next one is the nightmare you've seen in your dreams in the beginning of your 
journey. It's really quite easy and if you want to make it harder you should try to 
attack it's head so you gain more EXP. and do what you did in the beginning.

The third boss is Ansem, but it's not like the first one because...... Goofy and 
Donald aren't there for you! He has 2 more attacks, and they're quite powerful. When 
the battle begins use Aeroga and attack him. The two new attacks are similar to 
Riku's special attacks. He will send out his Plumb Gaurdian more often on you. The 
first new attack is that he's like a large bullet boinging off the walls. This is 
where aeroga really helps out because when it touches you he stops immediatly. The 
second one is he sends out his Plumb Gaurdian to rise from where you are and attack 
you, and when the gaurdian is done with his attacking Ansem sends lightning bolts 
from four sides. When he's down to low health show him what you can do!

Fourth boss is Ansem, in large form! [no I don't mean fat, I mean like a giant] He 
has a keyblade looking like weapon which he sends frequently. The hard part is when 
little lazer beams come at you trying to stop you from attacking him, and the lazers 
will attack all the time when Ansem's health is low. Just keep following this 
process and you'd win.

Fifth battle is very easy. There is a colorful, blackish portal that you have to go 
to, to get to the next boss. The room is very dark and dark creatures attack you, 
which are shadows. When you finish them all off, a very weird light appears in the 
middle finish it off and get ready for the next duel.

The next fight is Artillery. The way to defeat these things isn't hard just attack 
and destroy each one and you shouldn't have a problem.

The next battle you free Goofy! With Goofy with you it will be an easier battle with 
the exception of the dark enimies is changed to Darkballs! Finish them all off and 
there's another glowing light that you destroy to get to the next battle.

The next duel you fight is a huge face! Even though he's big doesn't mean he's hard, 
but he does have the amount of HP like the Dragon in Hollow Bastion. Just cast 
Aeroga on Sora, and maybe Goofy and attack this monsterous creature and you've won.

The next duel is another core place that the face leaves behind in his mouth. But 
Donald's with you! If you had trouble with the last two cores this one will be 
devastating for you! The reason is that all the dark heartless are Invisibles. Just 
finish them all off, destroy the glowing light and get ready for the second last 

This one is a mix between Artillery and room core except you don't have any 
heartless attacking you except the Artillery. Once the Artillery is exposed, there's 
a pumpkin looking bubble in the middle of the place. Just take care of it until it's 
destroyed and get ready for the last duel of the game!!!!

The last match is between Ansem, again. This is like the third Ansem only 2 things. 
First, all of your party membors are there, and second, the lazers attack at you all 
of the duel. Just take care of Ansem and you've won the game!!!!!

[Note: There are ending previews and a cool ending part. But if you want to see an 
extra scene do all of the following: save all the 99 puppies, lock all the keyholes 
that includes Hundred Acre Wood and Olympia Coliseum, and third beat the Hades Cup.]

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